Triple-E (Experiential Environmental Education) is, to our knowledge, the only outdoor education organization in Northfield. We founded it this fall with the goal of providing elementary-age Northfield students with quality, educational outdoor experiences. Our overarching goal is to raise a community of learners that are connected to local outdoor places, fostering a sense of care and community with the natural world. We wrote 28 original lesson plans based on the Minnesota State Science Standards, which provide for outdoor learning as well as satisfying ecological and life-science state requirements.

This fall, a small team of us tested out Triple-E at St Dominic Catholic School. We undertook about a dozen visits to the kindergarten, first-, third-, and fifth-grade classes, teaching our lessons. Things went extremely well, and we will be continuing to visit there this spring! Over interim and February, we have been training dozens of volunteers, all of whom are eager to begin teaching! We are expanding Triple-E to include Greenvale Elementary, where we have two dozen teachers waiting for us to begin.

Now that the weather is conducive to outdoor education, we will be visiting classrooms at Greenvale and St Dominic within a few weeks! In addition, we will have the kids come visit St Olaf’s Natural Lands. As one last piece of news, we are currently transitioning Eva Mitchell into the role of Program Director. We are grateful for VN’s support!