SGA Exec possition
Pause Co-Coordinator

What have you been doing over the summer?
I’ve been all over the place this summer! I took a trip out west with my dad as soon as school ended last spring (think Badlands, Black Hills, Yellowstone, Grand Teton), spent a lot of time with people nowhere near my own age (the ages of my summer “friends” range from two months old to eight years old), and spent quality time with my family and dog. I also went skydiving because it seemed like it would be an exhilarating experience (it was).

Why are you excited about your position & what do you hope to accomplish this year in that role?
I’m excited to work alongside the Pause executives and the student workers to make the Pause as inviting and fun – yet safe and efficient – as it can be. I would like to see the Pause become a space that draws all different kinds of people, including those who wouldn’t normally spend time there. I would also like to examine the ways in which we can make better use of the Pause spaces, provide more financial transparency for students so they know where their money is going, and keep the Pause safe for everyone to enjoy.

What have you missed the most while being off the hill this summer?
The thing I’ve missed the most while being off the hill would be all of my fellow Oles! I love having my friends from all over the country (and some from outside of the United States) in one place at the same time.