The Science Alliance is a STEM education outreach program based at St. Olaf College, with a mission to build relationships between teachers, community members, and college students in the Northfield and Faribault communities.  Our curriculum is designed to make science education accessible, hands-on, and fun for K-8 students, while incorporating state standards and reinforcing the STEM design process.

This year, we’ve been teaching sessions for the after-school programs at both Greenvale Elementary and Northfield Middle School, where we focused on providing mentoring and more positive experiences with science. The students have responded with energy and enthusiasm, and we received excellent feedback from the teachers!

We also hosted a field trip on campus, for classes from the Cannon River STEM School, where the students went into the Wind Turbine with Pete Sandberg, explored the Natural Lands, and worked through a number of hands-on stations alongside St. Olaf volunteers.

Finally, we’ve been partnering with other Science outreach projects, including the Women Inspiring STEM education honor house and the Green Team project, to support STEM education both locally and in the cities. We’re always look for volunteers to help with visits and continue developing our programming, so if you are interested, please visit our website at, or contact the coordinators at: