SGA Exec position
Political Awareness Committee Coordinator

What have you been doing over the summer?
This summer, I had the opportunity to do a number of exciting things in Northfield. I interned for a law firm in town, and got to see the work it takes to be a successful attorney. The law impacts so many different people and parts of life, and I loved getting to see it in action! Additionally, I volunteered at Northfield WORKS, a part of the Community Action Center. We focused on a number of projects to help low income people in Northfield find employment opportunities, increase digital literacy, achieve greater stability, and ultimately reduce poverty in Northfield. I also got to house sit puppies which is pretty much my #1 dream, so I’d say it was a successful summer!

Why are you excited about your position & what do you hope to accomplish this year in that role?
PAC is one of the most educational and wonderful activities I have been fortunate enough to be a part of as an Ole. PAC is all about inspiring others to participate in and feel excited about politics, which is especially crucial in an election year! This year, I hope that PAC will help empower students to become more involved in politics (VOTE!), challenge students’ personal views, bring people together to discuss important topics, and enable action that will create tangible change on campus.

What have you missed the most while being off the hill this summer?
The musty smell of Ytterboe and the smiling faces of my friends!