Promoting sustainable practices and awareness to SGA and St. Olaf.


Read Karsell, Chair
Ian Roback
Marissa Ihrke
Maggie Upjohn


We, the sustainability committee of St. Olaf, have agreed to the following goals and guidelines:

  1. We will strive to continue our commitment towards the initiatives of our subcommittee and St. Olaf’s missions to be “actively engaged in seeking out solutions and advancing the well being of the planet.”

Though we are always seeking new ideas for the betterment of our campus and its sustainability, our current initiatives include:

  1. Going tray-less in the cafeteria to raise awareness of the proportion of food students take but don’t consume, and therefore lowering the amount of food waste created.
  2. Hosting food waste collection events to help visualize how much food waste the St. Olaf population creates during meal services.
  3. Finding ways to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic bags in the St. Olaf Bookstore.
  4. Working with the Cage to reduce or eliminate the use of paper receipts and to find plastic container alternatives.
  5. We will continue communicating with and listening to the student body regarding their goals for sustainability at St. Olaf, collaborating with both students and faculty to work towards accomplishing our goals, and raising awareness of our committee’s ambitions to be a more environmentally friendly campus.
  6. We aim to have a lasting, greener influence on our campus and its future.


This year we have done two Caf Food Collections, which have been a huge success! We hope to make this a monthly event, in partnership with different campus groups, such as Environmental House, or OUTS. The goal of these events is to raise awareness on the amount of food wasted during each meal. Eventually we want to get clean plate club stickers or trayless stickers to hand out at these times.

We would like to begin tabling for going trayless in the Caf. We have already started a conversation with Bon Ap as well as the administration on this topic. We hope that the Caf will start the 2019-2020 school year trayless, and begin phasing out trays this semester.

We hope to submit a proposal to Capital Improvements to get a tree planted in front of each dorm, or in the Natural Lands, depending on funds.