milo is my rap crush. He is a rapper from Milwaukee who has endeared his fans with his humble wit and artistic flow as well as for his collaborations with other artists. I first found milo as a high schooler and was enthralled with his “milo takes baths” ep.

Tracks like “The Ballad of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy” were still exciting to me almost a year later when he released his double eps “things that happen at day” / “things that happen at night.” their outstandingproduction and hidden tracks blew me away

That same year, he released his first album under his scallops hotel moniker as well as his follow up ep, Cavalcade. In 2014, he released an ep with Alexander Kollman as RED WALL and the first full length milo release, A Toothpaste Suburb.

This past year, he released his second albums as milo and scallops hotel both to great acclaim. “so the flies don’t come” even won Mass Appeal’s readers choice contest for best album, beating To Pimp a Butterfly in the first round of voting. He also became increasingly featured in both local milwaukee artists and low end theory affiliate projects.

– jack

Come hear milo in the jungle TONIGHT. doors open at 7:30pm, show starts with campus’s own dj and producer Pete Sheehy with special guests at 8pm. come warm up with some free music~~