When you think about SAC you probably think about weekend movies or Pres Ball, right? With PAC, political speakers most likely are what you picture and when it comes to rocking out to music, you’re thinking MEC. Well if any of these things come to mind, you are correct. The branches of SGA do put on a wide spectrum of events, but what if we told you that we don’t always do it alone? The truth is, we don’t! The branches of SGA love to collaborate with other groups across campus to put on awesome events! For example, DCC and PAC have joined forces to put on MLK day events and SAC and ADC have teamed up to throw a Winter Carnival this Interim. The collaboration, however, does not stop there. Check out some of the awesome events that were put on by SGA branches and student orgs:

  • IHC and Residence Hall Councils joined SAC to put on the 1st ever Mario Kart Tournament!
  • The Photography Club and ADC put on a stellar Astrophotography Night!
  • SOLAS and SOMOS paired up with PAC to host a dinner discussion about Peace Coffee!
  • KSTO and MEC and jammed together to bring S. Carey of Bon Iver to campus!

So we know what you’re thinking. How can my student org collaborate with an SGA branch on an event? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Have a vision. What do you want your event to look like?
  2. Send an email. Contact the coordinator to start a conversation about your vision for the next great event at St. Olaf!
  3. Make it happen. Put on an awesome event!

What are you waiting for? Contact a branch coordinator today!

– Brandon Cash, SAC Coordinator