Story Circle is a program which connects St. Olaf students with residents of the Northfield Retirement Community for one-on-one visits throughout the year. It is essentially an adopt-a-grandparent organization; members visit with their ‘buddy’ and are free to talk, play games, or participate in group activities.  Story Circle is a great opportunity for St. Olaf students to get off campus and make connections with people outside of their age group by fostering personal relationships with individuals in the community. It means a lot to residents to have a St. Olaf friend; they love to hear about what’s happening on the hill as well as share their own stories- some of them are Oles themselves!  In terms of time commitment, Story Circle is flexible. Volunteers are asked to visit their residents once a week, but are free to do so when their schedules allow. With the Northfield Retirement Community so close (only about a twelve minute walk!) and a bus that runs twice a week, it’s easy to find time to volunteer!