As a STEM educational outreach program, the Science Alliance creates hands-on, accessible, and engaging activities for students and teachers alike. We develop memorable and relevant curricula by creating inquiry-based opportunities using exciting materials and incorporating district and state standards. Through our hands-on, active curriculum, the Science Alliance changes the way we think about science education; instead of having students see science, we help them do science.

Science Alliance volunteers have brought an enthusiasm for learning science to students in a number of different settings. We’ve explored individual classroom visits and after-school visits to smaller groups of students, but we’ve also done alternative visits with groups such as the Girl Scouts, brought classrooms up to the hill for a day touring the wind turbine and Regents, and participated in community events in Northfield. Despite the range of implementation models, the Science Alliance maintains a consistent goal in sparking excitement for science in the students we work with, providing for volunteers a meaningful outreach opportunity, and working with teachers to provide support where we can in their classroom.

This year the Science Alliance has been focused on our new after-school program and we’re always looking for new volunteers! If you’re interested in working with the Science Alliance to inspire students whether you are a science major, education major, music major, or any other major email us at and we’ll be happy to have a conversation with you about how you might get involved!