Hey Everyone!

In this week’s meeting we discussed the following:

SOC’s Agenda for the rest of the year:

  • More promotion of SOC resources for the student body
  • Constitutions will be uploaded to the SOC site (beginning in February)
  • SOC will host events in collaboration with other orgs, beginning with an event with ADC in the spring!

Overall SOC Feedback for the year so far:

  • Some SOC members seem unsure about questions to ask in meetings
  • We stray from agenda from time to time
  • SOC meetings seems to be dominated by a select few individuals
  • Is a mediator necessary for meetings?

Organization Recognition:

  • Ole Roundtables presented by Dakota Williams last week has been approved!
  • Hope Carey came in today representing Renaissance Choir  – which is a student-led ensemble that wishes to rehearse together and put on a set number of performances per semester. Their request was approved!