We are pleased to introduce Michael Goodson to you, as part of our St. Olaf Bios series.

Hailing from Kansas City (and devoted to their sports teams), Michael Goodson has made the long trek north to become one of St. Olaf’s most recent hires. Not only is he new to the Hill, but he is also new to working in higher education as well! As the VP for Human Resources, Goodson serves the college through a three prong strategy of helping us to be stewards of culture, champions of talent, and coaches of leaders. Working in HR has led Goodson to deeply value employees as the most valuable asset of any company or educational institution. In fact, the people on the HIll are one of Goodson’s favorite parts of working here. Because Goodson’s job does not include frequent face time with students, he is intentional in striking up conversations and networking with them when he can.


Though Goodson has been working at St. Olaf for just over a year, he has already integrated himself into campus life. When he’s performing his job duties, Goodson can be found in the Cage getting coffee as frequently as we students do. He has also taken to visiting the Office of Student Activities–both to connect with students and to take advantage of the free popcorn.


Goodson’s passion for his work and the St. Olaf community is evident when he talks about his job and the people whose lives his work affects. If you see him on campus, you can always strike up a conversation about some of his recent hiking excursions Over the last 4 years, Goodson has climbed 3 Fourteeners in Colorado (Mt. Holy Cross, Mt. Elbert and Mt. Missouri). He also volunteers on the Board of Minnesota Chapter of the American Red Cross and serves on the finance committee of his local church.