As part of our St. Olaf Bios series, BORSC would like to introduce you to Janet Hanson.

Though Janet Hanson is new to St. Olaf, she is definitely not new to her job. Ms. Hanson has been at St. Olaf since March of 2014, serving as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the college, but she spent 25 years in similar roles at three different Universities in Wisconsin. Though she was not actively pursuing a job, Ms. Hanson took the position at St. Olaf because, “When some openings come available, you just can’t pass them up.” It didn’t hurt her decision that her hiring manager at her previous position was an Ole alum who often spoke about the great community on the Hill. The true serendipity of her accepting the position at Olaf is that her career started thanks to a connection with an Ole, and she now intends to end her career here.

A typical day for Ms. Hanson starts around 7:15am, and she spends much of her time working with the President’s Leadership Team and taking meetings regarding policies and miscellaneous topics. While Hanson does not regularly interact with students (due to her job duties, office location, etc.), her favorite part of her job is that she supports the development of future leaders. Hanson gets some involvement with the student body by attending athletic and theatre events as well as supporting students in various other activities. You can also find Ms. Hanson in Boe, where she enjoys attending services she describes as, “a 20 minute respite and a chance to take a break, sit in a place knowing the surroundings, and get away from the busyness.” Ms. Hanson wants students to know that she is a resource when they need help. If students have an issue in her related area, she wants them to feel comfortable speaking with her.

Ms. Hanson spends her time away from the Hill reading, baking, cooking, camping, travelling, and riding on her husband’s motorcycle (most recently in the Lake Superior Tour). The couple recently moved to the Northfield area, and they are loving it.