This year SGA is opening up applications for students to submit ideas for capital improvements. These are physical improvements to campus, and have included projects like:
  • Ytterboe volleyball court
  • Additional Lamp-posts around campus
  • Adirondack chairs
  • Picnic tables
  • Charging stations in public locations
  • Study stations in the Christianson courtyard
Each project application should specify the exact idea and provide strong reasons for the improvement. These applications will be reviewed by the Internal Affairs subcommittee of SGA, and the top three will be brought before Senate and voted on there. The project with the most votes will be carried out! The St. Olaf facilities department will be advising us along the way to ensure that cost estimates are realistic, which will prevent us from beginning a project we cannot finish.
The project stemmed from both a transparency initiative for SGA and a desire for students’ input and ideas to be put into effect in tangible ways. By opening up an application for capital improvements, students have an opportunity to invest their ideas into the campus and improve it for students in the years to come.