Vocalist and songwriter, Aby Wolf is known in the Twin Cities/Midwest music scene for her experimental songs and sweet songbird voice. Wolf mixes hip-hop sounds with folk noises to create a unique style of music reflecting her own rural upbringing and current urban lifestyle. Wolf has released three albums since 2009. Her First album Sweet Prudence combines soft with intense tones to creates almost Zen like songs, aiming to enhance listeners’ sense of calm. Currently Wolf lives in the Twin Cities, where she finds her quiet rural upbringing contrasting with the hustle and bustle of big city life. She credits this contrast for influencing her sound and bringing clarity to her lyrics.

In 2011, Wolf joined a collaboration called A. Wolf And Her Claws that focused on combing new and creative sounds to make truly electrifying music. The group’s use pop undertones, synth beats, and engaging percussion take their sound to more adventurous places. In 2013, Wolf released her second album, Wolf Lords, which incudes both dance-pop bangers and more sublime songs which are sure to please any listener out there. Wolf’s music allows the listener be perfectly content with getting lost in the noise. The album would also not be successful without the collaboration between Wolf and Grant Cutler. Cutler brings some seriously stunning musical sounds and beats to the album; that only enhance Wolf’s magnetic voice.

One of the best things about Aby Wolf’s music is its versatility. Not only is her sound unique and inventive, her tracks can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. Enjoy Wolf’s music while working out, lounging around, studying, or even when you’re getting ready for a night out on the town.

When you have a moment and are just looking for something new to fill your ears, check Aby Wolf’s band camp!