Grateful Oles is a student organization centered around gratitude for St. Olaf alum and other supporters of student education. Claire Belisle, a student leader for this organization, agreed to chat with us about her involvement.

Can you describe Grateful Oles in a nutshell?

“Grateful Oles is a student organization that is committed to promoting and fostering gratitude and appreciation on campus for everyone who supports our education. Many Oles don’t realize that their tuition covers 75% of the cost of their St. Olaf education, and the other 25% comes from donations. Additionally, there are many actions we see of students feeling entitled to our school and their education without taking time to think about all of the people who work hard to support and believe in us.”

Can you give us an example of an event that this organization has arranged?

“In the fall for give day, we encouraged students to write thank you notes to alumni, parents, and friends of the college who made a gift. It was a great way to empower students to voice their thanks for people who make our experience here at St. Olaf as excellent as it can be.”

How can Oles get involved with this org?
“We are always looking for more students to join our organization to spread gratitude and appreciation throughout the Ole Community. We are a project-based organization, so whenever there is a specific project to work on we come together. If you’re interested in joining the allies to hear about upcoming projects, please email Claire Belisle or Eden Faure. Also, anyone can get involved by expressing gratitude, thanking a professor, and challenging peers to appreciate the support we receive and combat the negative attitude of entitlement that sometimes creeps into conversations.”
Any further comments?
It is important to note that this is not asking for students to donate money. We are trying to help raise awareness that though tuition is very expensive and does cover a lot of the cost of being here, we could be here without the support of generous donors and an amazing network and community of Oles.