This fall, SAC is welcoming 3 new members! Natalie Wussler, Mac Bendickson, Sophia McMonagle, all representing the class of 2019, sat down with us for an interview. Can you match these three newbie SAC members with their responses? GIVE IT A TRY! Scroll to the bottom to check your answers!

1. What areas are you interested in studying at St. Olaf?

a. Econ or Bio

b. Environmental Science… maybe Econ?

c. Social work or Religion


2. When was the last time you heard the bagpipes?

a. Street performing in London

b. Graduation from high school

c. St. Patricks Day parade in Seattle


3. If you could be any cartoon character ever, who would you be?

a. Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents… but on second thought, Mulan

b. The cartoon version of Lizzie McGuire

c. Pearl the pink octopus from Finding Nemo


4. What is your favorite season?

a. Winter

b. FALL!

c. Fall


5. Where are you from??

a. Cali

b. Wayzata, MN

c. Maine


6. If you were any condiment, what would you be?

a. Ketchup

b. Wasabi

c. Basil Vinaigrette from the caf


7. What’s your dream-omlette?

a. Tomato, pepper, ham, and cheddar cheese

b. Mushrooms, onions, tomato, avocado, and mozzarella

c. Ham, cheese, avocado, and tomato


8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

a. Switzerland

b. New Zealand

c. Rome


9. If you were famous, what would you be famous for?

a. Musician

b. Fan girl over leaves changing! My first fall!

c. Radio show host


10. If you were a shoe, what would you be?

a. Birks

b. Adidas yeezy boost 350

c. a nice pair of rainbows


11. What is your favorite thing about St. Olaf so far?

a. The kids I’ve met here & the community

b. The people and community

c. Community



Answer 1: Mac- a, Sophie- b, Natalie-c

Answer 2: Sophie-a, Mac-b, Natalie-c

Answer 3: Mac-a, Natalie-b , Sophie-c

Answer 4: Sophie-a, Natalie-b, Mac-c

Answer 5: Natalie-a, Mac-b, Sophie-c

Answer 6: Sophie-a, Mac-b, Natalie-c

Answer 7: Sophie-a, Natalie-b, Mac-c

Answer 8: Mac-a, Sophie-b, Natalie-c

Answer 9: Mac-a, Natalie-b, Sophie-c

Answer 10: Sophie-a, Mac-b, Natalie-c

Answer 11: Mac-a, Natalie-b, Sophie-c


How’d it go? Were you right? Hope you enjoyed meeting these 3 SAC newbies!