Hey Everyone ! Hope you all had a happy new year and you’re having a splendid interim so far!

Organization Recognition:

  • Emily Baer came in representing Pre-SOMA which is an national organization that represents Osteopathic students. This club will shed light on the alternate and conventional path of obtaining an MD but rather focus more on the roles of DO’s (Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine). Her request was approved!
  • Dakota Williams came in representing Ole Roundtables which is intended to be a discussion forum that discusses modern contemporary issues surrounding topics such as race, gender, politics and more. The approval of this org was Tabled meaning further discussions must be ensued before a final decision is made.

Funding Requests:

  • Matthew Erickson came in to request $395.25 for an upcoming tournament for the Parliamentary Debate Team at St. Olaf. This funding request was approved for the full amount.