Programming awesomeness

The Student Activities Committee (SAC) organizes a diverse spectrum of events and activities that cater to the varied interests of St. Olaf Students. SAC’s mission is to provide students with unique escapes from their academic responsibilities of college life. Our committee is broken down into four subcommittees: Special Events, Off Campus, SuperFan, and Movies, all tasked with planning fun and engaging events for St. Olaf students including weekly movies, comedians, magicians, and novelty acts. SAC also upholds St. Olaf traditions such as Homecoming Week, the President’s Ball, and Senior Days. With everything that SAC has to offer there is surely something for everyone!

The Latest

This is Pretzel Day (5/18/18) May 7th, 2018 - I wake up every morning to a bed that’s too small. Go to a school that’s too expensive. And then I study for finals in which I get graded too hard. But on Pretzel Day? I like Pretzel Day. Come join us on the quad for some pretzels and a little break from finals! Friday, May 18th 11:00am-1:00pm
Relaxing Into Finals (5/17/18) May 7th, 2018 - Stressed for finals??? Relaxation and life expert Beth Freschie will be here to lead you in an hour-long guided relaxation session in Boe Chapel at 8:00 PM on reading day. This is the perfect study break to get you in the right mindset for an academically challenging week ahead!