Have you ever been star gazing!? Whether you answered yes, or no, Astrophotography is for you. ADC is hosting an evening astrophotography event in the Natural Lands this Friday, October 2nd. Come stargaze, take incredible pictures, and relax underneath the night sky! Shuttles from Buntrock to the Natural Lands will be provided, but if you are feeling adventurous a glow-stick-lit path to Stogrow will also be provided!  Come and take your mind off of all your worldly duties and look to the stars.

You will be able to take pictures at this event with the help of the St. Olaf Astrology professors and the St. Olaf Photography Club. You do not need any previous photography experience! Make sure to tell us your email while you’re there so we can email you all the epic shots you take! Session starts at 9:00PM and goes until 10:30PM. This time is correct though it may appear different on posters for the event.See you all there!


*If the sky is clouded over the event will be pushed back to Saturday, October 3rd.*