The recent Immigration Law Event held on Tuesday, March 28th in the Lion’s Pause drew crowds to hear John Keller of the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota speak on topics related to immigration. The event was recorded for reference and public use, although this information should not be taken as legal advice and individuals should consult an attorney with any questions.

Some resources that were distributed at the event can be found below:
General Information about Immigration Law
DACA After the 2016 Presidential Election
Know Your Rights with ICE

Click below to hear the audio from the event related to that topic, or click here to view slides used at the event.


President Anderson’s Remarks

Introduction of John Keller

Basics of Immigration Statuses

Executive Orders

Fixing a Broken System

ICE and Fake Warrents

ICE and Local Law Enforcement

Event Deputization of Law Enforcements

Deportation of Refugees as Related to Travel Bans


Stories of Immigration

Avenues to Immigration

Student Activism

What College Students can Do

Sanctuary Cities

Disclosure of Status

Violent Crime and Deportation

Rights of Non-Citizens

Know Your Rights

Length of Citizenship Process

How the System is Broken


Resources for Non-Citizens

Thanks and Conclusions