Creativity for Community (CFC) is an honor house organization dedicated to making connections in the community through art. We focus on three community groups youth, the elderly, and fellow oles.

Every Friday from 7-8  we volunteer at a retirement home in the St. Olaf neighborhood, the Northfield Retirement Community (NRC). We do crafts, puzzles, bingo, and just chat with the residents most weeks and we just recently had the chance to partner with the St. Olaf Nursing Students and do some caroling.

Once a month we work with Greenvale Park Elementary School to lead their free after school art program. These crafts are always a really easy and fun to connect with the kids and enjoy art together.

Finally, CFC  hosts monthly events for our fellow oles. These include pumpkin carving, gingerbread house-building, henna and tie-dying.

Additionally, since we are all seniors, we are looking for students to take over the honor house next year! We will help with the application process which starts this February. If you are interested contact McAllister Stephens at for more information about living in an honor house or how to apply.