SGA Exec possition
Marketing and Communications Director

What have you been doing over the summer?
This summer, I’m working on a research study at the University of Minnesota focused on military families and how parenting styles change after deployment. My other job is interviewing St. Olaf alumni as part of our Big Discovery Project- I absolutely love spending my days connecting with fellow Oles and hearing their campus stories (the class of ’77 has some wild ones, let me tell ya). Miscellaneous summer activities include camping on the north shore, forcing my dog to spend quality time with me, and chasing the perfect ice cream cone.

Why are you excited about your position & what do you hope to accomplish this year in that role?
Besides a deep commitment to the art of hashtags and the craft of punmaking, I’m passionate about this job because I’m passionate about SGA as a whole. In this position, I hope to inform and connect students with organizations, events and ideas that speak to them, and give them a way to engage with that community. Also I think we need more dog videos in the world, so I’ll work on that. Everything I get to do as MCD is exciting: working with great people (shoutout to my partner in crime Maria Lind), solving creative challenges, and mostly just obsessing over which font captures the right “plz come to our event” vibe. I couldn’t be more pumped about this upcoming year!

What have you missed the most while being off the hill this summer?
I miss the panini presses in the caf more than words, and the Cage’s espresso chip ice cream is a close second. Farther down on the list are non-food related things, like lounging in Adirondack chairs with friends, finding notes from my roommate in my P.O. box, or late night pizza and dance parties (still food-related. Typical). Mostly I miss seeing all of my favorite people on a daily basis, and I can’t wait to get back to that!