St. Olaf Bios is thrilled to introduce you to Pastor Matt.

Matt Marohl is finishing up his third year as College Pastor at St. Olaf. Before coming to the Hill, Pastor Matt received a PhD in New Testament from the University of St Andrews (St Andrews, Scotland), taught, and served as a pastor. When he heard about the position at St Olaf from a friend, he thought it served as the perfect mix between the two. Indeed, Pastor Matt has found his time on the Hill enjoyable, specifically the fact that much of his time is spent with students, either one-on-one or with small groups.

Daily interaction with students for Marohl typically takes place through meetings, pastoral care, and discussing life issues. Sometimes this happens informally at The Cage or walking around campus, but almost every program he participate in involves students. If he could share one message with students, it’s that “grace is real.”

Outside of St. Olaf, Pastor Matt spends time with his wife and two daughters, Noa (8) and Greta (5). Additionally, he plays music and is an avid music nut. Marohl spends his free time reading record reviews, music bios, and collecting CDs; his house is filled with cassette cases and albums. This passion for music is evident in that he has been playing for about 20 years, including pedal and steel guitar. If you’re lucky, you can spot Marohl performing with his band.

Pastor Matt says, “I love my job! I have the best job in the world. It is an honor to serve as a pastor to the students at St Olaf College. ”