Anybody else miss Norway Valley Café? Well Marissa Melius, this year’s SAC Shark Tank winner, definitely does! Marissa came up with and presented SAC with her idea for an event, Norway Valley Café Remembrance Day. She proposed that for this event, a mock-up café be built in Regents as a way to mourn the loss of this café, and get some free coffee! We sat down with Marissa to learn a bit about this event  and the woman behind the idea!

Tell us a bit about yourself! Major, Class, Random Fun Facts?“I am a Bio Major, Class of 2018, Random Fun Fact: My Shoulders can pop out of their sockets… which is cool!”

Tell us about the the event you presented to SAC!“My event is going to be a coffee day in Regents where the old Norway Valley Cafe used to be. This is a chance to both remake the old cafe and mourn it… I really missing having a cafe there! It will be a day where people can stop by, make drinks, and caffeinate!”

What was your inspiration for this event? Why is it special for you? 
“Norway Valley Cafe was my inspiration! This event is special to me because I spend half my life in Regents already, and that little tiny automatic coffee machine doesn’t cut it! The cage is too far away and I never want to walk all the way there!”
What are your thoughts on SAC Shark Tank? Was it an easy process? “I came up with this idea because someone persuaded me to participate in SAC Shark Tank! The whole process was really easy and I am still so surprised I won!”
When was the last time you heard the bagpipes being played?
“Around 2012, when my family and I were at a music festival and they sang Danny Boy with bagpipe accompaniments!”
1%, 2%, Skim, Whole or Soy?
“Almond! I don’t like soy and I am lactose intolerant.”
Why should people attend this event?