Response by Dean Rosalyn Eaton-Neeb: No–it is completely false that you get kicked out if you are pregnant. Throughout the years, a number of St. Olaf students have lived on campus while pregnant and attended school after having given birth. A student can certainly live in the residence halls while pregnant, but most students aren’t interested in remaining in the halls after delivering–a dorm is not a healthy place for a baby (lots of sickness) and may cause difficulties for other students. Certainly St. Olaf works with students’ and their individual situations when preganancy occurs, and if students choose to leave that is their prerogative. Dean Roz says that when she attended St. Olaf in the 80s, she had a classmate who gave birth to a baby between their junior and senior years and chose to live off campus senior year. It can be and has been done. In a nutshell, no, St. Olaf does NOT kick pregnant students out of school.