Reaching Our Goals, more commonly known as ROG, is a mentoring program for middle school Latino youth from Northfield. This year we partnered with Greenvale Park (GVP) Community School to provide programming for middle school students on Tuesday nights from 6-8pm. We do small group mentoring with a few St. Olaf students and a few middle schoolers per group. We call these small groups Squads and then make #SquadGoals to reach during the semester. Their #SquadGoals include things like attending ROG regularly, finish homework assignments, getting good grades. Each Tuesday, the mentoring squads do homework together and enjoy free time activities including the clubs and offered at the community school,

On May 3rd, we had our end of the year event on St. Olaf’s campus in the Pause. The students heard from Trio SSS Board of Leaders about what it’s like to be a first generation college student. During this time, the middle school students could ask questions about scholarships, admissions, and any other college-related questions. We also ate a TON of Pause pizza and the Squads competed in Squad Olympics (minute to win it challenges). It was a great way to wrap up the year and give the students a taste of college life, now that our program is not hosted off campus.

If you would like to be a part of ROG and all of the fun next year, please contact:

Maya Lehman (

Sarah Guezmir (

Juliann Perala (