Artist, preacher, human meme, Drake, has seen prominent success over the last half decade. Over, Take Care, Know Yourself, Worst Behavior, and The Motto, are only a few of Drake’s dozen hits. Realism touches Drake. While even on his worst behavior, the rapper spends time reflecting on the anger he’s felt towards his colleagues after their initial rejection of his music. His most recent album however, fall short, like the rapper himself. Released only a month ago, Drakes newest collaborative album, What a Time To Be Alive, has brought all sorts of success to the small time Toronto rapper. Partnered with hip-hop artist Future (known most notably for a time following the present) this newest collaboration is truly not a time to be alive.

Drake is quoted saying he would “[deliver] no games, no gimmicks, I ain’t playing with you…at all,” yet, Drake is clearly playing with us. One verse in the album’s most popular feature, Jumpman, says quote “Lobster and Céline for all my babies that I miss Chicken fingers, French fries for them hoes that wanna diss.” Drake has no clarity. Has he lost his touch? This is not the same Wheelchair Jimmy I feel in love with back in 2009. Drake holds back—this album doesn’t hold his heart like Nothing Was The Same.
I can’t help but wonder whether Drake found his inspiration for Jumpman in somewhere as inconspicuous and unprofessional as the bathroom. The paper towel dispensers everywhere at the institution of St. Olaf College sound like Jumpman. Could this be just coincidence or could Drake’s poor lyricism be because he wrote Jumpman on the toilet? Whose to say?

Picture Credit: Cosimo Pori