Hello St. Olaf! So, while we all know how much you enjoy our weekly blog  posts, we have something very new and exciting for you: WEEKLY PLAYLISTS! For every week of this semester, a lovely member of our committee will be curating a playlist that drops EVERY FRIDAY. Brought to you just in time for the weekend!

Our playlist this week was curated by our very own Kjersa Anderson! Seriously, go check out her playlist Doin’ Ya Nails because she knows what’s up! You can find our MEC curated playlists on Oleville, Facebook, and on our newly created Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/user/st.olafcollegemec.

I was just feeling some upbeat music lately and lassoed together some of my current favorites.There is no denying that I luv the top 40s and whatnot, but I’d like to think my taste for pop music is slightly more refined than that. Here is a fun & hip playlist that you can listen to on a homework break or just hanging out with your friends or to groove to while you’re doing something idle like painting your nails or to workout to (follow your heart)! 
All the love,