This Saturday, Diversity Celebrations Committee (DCC) will hold its first annual Spring Conference: Diversity Dialectics.

Dialectics is the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions. With an all-day itinerary of lectures, workshops, and programming, Diversity Dialectics aims to provide a platform to explore different aspects of diversity in a critical, educational, safe and exciting environment, while networking with DCC members and fellow Oles!

The day will start in the Lion’s Pause with an inspiring and motivating keynote speech from Dr. R.D. Duncan from the RD Duncan Institute for Professional Development in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Presented in collaboration with Bruce King, the Assistant to the President for Institutional Diversity, Dr. Duncan specializes in entrepreneurship, professional development, and cultural competency training.

The conference will then move across campus to Regents for six workshops, each focusing on a different facet of diversity. Students will attend three sessions, choosing from one of two options for each session, and eating a banquet luncheon after between the second and third workshops. Rethinking Diversity will lead a workshop on race, focusing on institutional and cultural racism, whiteness, and microaggressions. The Wellness Center will present on Mental Health. Professors Marcel LaFlamme, Susan Smalling, David Booth, and Anthony Pahnke will present on gender, privilege, spirituality and religion, respectively.

The DCC Conference Task Force will then wrap up the Regents portion of the day with a reflection on diversity before the conference moves back to the Pause for an interactive, high impact training play with GTC Dramatic Dialogues. (If you went to The Wellness Center’s “Speaking of Sex” It’s On Us event, you might recognize them!) This will be followed by a dinner soirée.

The day will end with a spoken word performance co-presented by Student Activities Committee. Kyla Lacey will make you laugh, cry, and feel utterly inspired.

Last but not least, the conference will conclude in the Pause for a micro-workshop in movement (Pause Dance): Diversity DANCE-LECTICS.

Though registration closed on Sunday, you can still attend the conference if you didn’t register! We hope to see you on Saturday.