Every week, ADC holds a meeting in Buntrock Commons 142. Now, you’re probably wondering what happens inside these mysterious rendezvous. Well, not a lot (just kidding). In our meetings, the first thing we do is sit. Next, we discuss ADC events, as one would expect. We talk about how well attended the previous event was (sometimes we even get forty people!) and the complex process of planning the event. We then move onto the logistics of the upcoming event. For example, this week we are planning the Jingle Ball Rock semi-formal. Planning an event like this takes time, talent, and a heck of a lot of emails to Bon App, begging them for cheaper food. For every event, we brainstorm new and fun ideas together that all students could partake in. Our ideas range from things like romantic horseback rides through the natural lands to frozen turkey bowling at Ytterboe’s ice-rink. The specifics of every event are planned by a group of about three people, but during weekly meetings the whole committee provides help and insight. We also always have a fantastic artist to make us some posters and spread the word (S/O to Alyssa and Ellen).

If time permits, we discuss the happenings of the Senate and SGA executive meetings. This part gets a little more serious. We bring up issues that take place on campus like alcohol awareness, mental health, racism, and gender relations. These issues pertain to us because ADC wants to create events that are all-inclusive and safe for the student body. Especially when it comes to planning events like a Pause Dance, it’s important to us that we make sure students make safe decisions. As many totally cool ideas for events we come up with during the meetings, we always love getting ideas from other students. So if you ever come up with something fun you think the whole student body would enjoy doing, please be sure to let ADC know! You can send us ideas through our page on Oleville, we’d love to hear from you! Not to mention, if you think you’d like to be a part of this wonderful branch of SGA, applications open on Oleville in the spring sometime (date TBD).