Awesome Club is a social skills program for students on the Autism Spectrum and other disabilities. We volunteer at the Northfield high school and middle school every week, organizing games and activities with the students in order to help them practice their social interactions and build relationships. This year we have expanded the club at each school. The middle school has experienced an increase of club members and the high school has incorporated students in resource education (incorporates individualized education plans) as well. We have also added a dimension that encourages independence, especially for our high school students.

Another branch of volunteers in our club comprise the Autism Awareness Committee, which plans fundraising and awareness events on campus throughout the year. While we have a limit on the number of volunteers that can be on-site, anybody can join the Autism Awareness Committee! We will soon be teaming up with Supporting Special Needs (SSN) on their “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign. We will be providing a campaign to encourage Person-First Language as a respectful option.

Our club is great for students in Northfield and Oles to both gain valuable skills and friendships. It is always a fun time!