“I heard that people wear Cashmere Sweaters here. And that the school is on a hill so we can be closer to God. Oh…and under the covers people…”um ya ya ya” Is this canon?”

Although Carleton’s satirical version of St. Olaf’s fight song, “um ya ya,” plays on classic St. Olaf stereotypes, we Oles can’t quite consider their mockery “canon.” It is true that an unusual amount of sweaters come out during St. Olaf’s Christmas Festival, and the school is affiliated with the Lutheran Church, but these overarching features can’t characterize every student’s experience on the Hill. Regarding the part of the parody referring to students “um ya ya”-ing under the covers, we are working toward including the question–“during your time at St. Olaf would you say you have said the phrase “um ya ya” under the covers?”–in the next school-wide student survey. We will notify the student body when the results come in. Until then, we Oles will continue to experience St. Olaf on an individual basis.
To get more information search “St. Olaf fight song” on Google, or check out more St. Olaf fight song parodies at http://tywkiwdbi.blogspot.com