Hello Oles,

I am Kathy Trieu, the Coordinator of Diversity Celebrations Committee (DCC). I am a rising senior with majors in Asian Studies and Political Science. We from DCC are anticipating a fun and eventful year, and we cannot wait for it all to begin!

I’ve had a two-part summer. I spent the first part of my summer in Houston, TX (home!) interning with OCA- Organization of Chinese Americans and working as a camp counselor at the Chinese Community Center. I am currently located in Minneapolis, interning as a St. Olaf Legal Scholar at the University of St. Thomas Legal Services Clinic, where I work alongside lawyers and law students to represent clients who are going through the U.S. immigration process. I development arguments for cases, analyze legal theories, write briefs, investigate, prepare evidence, attend court hearings, and of course, communicate directly with our clients.

As your DCC Coordinator my main responsibilities are to oversee the allocation of funds to DCC organizations and supervise the events we host to celebrate our diversity. Student organizations that are under the DCC umbrella are able to propose budgets for their unique celebrations to DCC for funding. This year, we plan to work more closely with our student organizations to provide support in ways other than financially. There are two events to look forward to coming directly from DCC. In the fall, we will be introducing three days of events and activities to celebrate the foundations and future of hip hop culture in America. And in the spring, we will be hosting a conference for students here and students from other campuses on the topic of intersectionality.

You can keep up with our updates and happenings on Facebook, Instagram: StOlafDCC, Twitter: @StOlafDCC, and of course, here on Oleville. We will be taking applications for first-year representatives soon, so be on the look-out for that information!
Feel free to email me at trieu@stolaf.edu if you have any questions or suggestions.

See you all soon,
Kathy Trieu
DCC Coordinator