Hello Friends!

My name is Mads, and I’m your other Pause Co-Coordinator for the upcoming year! Mattie and I can’t wait for more pizza and music antics, coming at you soon.

This summer I spent some time appreciating the beauty of my home in the Pacific Northwest while interning with a local performance arts center. Next, I moved to the Bay Area of California to intern with Music@Menlo, a chamber music festival attracting performing artists from all around the world. I was part of the production and stage crew team, which meant lights and mics and working with musicians. The whole time I tried to absorb as much information as possible, noticing how a professional music festival functions and thinking about how to apply what I learned to the Pause.

The Pause is the student-run entertainment venue and kitchen on campus, featuring events such as dances, concerts, comedians–all planned by student groups! The head honchos in charge are part of the Pause Executive Team–a collection of students running the tech, security, and kitchen teams; food supplies, financials, social media, and general facilities. We’ve got a number of ideas for the upcoming year, including improving our social media presence and communication about future events, as well as getting feedback from YOU about pizza and snack concoctions. We’re also currently working on a brand new bunch of lights for the Mane Stage that we’re thrilled to share!

For posts on events and food specials, make sure to like our Facebook page. Also check out Oleville for our reservations page–we host student groups and clubs every weekend, so reserve spaces quickly!

Feel free to email me and/or Mattie at stephens@stolaf.edu and melinm@stolaf.edu. See you all back on the hill soon!

-Madeleine Stephens
Pause Co-Coordinator