• Senate Recap 5/15/18

    Senate unanimously passed a resolution in response to the Working Group on Equity and Inclusion’s report. The subcommittee chairs also gave their final reports. Bylaws regarding the the faculty governance committee, Senate Initiatives, and the St Olaf EMTs were passed. Senate also approved changing the Collegiate Readership program from USA Today to the New York Times.


    Senate Minutes 5.15.18

  • Senate Recap 4/17/18

    This week Pastors Matt Marohl and Katie Fick came to speak to Senate about their role on campus. Senateselected the Arab Cultural Association to be the beneficiary of the spring Donate-a-Meal program. They will be donating the funds raised to the Yemeni Peace Project, specifically the Arwa Fellowship program. DCC Bylaws and Pause Capital Improvements were approved, as was a Senate resolution regarding mental health.


    Senate Minutes 4/17/18

  • Senate Recap 4/10/18

    This week, Senators discussed potentially removing trays from Stav Hall.  The Pause presented their financial report. A student came forward with concerns regarding transportation to the cities from campus. Senate also passed bylaws barring students accused of sexual misconduct from running for SGA office.



    Senate Minutes 4/10/18

  • Senate Recap 3/20/18

    Senate passed several updates to the election bylaws including adding a new budget line item to provide funds for candidates who need financial assistance in order to campaign. Senate also completed an exercise providing student feedback for SRAP. The setting newspaper limits to the collegiate readership program and shifting that funding to other student orgs was also discussed.


    Senate Minutes 3.20.18

  • Senate Recap 3/13/18

    This week in Senate Hudlin Wagner, the interim CMIE director, presented on where CMIE is in the search for a new director and some of the discussion being had by the focus groups aiming to restructure CMIE. Senate unanimously approved a statement that will be presented to the administration with feedback regarding the protest policy. We also discussed and tabled updates for the election bylaws and policy manual.

    Senate Minutes 3.13.18

  • Senate Recap 3/6/18

    This week, Senate held a discussion about St Olaf’s protest policy. A smaller group of senators will be moving forward with some concrete action on this issue. Bylaws for STAR (SGA Task force for Action on Race) were approved. Subcommittee chairs gave their mid-semester reports.




    Senate Minutes 3.6.18

  • Senate Recap 2/27/18

    This week Senate had a debrief on how to move forward with the discussion from the town hall on mental health last week. The SGA Task Force on Anti-Racism (STAR), which was established last year, presented updated bylaws to reflect that change and the proposal was tabled to be approved next week. Next Tuesday is election day!


    Senate Minutes 2.27.18

  • Senate Recap 2/13/18

    Athletic Director Ryan Bowles visited Senate this week and fielded questions regarding the new ice arena and the priorities for St. Olaf athletics this year. The Senate passed an updated version of the election policy. Greater Than also presented – next week’s Senate meeting will be a town hall in the Pause hosted with Greater Than regarding mental health on campus.


    Senate Minutes 2.13.18

  • Senate Recap 1/16/18

    At this week’s senate meeting, senators got the opportunity to hear from Professor David Booth and Susan Smalling about their work on the General Education Task Force, where a number of a professors are discussing the possibility of an overhaul of the current GE curriculum. The Election Policy Update Proposal, made to clarify and update election bylaws and policy manual sections, was passed.

    Senate Minutes 1.16.18

  • Senate Recap 1/7/18

    At the first Senate meeting of Interim, Senators heard from Chief Marketing Officer Katie Warren and Graphic Designer Fernando Sevilla. Additionally, they spoke to Spencer Whiteley about the work the Gender & Sexuality Office does. Sydney Grossman was appointed to as the Spring Election Commission Chair for the SGA 2018 Spring Elections.

    Senate Minutes 1.09.18