1. Oles For Responsibility

    Our mission is to create an honest, campus-wide dialogue about alcohol safety that is open to students, alumni, members of the Administration, and the Northfield community. We seek to build this dialogue on the values of transparency, accountability, and above all responsibility, from all parties involved.

    Category: Awareness

  2. Musika Nova

    Musika Nova ("New Music") is a student organization for the purpose of sharing new music with the St. Olaf community. Musika Nova embraces all styles of new music. While primarily for composers, songwriters, and performers, M.N. is open to all members of the St. Olaf community.

    Category: Academic

  3. Staff Appreciation Club

    1. To honor staff members of St. Olaf who often go unrecognized such as janitors, cafeteria workers, dish washers, drivers, receptionists, etc. 2. To familiarize students with staff in various areas of work so that more staff/student interaction may take place around campus. 3. To foster an appreciation that all work done by all people is of value and appreciated. 4. To reach out to staff so that they may feel more a part of the St. Olaf community.

    Category: Special Interest

  4. Cycling Club

    We are a club team that competes in races in cyclocross (fall) and road (spring) as well as going on group rides. The races are in the North Central Collegiate Cycling Conference and we travel to ND, IA, MN, NE, and KS for road season in the spring. We meet every day outside of Buntrock commons around 3:30 to ride, unless otherwise noted. In the fall we sell Olaf cycling gear, open to anyone interested in quality cycling apparel. There will be a booth at the Co-curricular fair, so come check it out when school starts! Also, we have a facebook group called "St Olaf Cycling Club" that you should join! www.stolafcycling.com

    Category: Club Sports

    Meets 3:30
  5. Tap Club

    Tap Dance Club

    Category: Special Interest

  6. St. Olaf Investment Club

    The St. Olaf College Investment Club (SIC) exists to further its members' knowledge of the various investment methods and strategies in a diverse club environment. It seeks to engage members in intellectual discourse via presentations, panel discussions, guest speakers, and other media while fostering a positive social environment for networking and fun.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Tuesdays @ 6PM in Tomson Hall 100
  7. Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow - St. Olaf College

    CFACT is a national non-profit organization that relies principally on a growing legion of collegiate activists to reach college students with a positive, upbeat message. CFACT student chapters on college campuses organize campaigns to educate their peers on issues such as global warming, clean air and water, saving wildlife, energy independence, safe food, and the effects of government regulation, among others. CFACT holds public programs on campuses featuring speakers like John Stossel, Jonah Goldberg, Dinesh D'Souza, Dr. Roy Spencer, Lord Christopher Monckton, and Chris Horner. CFACT is a non-partisan educational foundation committed to promoting free-markets, limited government, and less regulations. CFACT strongly believes most consumer and environmental problems can best be met and overcome- not through excessive government regulation and bureaucracy- but rather, by better unleashing the power of the free-enterprise system and the ingenuity of science and technology. Most environmental groups you find on college campuses will argue that the government needs to step in and regulate everything we do in order to save the planet. CFACT brings a unique, refreshing take on environmental issues to campuses by presenting the scientific truth without the spin. CFACT's message is not one you'll hear from those other groups!

    CFACT's focus is primarily environmental issues. CFACT also focuses on consumer issues with the belief that limited government, lower taxes, and industry competition can not only offer consumers the highest quality goods at the lowest prices, but also spurs economic growth which is the single most important factor for a healthy environment.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM in Tomson Hall 100
  8. Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization - St. Olaf College Chapter

    Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization -St. Olaf College Chapter exists to further its members' knowledge of entrepreneurship in a diverse club environment. It seeks to engage members in intellectual discourse via presentations, panel discussions, guest speakers, conferences and other media while fostering a positive social environment for networking and fun. The club is a member of the national organization: Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization and competes in the Annual CEO Startup Simulation Challenge. Test your entrepreneurial abilities as CEO members from across the nation compete against one another to see whose startup skills reign supreme. The CEO Startup Simulation Challenge is a bracket style tournament in which CEO Chapters will virtually compete against one another in key decisions involved with starting a business. Each team can consist of 4-5 student CEO members. The team can win up to $1,000 in cash (distributed evenly among team members), National Recognition, Online Article Published on the Team and School, Framed Certificate for the University's Display, Individual Certificates for Team Members, Recognition on CEO's Website as well as attends annual CEO National Conferences.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Thursdays @ 6PM in Tomson Hall 100
  9. Professional Business Honor Society

    The St. Olaf College Professional Business Honor Society strives to develop professionalism, leadership, and a commitment to service in each of our members.

    Category: Academic

  10. Ping Pong Club

    At Ping Pong Club our mission is to learn, play and have fun while promoting the sport of Table Tennis. We meet in the concourse outside of the South gym in Skoglund on Tuesdays from 7-8:30pm, and we encourage everyone to come! We provide paddles and balls to be used at practices and at our tournaments. We host three annual tournaments (Fall, Winter and Spring); information will be posted around campus, and sent out via the alias: pingpong@stolaf.edu. To be placed on the alias go to stolaf.edu > in the search bar enter: 'E-mail Mailing Lists' > follow stolaf-extra example. All events, and practices are open to the public.

    Category: Athletic

    Meets Tuesday 7-8:30pm
  11. International Undergraduate Research Club

    International Undergraduate Research

    Category: Academic

  12. Agnes A Cappella

    An 12-voice female a cappella music ensemble. 2010-2011 MEMBERS: Hannah Bundrick ('14) Emily Haller ('14) Lydia Wolfe ('14) Elizabeth Harness ('13) Candice Jones ('13) Charlotte Rosen ('13) Brittany Dahlen ('12) Abbe Haller ('12) Elizabeth Terpstra ('12) Hannah Zentner ('12)

    Category: Special Interest

  13. Triathlon Club

    This organization provides members with an opportunity to compete in triathlons, teach members about the triathlon sport and provide group training opportunities for members. We offer coaching from OptumHeatlh Performance, as well as use of team Kinetic Indoor Trainers in the winter. In the spring, we will take our top men and top women to collegiate nationals.

    Category: Club Sports

    Meets Scheduled Via triathlon club email alias
  14. Talking Circle

    The Talking Circle is a group of concerned individuals with the mission of promoting open-dialogue discussion and events related to American Indian issues and culture. Open to all members of the St. Olaf community, the Talking Circle promotes healthy conversation and events focusing on the inclusion of indigenous peoples as a diverse and meaningful contribution to St. Olaf College and a global society. <br/> <center> <div style="height:251px;width:325px;font:16px/26px Georgia, Garamond, Serif;overflow:scroll;"> <center><img src="http://hphotos-sjc1.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/316309_156448427785545_156447767785611_243764_444008452_n.jpg" width="325" height="251" alt="St. Olaf Talking Circle"/></center> <center><b>Events</b></center> <center><img src="http://cdn2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/UNC/UNC116/u11684310.jpg" height="3%" width="3%"/> <img src="http://cdn2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/UNC/UNC116/u11684310.jpg" height="3%" width="3%"/> <img src="http://cdn2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/UNC/UNC116/u11684310.jpg" height="3%" width="3%"/> <img src="http://cdn2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/UNC/UNC116/u11684310.jpg" height="3%" width="3%"/></center> <center> <img src="http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/320177_160444037385984_156447767785611_257643_1753413109_n.jpg" width="70" height="100" alt="Stereotypes"/> <img src="http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/302367_159750334122021_156447767785611_255351_680435251_n.jpg" width="125" height="100" alt="red Lake Reforestation"/> <img src="http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/319535_156827987747589_156447767785611_245395_1943948518_n.jpg" width="70" height="100" alt="Reel Injun"/> <img src="http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/314677_156684047761983_156447767785611_244952_994370564_n.jpg" width="70" height="100" alt="Protect Our Manoomin"/> <img src="http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/304168_156449364452118_156447767785611_243767_1567905234_n.jpg" width="125" height="100" alt="Native American Weeks"/></br> <img src="http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-snc7/416855_234609249969462_156447767785611_441876_1634204969_n.jpg" width="300" height="200" alt="Talking Circle meeting John Trudell"/> <center><img src="http://cdn2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/UNC/UNC116/u11684310.jpg" height="3%" width="3%"/> <img src="http://cdn2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/UNC/UNC116/u11684310.jpg" height="3%" width="3%"/> <img src="http://cdn2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/UNC/UNC116/u11684310.jpg" height="3%" width="3%"/> <img src="http://cdn2.fotosearch.com/bthumb/UNC/UNC116/u11684310.jpg" height="3%" width="3%"/></center> </center> <br/></div> <p style="font-size:10px;"> </center> <center>Quote of the Day: "Every human being is a raindrop. And when enough of the raindrops<br/> become clear and coherent they then become the power of the storm." ~ John Trudell</center> <center><a href="http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/St-Olaf-Talking-Circle/156447767785611"><b>See our Facebook Page!</b></a></center> <center><img src="http://www.vectorart.com/webart/products/55446N.GIF"/></center>

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Tuesday, 8:30 PM in MACO
  15. Theater and Film Special Event

    Temporary org for Theater and Film Special

    Category: Temporary Project Organizations

  16. St. Olaf Film Production Society

    The purpose of the St. Olaf Film Production Society is: -to support student filmmakers. -to facilitate networking among students in all aspects of the movie making process including acting, composing, screen writing, editing, producing, directing and filming. -to provide means for student filmmakers to gain experience through competition, workshops and group projects. -to promote the study of film at St. Olaf College.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Sundays at 7pm
  17. St. Olaf Dance Team (Ole Dancers)

    The St. Olaf Dance Team consists of approximately 16-18 first-year through senior students. The Dance Team provides an opportunity for students to continue dancing while supporting St. Olaf athletic teams. The team provides halftime entertainment at home football games, including the first game of the year (the Family Weekend/Homecoming football game). The team also performs at men's soccer games in the fall, as well as at men's and women's home basketball games during the winter and early spring. Dance styles include pom, jazz, hip-hop, and lyrical/modern. Every year we host a table at the Co-Curricular Fair where students are able to sign up for try-outs. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have!

    Category: Athletic

    Meets Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30-8:30, Thursdays 6:30-8 (fall)
  18. Sigma Tau Delta

    We are the Alpha Rho Chi chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honor society. The society's goal is to bring together and honor those who have excelled in English language and literature in their college careers. Its other main goals are to provide cultural stimulation on college campuses to promote interest in literature, to foster all aspects of the discipline of English, including literature, language and writing, and to serve society by fostering literacy. Eligibility for Sigma Tau Delta is based on four factors: 1) You have taken at least 2 college English courses (beyond First-Year Writing; FYW doesn't count) 2) You have maintained a minimum B average in English 3) You have maintained a minimum B average in overall scholarship 4) You rank in the top 35% of your class **If you think you may be eligible and would like to be added to the alias, please contact garretta@stolaf.edu.** Some fun activities that are in the works: Having a party where we would dress up as our favorite literary character or author, organizing a campus-wide poetry reading, pairing up with the Free Association club and Urban Poetry Society and put on poetry readings, attending a play in the Cities, collaborating with the English department and put on events, and contacting authors, poets, etc. to come and present at Olaf.

    Category: Academic

    Meets As is emailed
  19. Beyond the Conversation

    Beyond the Conversation provides a setting in which to discuss literature, philosophy, history, religion, art, music, and other topics loosely related to the Great Conversation program's curricula. The club also supplements the activities of the Great Conversation students through activities within and across cohorts and years. Beyond the Conversation's main activity consists of weekly dinners, usually on Fridays at 6:00pm in BC222. For each dinner, one member of the club suggests a short piece to read/watch/listen to/look at/consider; discussion then centers around, but is not limited to, this piece. St. Olaf students, faculty, or staff participating in the club do not have to be in the Great Conversation; they must, however, cultivate a love of knowledge.

    Category: Academic

    Meets usually 6:00pm on Fridays in BC222; emails indicate otherwise
  20. Millstream Commons

    We spend time with the elderly residents at Millstream Commons Assisted Living Facility, talking and playing games (dominoes, 500, scrabble, bingo, yahtzee, puzzles, skip bo). We form strong relationships with the residents there, because we are a small group and so are they!

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Tuesday 6:20-7:45. We meet at the Buntrock Circle at 6:20, and transportation is provided. New volunteers are always welcome, and no long term committment is required! We are happy to have you join us any week that you are available!
  21. St. Olaf Juggling Club

    __________________STOTHROW 2012 on MARCH 31, 2012 at ST. OLAF: See our website below for details!__________________ We support juggling on campus and in the community through meetings and a few events. All are welcome: if you can tie your shoes, you can juggle, and we'd love to teach and juggle with you.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Sunday 1:30 - 3:00 on Mellby Lawn (Rain/Snow/Winter site: Buntrock Crossroads)
    Online at sites.google.com/site/stothrowfestival/

  22. Vegan Club

    Our mission as Vegan Club is to gather vegans, as well as people who are simply interested in learning about veganism, into a single group. We disseminate information about vegan food options on campus and educate curious non-vegans about the vegan lifestyle. Our club is open to anyone interested in veganism.

    Category: Special Interest

  23. Darshan: Hindu Student Organization

    The St. Olaf Hindu Student Organization provides an opportunity for Hindu students to engage their faith, spiritually and culturally. We seek to provide a close-knit community where students converse about Hindu teachings and participate in Hindu rituals, traditions, and celebrations. We will provide a forum for students to express their views on Hinduism, to explore the meaning of their faith and to feel religiously comfortable at St. Olaf College.

    Category: Religious

  24. KSTO

    KSTO is a student-run radio station, broadcasting over the air on campus at 93.1 FM and online worldwide at www.stolaf.edu/orgs/ksto. KSTO is also responsible for periodically presenting concerts and events in the Pause and elsewhere on campus.

    Category: Special Interest

    Online at www.stolaf.edu/orgs/ksto

  25. Women's Ultimate

    St. Olaf Women's Ultimate is an emerging force in the section as well as the region. This sport combines the athleticism of soccer with the intensity of rugby. We are always recruiting new girls with athletic backgrounds -- no experience necessary, just a good attitude and a willingness to work hard. SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

    Category: Club Sports

    Meets Practice times TBA
    Online at http://www.durgawut.blogspot.com/

  26. Jewish Student Organization

    The Jewish Student Organization is committed to maintaining and promoting the religious plurality of St. Olaf College. Together with other organizations, our goal is to educate St. Olaf on the rich heritage of the Jewish religion, to celebrate the lush culture, to spur political dialogue and to provide a resource for Jewish students and those curious about Judaism. If you have any questions, please contact Chester Flaum or Clara Kundin.

    Category: Religious

  27. Ole Spring Relief

    Annual large-scale student-run spring break service trip.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  28. Pre-Med Club

    The St. Olaf College Pre-Med Club is an organization for students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. With a variety of informational meetings, volunteer events, and social gatherings, the Pre-Med Club provides members many unique and valuable opportunities. Join us on facebook! St. Olaf Pre-Med club at http://www.facebook.com/groups/OlafPreMedClub/

    Category: Academic

  29. Oles for Global Health

    To provide access to medical care for the millions of underprivileged and medically underserved of the world and to raise awareness on campus and in the community of the medical disparities affecting people globally.

    Category: Special Interest

  30. Lotus - Olaf's Buddhist Sangha

    Lotus â Olafâs Buddhist Sangha is a welcoming community to all people, Buddhist or not, who study and discuss the teachings of the Buddha and Buddhism in general. No prior knowledge of Buddhism is required. This community recognizes the potential in everyone to grow and cultivate his/her Buddha-nature â kindness, friendship, compassion, mindfulness, and honesty â and thus strives to cultivate that Buddha-nature in each of us. We do this through meditation, discussion, and mindfulness practice. We meet weekly to meditate, briefly, discuss readings or ideas related to Buddhism, choose a mantra or theme to be mindful of throughout the next week, and then discuss our mindfulness practice of the previous week.

    Category: Special Interest

  31. The Burrow

    Located on the lower level of Larson Hall, the Burrow is a student run coffeehouse, musical venue and campus art space. If you would like to host an event in the Burrow or check out upcoming events, visit our calendar: http://www.oleville.com/theburrow/ Email burrow@stolaf.edu to join our e-mailing list about upcoming events

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Wednesday night's, 7pm, in the Burrow
    Online at http://www.oleville.com/theburrow/

  32. Gender & Sexuality Center

    The goals and purposes of the gsc are: 1. Affirming the visibility of and advocating for the rights of women, queer, ally and transgender individuals on the St. Olaf campus. 2. Educating the St. Olaf community about issues of gender and sexuality, including feminist, queer and ally, transgender, and political matters; helping members of the community understand the relevance of these issues in their own lives, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. 3. Providing an unconditionally safe, multi-gender space open to the community in which students know they will be supported and accepted regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity; encouraging recognition and acceptance of gender expression and trans individuals on the St. Olaf campus. 4. Providing a venue for increasing dialogue between students, student organizations, administration, alumni, faculty and staff regarding gender and sexual orientation equality and diversity. 5. Connecting issues of gender, sexuality, and multiculturalism (gay rights, womenâs studies, gender studies, racial, religious and cultural diversity, internationalism, etc.) by working to build connections across social divisions. 6. Establishing a venue for student organizations to hold events and educational resources related to gender and sexuality under the framework of a functioning resource center. 7. Providing education and resources related to safe sex.

    Category: Awareness

    Meets Office Hours: 3-5 Mon-Fri
    Online at www.stolaf.edu/orgs/gsc

  33. Haiti Justice Alliance: St. Olaf

    Our mission is to work for the sustainable structural changes needed in Haiti to provide social, political and economic rights to all Haitians. Specifically, HJA St. Olaf will connect with HJA Northfield and HJA Carleton in supporting HJA's partner groups in Haiti (Haitian grassroot organizaitons), with fundraising and educational/awareness events about human rights, social justice, etc. HJA St. Olaf will link St. Olaf students to these Haitian organizations, with opportunities for summer internships: 1. Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) (http://ijdh.org/) 2. What If Foundation (http://whatiffoundation.org/) 3. Aristide Foundation for Democracy (http://aristidefoundationfordemocracy.org/) 4. SOPUDEP School (http://sopudep.org/) 5. Partners in Health (http://www.pih.org/)

    Category: Awareness

    Meets Saturday 11 am, at Bittersweet
    Online at http://haitijustice.wordpress.com


    FACE AIDS harnesses young people's passion for social change and equips them with the skills, resources, and community to fight HIV/AIDS and promote global health equity now and throughout their lives. We also empower HIV-affected youth in impoverished communities with access to credit, savings, and business skills training, helping to limit HIV/AIDS' devastating impact on the social and economic development of communities.

    Category: Awareness

  35. Stitches for Peace

    Stitches for Peace is an organization dedicated to outreach in both the local and global community. Members meet weekly to knit and crochet individual projects such as hats or mittens as well as group projects such as blankets. Those items are then either donated directly to various charities or are sold to raise money for charity organizations. Members will teach anyone interested how to knit or crochet so that they too can participate in the group's efforts. Materials are provided. Students, faculty and community members are all welcome to join!

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm
  36. Cultural Union for Black Expression (CUBE)

    CUBE is an organization that discusses issues relating to the African-American communities. The group also travels to conferences and organizes events that will expand their knowledge of African American history. This group is also responsible for heading up February's Black History Month festivities.

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets EveryWednesday @ 7:00pm, MACO (BC111)
    Online at http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/200589876621707/

  37. Mind - Body Studies Student Organization

    Our mission is to educate the student body about complementary and alternative medicine by bringing in regular speakers to present on holistic health topics. Past speakers have discussed topics including acupuncture, healing touch, chiropractic medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, and current research on complementary and alternative medicine. In addition to monthly speakers, Mind-Body Studies Student Organization also organizes periodic massage fundraisers to facilitate students' well-being and to raise money.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Varies
  38. St. Olaf Ethiopian Student Society

    Ethiopian students at St. Olaf College hereby institute this non-partisan student society to enhance the progress of Ethiopian students at St. Olaf College and support future leaders of our society, as well as provide cultural awareness to the St. Olaf College community and inform and contribute to the political, social, and economic development of Ethiopians.

    Category: Special Interest

  39. Mormon Oles

    Mormon Oles

    Category: Religious

  40. St. Olaf Pre-Phamacy Club

    The purpose of this organization shall be to connect students interested in pharmacy to their peers and members of the community involved in pharmacy as well as provide a resource for students looking to pursue a career in pharmacy.

    Category: Academic

  41. Starcraft Club

    To bring together all the Starcraft fans at St. Olaf to enjoy professional matches and discuss Starcraft, as well as to plan and practice for upcoming Collegiate Starleague (CSL) Matches.

    Category: Special Interest

  42. Herpetology Club

    Herpetology Club is an organization dedicated to studying and enjoying reptiles, amphibians, and birds. Members care for the terrariums in the fourth floor atrium of Regents Hall and participate in field trips to scout out herps and bird-watch. Anyone is welcome!

    Category: Special Interest

  43. St. Olaf Men's Volleyball

    A club to provide the opportunity for experienced and novice athletes in the St. Olaf College male population to engage in intercollegiate competition in the sport of volleyball.

    Category: Club Sports

  44. St. Olaf Environmental Coalition

    Mission Statement: The St. Olaf Environmental Coalition is a student-run organization that seeks to foster and defend a greater ecological concern starting on our own campus and extending outward through the concentric circles of community in which we live, ultimately arriving at a global perspective. Because we recognize the depth of our interrelatedness with all life around us, we practice environmental advocacy that is consensus-based, uniting rather than dividing our human community in the common struggle for a more beautiful and flourishing planet.

    Category: Awareness

    Meets 8:30 pm on Tuesdays in Buntrock 220
    Online at http://www.facebook.com/stolafec

  45. St. Olaf Fencing Club

    Sport fencing. Open to any and all skill levels. Please contact one of the captains for more information.

    Category: Athletic

    Meets Scheduled by semester
  46. Volunteer Network (SGA)

    The branch of the Student Government Association that supports and encourages community service.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  47. Men's Ultimate Club

    The St. Olaf Men's Ultimate Team (the Berzerkers) is a competitive intercollegiate squad. They travel to tournaments from coast to coast throughout the year. The main season (the College Championship Series) is in the spring. There is an "A" and a "B" team, so everyone is welcome. For more info, send us an email at captains@stolaf.edu

    Category: Club Sports

  48. Student Organizations Webmasters

    This is not actually an organization, just a way to contact Roderick Gui, the SOC Coordinator or Tim Schroer, their advisor.

    Category: Special Interest

  49. Vietnamese Organization: Inspiring Cultural Engagment (VOICE)

    Vietnamese Cultural Organization

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Thursdays, 6-7pm, BC 145
  50. SANRA - St. Olaf Agnostics, Non-Religious, and Atheists

    The St. Olaf Agnostics, Non-Religious, and Atheists (SANRA) group aims to represent the non-religious students on campus. As an organization at a Lutheran college, it is important to provide the opportunity for secular students to engage in open-minded conversation and form relationships with students of similar belief systems. SANRA will create dialogue about secular thought, help grow a strong and visible non-religious community, and develop a safe and accepting environment for secular students on campus. Members of SANRA will spread awareness about non-religion, serve the wider community, and work to dispel myths about non-religious stereotypes.

    Category: Religious

    Meets Thursdays at 5:30 in BC222
    Online at http://on.fb.me/sanragroup

  51. St. Olaf Magic Club

    An inviting club that assembles in pursuit of general nerdiness. We meet in Buntrock 220 at least twice a week, generally to play Magic: the Gathering. For those who are new to the game, Wednesday meetings are devoted to casual play and are a great way to experience the Magic. Watch your step however; Wednesdays generally dissolve into Elder Dragon Highlander chaos. For the more competitive players, a grand melee is held every Friday where Oles can prove their mettle. The club offers Friday Night Magic (FNM) tournaments which are sanctioned each week by our TO. Tournament format cycles every month between Standard, Limited, and Modern.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Wednesdays and Fridays from 7pm-10pm
  52. Democracy Matters

    Democracy Matters is a NON-partisan organization concerned about political accountability and the corrupting influence of private money in American government. We hope to educate others and ourselves about present infringements upon democracy, political equality, and government transparency, and the possible alternatives that may help reform and revitalize our political process. Along with education, we work to deepen democracy by pushing for campaign finance and lobbying reform, expansion of the referendum and ballot initiatives in all states, election reform, and increased political participation of the American People.

    Category: Political

  53. Uplift

    Uplift volunteers work with students at Faribault Middle School through afer-school tutoring and leading activities for the students. Many of the students are recent immigrants, and English language learning is a focus while tutoring on all subjects. St. Olaf volunteers work with Uplift on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 2:15-5:15, and transportation to Faribault is provided.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  54. Science Fiction Club

    We, the Sci-Fi club of St. Olaf, aver our right to be nerds in a fashion that is open and inviting, warm and casual. Anyone who is even the slightest bit interested in our club is welcome and encouraged to come to any meeting they so choose. There is no preparation, prerequisite knowledge or specific genre of interest required to be a part of Sci-Fi Club. We will get together to watch movies, talk about books, read/write some stories, and maybe have a radio show with panel guests, dinner debates/discussions, and costume parties!

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets 9pm RML 515
    Online at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/group.php?gid=156017437764544

  55. St. Olaf Global Medical Brigades

    St. Olaf College is a chapter of Global Brigades, the world's largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. The St. Olaf chapter systematically works with more than 300 other university groups around the world to deliver and implement one of nine skill-based programs that benefit more than 130,000 Honduran and Panamanian community members annually. St. Olaf is implementing its first Medical Brigade in 2011 where students and healthcare professionals travel to Honduras for a week and set up medical clinics in rural communities.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Thursdays 8pm TOH 212
    Online at http://www.empowered.org/January-2012-St-Olaf-Medical-Brigade

  56. The St. Olaf Sto Stoppers

    The purpose of the St. Olaf Sto Stoppers is to create an environment that allows for creative expression through music, dance, and theatricality. Show choir is a nationally recognized genre of musical performance that has been underrepresented on campus in the past. Sto Stoppers consists of volunteer singer/dancers, directors, and choreographers, providing opportunities for students interested in participating in the arts. Membership is by audition. The group rehearses two to three hours weekly, and works toward performance opportunities with a varied repertoire of music and choreography.

    Category: Special Interest

  57. Student Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB)

    The St. Olaf College Student-Athlete Advisory Board is an extension of the MIAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

    Category: Athletic

  58. Minority Association for Premedical Students

    To provide under-represented pre-health students with knowledge, skills and experiences that will help them in their path towards attaining careers in the healthcare field.

    Category: Academic

  59. Neuro Club

    an organization striving to unite and enrich the Neuroscience

    Category: Academic

  60. Students for Barack Obama

    We're going to be working hard right up until the polls close on November 6, 2012 to make sure that Barack Obama is re-elected president of the United States. We work in direct contact with the Obama campaign to create volunteer opportunities- tabling, phonebanking, canvassing and more- as well as events that are just for fun, such as debate watches. Looking for underclassmen to help run the organization in the 2012-2013 school year.

    Category: Temporary Project Organizations

  61. St. Olaf Photography Club

    An interest group for those who are interested in photography and want to work with other students on a very informal basis. We meet at least once a month and go on photo excursions on and off campus.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets varies
  62. David Anderson Club

    The purpose of the David Anderson Club is to bring together the David Andersons of St. Olaf. The David Andersons meet several times each semester to discuss all things David Anderson-related.

    Category: Special Interest

  63. Curling Club

    The curling club is an informal club that practices and competes at the Owatonna Curling Club. The club competes every Sunday night at either 4:15 or 6:30pm.

    We are always looking for new members to join the club. Email Drew or Monica for more information!

    Category: Athletic

  64. St. Olaf Christian Outreach

    St. Olaf Christian Outreach (SCO) is an ecumenical group of energetic college students dedicated to sharing God's love with the surrounding communities. Our mission is to bring college-aged Christians together with elementary through senior high youth to build and strengthen relationships with Christ through camp-style worship, Bible studies, and games.

    Category: Religious

    Meets Mondays 9:00-9:45 PM in BC 220
  65. Phi Alpha Theta

    Honor society for history major

    Category: Academic

  66. Phi Sigma Tau

    Phi Sigma Tau is the international honor society in philosophy. Our chapter works to promote interest and outstanding achievement in philosophy among St. Olaf students by sponsoring a monthly colloquium series at which students present and discuss one another's papers on a variety of philosophical topics. We also bring in guest speakers from other institutions to present papers. Please contact any of the officers for more information about our next event or becoming a member or associate of the chapter.

    Category: Academic

  67. St. Olaf Molecular Science Club

    Org for those who interested in molecular science.

    Category: Academic

  68. Suddenly, Wizards!

    Suddenly, Wizards! seeks to create a friendly,fun environment for the pursuit of table top roleplaying games, as well as creating a base of interest for those interested in introducing new games to the St. Olaf community. It also seeks to create a base of students who share similar interests.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Saturday Nights 6-10
  69. Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that works to build affordable, decent housing for people who are in need. Habitat is not a give-away program - people work to build their own homes. Habitat helps to create a diverse, loving community of people helping people, and is currently the largest homebuilder in the nation. Everyone is welcome to participate! St. Olaf Habitat's biggest projects are our spring break trips: for a week, we go to locations around the country to work with other Habitat affiliates. It's always a great experience, and we like to have as many participants as possible! We do strongly encourage you to do volunteer work with our organization before trip sign-ups in February, though it is not required; join our alias to find out about the other volunteer and engagement opportunities we offer throughout the year!

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Monthly. Join the e-mail alias for details!
  70. National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws - St. Olaf Chapter

    -Promote awareness of the social injustice resulting from current marijuana laws.

    -Build support for ending the criminal prohibition of marijuana and the arrest of marijuana smokers.

    -Support State efforts to legalize medical marijuana.

    -Lobby local, state and federal officials in support of medical marijuana legislation.

    -Educate the public about the medicinal/medical benefits of marijuana, the recreational use of marijuana, and the many uses of industrial hemp.

    -Move public opinion sufficiently to achieve the repeal of marijuana prohibition so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to penalty.

    -NORML mission statement

    Category: Awareness

    Meets First Monday of every month!
  71. Omicron Delta Epsilon

    -work with the Economics department to help host and plan economic speakers -publish a student submitted economic journal -host distinction and induction ceremonies for economics majors

    Category: Academic

    Online at www.stolaf.edu/orgs/ode/

  72. St. Olaf Women's Rugby

    Women's Rugby has both fall and spring seasons. No experience needed to join. It's a crazy sport that's a ton of fun, and you are bound to meet a lot of interesting people. If you are looking for something new to try, or already love rugby, email us for practice times. We practice behind Thorson Hall, at the bottom of the hill, about three times a week.

    Category: Club Sports

  73. CARE Ministry

    CARE Ministry's mission is two-fold: we respond to prayer requests and we provide Christian peer-counseling. To develop out skills for counseling, we hold monthly in-services on various topics related to caregiving.

    Category: Religious

    Meets most Thursdays during community time
  74. Men's Lacrosse Club

    The St. Olaf Lacrosse Club is dedicated to the continuation of the competitive lacrosse team that was established on campus in 2000. Activities include competitive intercollegiate games, practices, fund-raising, instructional sessions, and scrimmages. Players of all levels and experience are invited to join (this includes students who have never played lacrosse before). Please contact one of us if you are interested in joining our team, or if you would like more information about us.

    Category: Club Sports

    Online at www.stolaflacrosse.com

  75. Help Turkey

    Sending Winter Clothes to Turkey

    Category: Temporary Project Organizations

  76. Inner Truth

    inspire, move and enlighten St. Olaf community to explore the philosophy of happiness.

    Category: Special Interest

  77. St. Olaf Disaster Relief Effort

    The mission of the St. Olaf Disaster Relief Effort is to promote awareness of disasters and their prolonged effects, as well as to raise money to assist in the recovery process of the communities affected.

    Category: Awareness

    Meets as needed
  78. Pi Sigma Alpha

    Political Science Honor Society. Application required for admittance. Annual Spring Forum open to the public, which features local and national speakers on a variety of topics relating to political science.

    Category: Academic

  79. Chinese Culture Club

    Chinese Culture Club Mission Statement ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chinese Culture Club is a group that promotes awareness of Chinese culture at St. Olaf. The group provides support for its members by creating a platform for discussion. Members tackle concerns and issues they face daily, and in the process learn from one another.

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Every Other Tuesday 6-7pm, BC 142
  80. Dream Box

    <html> <body> <b>Dream Box is a non-profit organization founded by students from St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.</b> <p><b>We teach people to do things.</b><br /> Our organization offers one-on-one lessons and group instruction in a variety of activities and art forms, focusing especially on music art lessons. </p> <p><b>We help people to do things.</b><br /> We assist St. Olaf students by providing financial support for the creative projects they want to do. Want to put on a music or theater performance? We can help cover the cost of renting equipment, booking venues, and making other performance-related preparations. Want to create a giant sculpture? We can help you pay for materials. We only work with projects that are open to everyone in the community and are not conducted for monetary gain. Furthermore, we can set you up with someone who knows what they're doing. Be it stage design, lighting, sound, publicity, or something else, we can help you get help.</p> <p>To register as an instructor, sign up for lessons, or find out more about us, please visit our website.</p> </body> </html>

    Category: Special Interest

  81. Hmong Culture Outreach (HCO)

    The purpose of this organization is to promote awareness and enrich the community about the Hmong culture.

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Mondays at 6:00pm in the MACO Office
  82. Hmong Women Dialogue

    Hmong Women Dialogue is a support group for Hmong women on campus. This support group provides a space in which Hmong women can come together to engage in dialogue about issues relevant to Hmong women and the Hmong community. With an emphasis on Trust, Respect, and Friendship, Hmong Women Dialogue encourages Hmong women to feel comfortable to exchange their stories and ideas.

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets 6:00-7:00 pm in BOE 110
  83. Presente

    Presente is the multicultural organization that strives to promote the understanding and education of the Latino culture at St. Olaf and Northfield Community through social interaction and discussion of related subjects such as history, politics, art, music, etc. We welcome everyone from the St. Olaf and Northfield community to come to our meetings and events to learn more about and celebrate Latin American and Spanish culture. We celebrate Latino Heritage Month in September and Viva La Raza in April and host a wide variety of events during these celebrations and throughout the year. These events include professional Latin dancers, musicians, and artists; authentic Latin cuisine; discussion of current events or issues pertaining to Latinos and Hispanics around the world and in the US; collaborating with La Casa Hispánica and other students organizations; connecting with Northfield and Carleton to celebrate local Latino culture; and much more. Presente meets on Wednesdays at 7 pm in the SORC. All students with an interest in Latin American and Spanish culture are welcome!

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Wednesday 7pm SORC (across from MACO)
  84. Hip Hop Skool

    St. Olaf's Hip Hop Club teaches student-created Hip Hop Dance choreography to anyone of any ability level. Most of the choreography is done by the older members of the group, but anyone is welcome and encouraged to teach what they have come up with in our group. We'd like to emphasize that NO ONE should feel intimidated by Hip Hop dance, and that we're just here to have fun! We do have a performance team (The Pryde), that also meets on Saturdays. Anyone who attends Hip Hop Club is welcome to be a part of The Pryde, but it is completely up to the individual. We typically perform about three times a school year, and have hosted a few Hip Hop Expos with other colleges.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Tuesdays, 8 PM in Dittmann Studio 1 or 2
  85. St. Olaf Ski and Snowboard Club

    The St. Olaf Ski and Snowboard Club (a.k.a. stoSNOW) facilitates snowboarding and downhill skiing for all members of the St. Olaf community. Our goal is to bring together Oles of all levels of skill that are interested in going snowboarding/skiing and use the email alias to organize day trips on the weekends to local ski hills, as well as weekend trips and longer trips to other destinations out west. Special events such as movie nights will be held throughout the season.

    Category: Athletic

  86. St. Olaf Model United Nations

    The Saint Olaf Model United Nations Club (SOMUN) seeks to facilitate student participation in various off-campus Model United Nations conferences that simulate diplomatic bodies of the United Nations and other multilateral organizations. Students take on the role of delegate representing a given nation with the ultimate goal of negotiating toward international cooperation. SOMUN will also seek to promote international political awareness and United States/United Nations relations on-campus. This year we are attending the American Model United Nations International Conference in Chicago, IL from November 19th-22nd, 2011. We will be representing Germany. All are always welcome to attend our weekly meetings! Please come if interested, or email either Bryan Wells or Eric Becklin with questions.

    Category: Political

    Meets Tuesdays at 8pm in BC 142
  87. Taiko Drumming Group

    Taiko is a form of drumming that originated in Japan. It developed from the martial arts and is a unique rhythmic experience full of energy and movement. Our club performs in various on- and off-campus functions. Please contact taiko@stolaf.edu with any questions, or visit our website for more information.

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Wednesdays: 8-9:30pm, Fridays from 3-5pm and Sundays 11am-3pm
    Online at stolaf.edu/orgs/taiko/

  88. Psi Chi (Psych honor society)

    Psi Chi is the international psychology honor society. The purpose of this group is to encourage, stimulate and maintain excellence in scholarship of individual members in psychology. Psi Chi also strives to advance the science of psychology.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Monday 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
    Online at www.stolaf.edu/depts/psych/awardsorgs/psichi.html

  89. Story Circle

    Volunteers spend 1 hour per week visiting with a resident at the Northfield Retirement Community (transportation provided)! You can talk, play cards, do puzzles - whatever! You will visit the same resident each week, so you get a chance to form a good relationship with someone who is just really excited to have someone to come to see them. It's a lot of fun, and it's very rewarding!

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  90. St. Olaf Jazz Society

    The Constitution of the St. Olaf Jazz Society (1) FIRST, THAT WE HAVE GRANTED TO GOD, and by this present charter have confirmed for us and our heirs in perpetuity, that the English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired. That we wish this so to be observed, appears from the fact that of our own free will, before the outbreak of the present dispute between us and our barons, we granted and confirmed by charter the freedom of the Church's elections - a right reckoned to be of the greatest necessity and importance to it - and caused this to be confirmed by Pope Innocent III. This freedom we shall observe ourselves, and desire to be observed in good faith by our heirs in perpetuity. TO ALL FREE MEN OF OUR KINGDOM we have also granted, for us and our heirs for ever, all the liberties written out below, to have and to keep for them and their heirs, of us and our heirs: (2) If any member or other person that, for military service, shall die, and at his death his heir shall be of full age and owe a `relief', the heir shall have his inheritance on payment of the ancient scale of `relief'. That is to say, the heir or heirs of an earl shall pay £100 for the entire earl's barony, the heir or heirs of a knight l00s. at most for the entire knight's `fee', and any man that owes less shall pay less, in accordance with the ancient usage of `fees' (3) Heirs may be given in marriage, but not to someone of lower social standing. Before a marriage takes place, it shall be' made known to the heir's next-of-kin. (4) No `scutage' or `aid' may be levied in our kingdom without its general consent, unless it is for the ransom of our person, to make our eldest son a knight, and (once) to marry our eldest daughter. For these purposes ouly a reasonable `aid' may be levied. `Aids' from the city of London are to be treated similarly. (5) In future we will allow no one to levy an `aid' from his free men, except to ransom his person, to make his eldest son a knight, and (once) to marry his eldest daughter. For these purposes only a reasonable `aid' may be levied. (6) No man shall be forced to perform more service for a knight's `fee', or other free holding of land, than is due from it. (17) Ordinary lawsuits shall not follow the royal court around, but shall be held in a fixed place. (8) Earls and barons shall be fined only by their equals, and in proportion to the gravity of their offence. (9) In future no official shall place a man on trial upon his own unsupported statement, without producing credible witnesses to the truth of it. (10) To no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice. (11) All merchants may enter or leave England unharmed and without fear, and may stay or travel within it, by land or water, for purposes of trade, free from all illegal exactions, in accordance with ancient and lawful customs. This, however, does not apply in time of war to merchants from a country that is at war with us. Any such merchants found in our country at the outbreak of war shall be detained without injury to their persons or property, until we or our chief justice have discovered how our own merchants are being treated in the country at war with us. If our own merchants are safe they shall be safe too. (12) We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or other officials, only men that know the law of the realm and are minded to keep it well. (13) All forests that have been created in our reign shall at once be disafforested. River-banks that have been enclosed in our reign shall be treated similarly. (14) All evil customs relating to forests and warrens, foresters, warreners, sheriffs and their servants, or river-banks and their wardens, are at once to be investigated in every county by twelve sworn knights of the county, and within forty days of their enquiry the evil customs are to be abolished completely and irrevocably. But we, or our chief justice if we are not in England, are first to be informed. (15) As soon as peace is restored, we will remove from the kingdom all the foreign knights, bowmen, their attendants, and the mercenaries that have come to it, to its harm, with horses and arms. (16) We have remitted and pardoned fully to all men any ill-will, hurt, or grudges that have arisen between us and our subjects, whether clergy or laymen, since the beginning of the dispute. We have in addition remitted fully, and for our own part have also pardoned, to all clergy and laymen any offences committed as a result of the said dispute between Easter in the sixteenth year of our reign (i.e. 1215) and the restoration of peace. (17) IT IS ACCORDINGLY OUR WISH AND COMMAND that the English Church shall be free, and that men in our kingdom shall have and keep all these liberties, rights, and concessions, well and peaceably in their fulness and entirety for them and their heirs, of us and our heirs, in all things and all places for ever. (18) All jazz shall remain free, especially free jazz. Both we and the barons have sworn that all this shall be observed in good faith and without deceit. Witness the abovementioned people and many others.

    Category: Special Interest

  91. St. Olaf's Cancer Connection

    St. Olaf's Cancer Connection (a.k.a. SCC) is a service organization designed to provide cancer-related opportunities in the areas of volunteering, cancer education, outreach and fund-raising for not only the St. Olaf community, but also residents of Northfield and surrounding areas. SCC plans, organizes, and runs the Northfield area Relay For Life. Annual Events include Relay for Life, Ronald McDonald House Charities Date Auction, Holiday Gift Drive for the Children's Hospital, and the Protect Your Balls Dodgeball Tournament. There is a new Cancer Support group for survivors and close friends and family of survivors. SCC organizes monthly cancer awareness events organized by month as follows: October (Breast Cancer), November (Lung), December (Pediatric), January (Testicular, Prostate, and Ovarian), February (Intestinal), March (Brain), and April (RFL). Cooks for Kids events are held at the Ronald McDonald Houses in Rochester and Minneapolis several times each year. Check out our website for information on meetings and events. AS ALWAYS, NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME AT ANY TIME! If you want to be added to the alias, email Jenny Jones at jones@stolaf.edu

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Mondays at 8pm, Location TBD
    Online at www.stolaf.edu/orgs/cancer

  92. Rice County Humane Society

    Students drive down to the Prairie's Edge Humane Society (formerly known as the Rice County Humane Society) two to three times per week (usually on weekends) to walk dogs and socialize cats for 1-1.5 hours. Coordination between drivers and those needing rides is done via the humane society alias each week.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  93. Tri Beta (Biology Club)

    Bio-Club is an informal organization that is open to any St. Olaf Student interested in Biology. It is a great opportunity to meet other students and interact with Biology faculty members. Tri Beta Biological Society is open to second semester sophomore, junior and senior biology majors. Additional requirements for membership include: 1) Minimum GPA of 3.3 within the biology major 2) Minimum of 3 completed biology courses 3) 2 completed biology club activities 4) 2 service related projects (Projects are not limited to biology, but preferred) St. Olaf's Omega Kappa chapter offers students a variety of social activities that extend beyond biological interests and promote an informal interaction between students and the biology faculty. Tri Beta is a service organization involved in community education in the natural sciences, environmental concerns and providing contacts with people holding careers in biology.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Please check the Biology Club/ Tri-Beta board located in the Science Center
    Online at www.stolaf.edu/orgs/tribeta/

  94. Defenders of WRITEousness

    We, of the Defenders of WRITEousness, are a group of like-minded individuals interested in pursuing our interests in the written word while also fostering new ideas and creating a healthy and enjoyable environment for students to write in. We will strive to encourage student writers in whatever form they choose and help to expand the horizons of all members of the group. This club should be an all inclusive group that offers not only support, but constructive criticism that will allow for the members of the group to improve upon their writing.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Wednesdays - 7-9PM, Rolvaag English Department 525
    Online at http://defendersofwriteousness.tumblr.com/

  95. Martial Arts Club

    The Martial Arts Club is a club dedicated to teaching and practicing any and all martial arts. On weeknights we practice technique and on Saturdays we hold sparring sessions and advanced class in alternating weeks. Emails to the club alias will specify which class takes place each Saturday. Paul Moench (Kung Fu Black Belt-President) teaches Kung Fu, Connor Paull (Taekwon Do 2nd degree black) and Ryan Campbell (Taekwon Do 1st degree black belt-Vice President) teach Taekwon Do, and Jennifer Tich (Karate black belt) and Cat Struss (Karate purple belt) teach Karate. Only two martial arts are taught at a time during a given semester. Currently we teach Taekwon Do and Karate on alternating days, but Fall Semester of 2011 we will teach Kung Fu and Karate. Previous experience is not required, and all styles are welcome! Come for a great time and a great workout! We are first and foremost a teaching club. This means we are in constant need of qualified instructors (primarily black belts). Please come to pass on your expertise to the next generation of martial artists! This also means that we are in constant need of students from ALL LEVELS (including zero). Do not be intimidated because you've forgotten everything from middle school or never learned it. You are welcome! No previous experience, gear, or uniforms are necessary. Participants may opt out of any activity for any reason. Safety is key. We hope to see you there!

    Category: Athletic

    Meets Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30PM-10:30PM Wrestling Room (Skoglund) and Saturdays 1:00-2:00 pm in the Wrestling Room in Skoglund
  96. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

    InterVarsity is a campus fellowship dedicated to Jesus and to learning how we can better follow him in our lives. Through weekly small group Bible studies in the dorms and occasional large-group events, we seek to grow together in what it means to live the love of Christ in the context of college and of the world. All are welcome! "My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" -Colossians 2:2-3

    Category: Religious

    Meets Small group times vary - email ivcore@stolaf.edu
    Online at http://www.wix.com/metro_iv/st_olaf

  97. Manitou Messenger

    The Manitou Messenger is the student newspaper of St. Olaf College for over 100 years. The paper is published weekly, with 10 editions during each semester and no paper during January. Find us online at www.manitoumessenger.com. Meetings held almost every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in the Messenger office (Buntrock 112). E-mail mess-exec@stolaf.edu to get on our notification alias or for any other inquiries.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Sundays @ 7:30 p.m., Buntrock 112
    Online at http://www.manitoumessenger.com

  98. Education Minnesota Student Program (EMSP)

    EMSP is an organization associated with the Education Department on campus as well as the Minnesota Department of Education. The program provides a support for education students. It helps students register for the PRAXIS/MTLE Exam, writes the monthly education newsletter, and provides seminars for students.

    Category: Academic

  99. Muslim Student Association

    Student organization which aims to promote friendship between Muslim students and the St. Olaf/Northfield community, to promote Islamic culture, and to organize Islamic festivals and arrange get-togethers for Muslim Students/Community and St. Olaf students, faculty and staff.

    Category: Religious

    Meets Wednesday's, Buntrock Commons 142 5-6pm
    Online at http://stolaf.edu/orgs/msa/

  100. St. Olaf American Choral Directors Association

    The purpose of the St. Olaf chapter of the American Choral Directors Association is to facilitate the involvement of students in choral activities at St. Olaf, and state/regional/national ACDA events.

    Category: Academic

    Online at http://acda.org

  101. St. Olaf Women's Lacrosse

    St. Olaf Women's Lacrosse is in its tenth year as a club sport. STOLAX is a growing program and anyone who is interested is welcome to play. The purpose of the women's lacrosse team is to have fun while playing a competitive team sport. Playing lacrosse at St. Olaf is an opportunity for women to play on a sports team that not only encourages athleticism, but also camaraderie.

    Category: Club Sports

    Online at http://www.hometeamsonline.com/teams/?u=STOLAF&s=lacrosse&t=c

  102. Scared Scriptless

    The mission of Scared Scriptless is to entertain the St. Olaf community (as well as the greater Northfield community) through improvisational theater. In addition, Scared Scriptless gives St. Olaf students the opportunity to perform improv theater regardless of their amount of previous experience.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Wednesdays and Sundays at 9:30pm in Viking Theatre
    Online at http://www.facebook.com/scared.scriptless

  103. Ballroom Dance Club

    The Ballroom Dance Club is an organization that educates students in social dance technique, etiquette, and promotes ballroom dancing as a fun activity. Dances include waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha cha, rumba, salsa, and more. Besides providing weekly practice/teaching sessions, it holds informal campus dances, trips to dance events in the Twin Cities when available, and hosts special guest instructors throughout the year. People of all experience levels are welcome to join! A partner is not required.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Mondays, 8:00-9:30 pm in Dittmann Studio 1
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/ballroom/home.html

  104. StoGrill

    StoGrill aims to prepare, cook, and eat any and all food fit to be grilled in a casual campus environment. We're happy to join with other orgs to make events even more exciting.

    Category: Special Interest

  105. St. Olaf Swing Club

    The St. Olaf Swing Club is an organization for any and all students to learn and have fun swing dancing! The club offers lessons each week as well as open social dance time. Guest instructors and trips to the cities are also regular special events. Any style of swing dance is welcome--lindy hop, east coast, west coast, balboa, shag, blues, etc! Come by any time, no partner necessary!

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Wednesdays, 9-11:00 pm in Dittmann Studio 1
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/swingclub/

  106. St. Olaf Debate Team

    The St. Olaf Debate team participates in Parliamentary debate, a competition where debaters must argue both sides of a variety of current political issues. In order to stay prepared the debate team meets twice a week to study current affairs, logical argumentation, and speaking styles before excercising our debating skills in practice rounds.. We are an active club involved in intercollegiate and intramural competition. We hope that all members will benefit from increased public speaking skills, intellectual activity, and entering the world of political thought. In our first year, we have had finalists at every tournament and we won the MN State Championship. We also participated in every PAC Dinner Debate and hosted public debates against Carleton.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Monday and Wednesday 7-9PM Tomson 114
    Online at http://stolafdebate.com

  107. College Democrats

    The St. Olaf College Democrats seek to be a resource for all Oles desiring to involve themselves in the political process. We serve as a link between the St. Olaf community and Democratic organizations and campaigns across the city, county, state, and nation. We also provide information and educational resources for those seeking more information about candidates, organizations, and various issues. Activities include voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives, volunteering in campaigns at all levels, community service projects, and educational programs such as teach-ins on Democratic candidates and issues. Check out our website and events on Facebook!

    Category: Political

    Meets Wednesdays at 6 pm
    Online at http://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Olaf-College-Democrats/287224855056

  108. Society of Physics Students

    Taken from the National SPS site: The Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a professional association explicitly designed for students. Membership, through collegiate chapters, is open to anyone interested in physics. The only requirement for membership is that you be interested in physics. Besides physics majors, our members include majors in chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, mathematics, medicine, and other fields.

    Category: Academic

    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/sps

  109. OASIS

    OASIS will work to promote social entrepreneurship and innovation on campus.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Thursday, 4:00pm, Thomson 200
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/services/cel/students/Oasis.html

  110. CrossFit St. Olaf

    CrossFit St. Olaf follows the daily CrossFit work outs in groups and creates exciting fitness competitions to encourage a healthy lifestyle while on the hill.

    Category: Athletic

  111. St. Olaf Pre-Veterinary Club

    The objectives of this organization are to bring together students interested in pre-verterinary studies, promote interest in the science of veterinary medicine, provide resources and information about veterinary school, encourage community awareness about animal health, and participate in community service.

    Category: Academic

    Meets 2nd Monday of every month
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/vet/

  112. Russian Club

    Russian club is a great club to join if Russian culture interests you. Past events include trips to the museum of Russian art in the cities, Ukrainian egg decorating and enjoying Slavic cuisine both on campus and in the cities. There is no large commitment. Joining the club involves signing up to an email alias to which information about Russian club sponsored events will be sent.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Russian club does not have regular meeting times. If necessary, meetings will be organized.
  113. St. Olaf EMT's (SOEMT)

    The St. Olaf EMT organization is a student run emergency response team dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care to the St. Olaf community. By volunteering alongside Public Safety, residence life, the Northfield Hospital, students can maintain critical skills while providing a service to the college. The group also provides educational (CPR and EMT courses) and service opportunities for all students.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Wednesdays at 7pm
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/soemt

  114. Alpha Psi Omega (Zeta Mu)

    APO is a student-run theatre honor society offering its services to the St. Olaf, Northfield, and surrounding communities as a means of expressing thoughts about relevant issues and topics. Recent APO activities include the Haugen Prom, visits to sing at nursing homes, educational skits, productions dealing with emotional and physical issues, and creating and sharing theater with children and young adults. APO works in conjunction with Deep End to produce student shows within the St. Olaf and Northfield communities.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Mondays at 5:00 pm in Haugen Theatre
    Online at http://deependapo.tumblr.com/

  115. St. Olaf Quidditch Association

    The St. Olaf Quidditch Association brings the wonders of Quidditch to the St. Olaf campus on a weekly basis. With pick up games every week and the coveted House Cup, Quidditch provides the opportunity that everyone has always wanted.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Sundays 1 PM, Melby Lawn
    Online at http://www.facebook.com/groups/285935417011/

  116. Badminton Club

    The St. Olaf Badminton Club is a recreational club for anyone interested in the sport. We will meet frequently throughout the school year with a variety of activities. The activities include: men's and women's doubles and singles tournaments, mixed doubles and singles tournaments, free play, competitive play against other organizations, and various warm-up exercises.

    Category: Athletic

    Meets Skoglund North Gym - Dates and Times TBA
  117. Urban Poetry Society

    The Urban Poetry Society is a spoken word poetry club. We facilitate shows where people perform emotionally captivating and lyrically intelligent poems before their peers. We are open to all and meet on saturdays to rehearse and exchange our work.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Saturday at 2:00 pm
  118. Korean Culture Association (KCA)

    The Korean Culture Association (KCA) serves as a resource for St. Olaf students and faculty that are interested in obtaining a fuller understanding of Korean culture. KCA welcomes anyone who would love to learn about and widen their knowledge of Korean Culture.

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Sundays at 7:00pm in Buntrock Room 142
  119. Gay, Lesbian or Whatever! (GLOW)

    GLOW! (Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever!) is a group comprised of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning (GLBTQ), and heterosexual persons. GLOW! helps to educate, provide resources for and foster acceptance and support for self-identified GLBT persons with and through the alliance of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We hope to create a safe environment for all through open discussion, educational activities, and social events. Membership in the organization and/or participation in events are in no way an indicator of sexual orientation or behavior. Email the coordinators (glow@stolaf.edu) for more info or to be added to our email list.

    Category: Awareness

    Meets Wednesday at 8, announced dates by email
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/glow

  120. St. Olaf Camping and Outdoors Club (SOCO)

    The purpose of SOCO is to provide a community for outdoor enthusiasts to organize outings and provide outdoor skills instruction. As a college organization it is important to provide organized outdoor trips to promote respect for nature and build both teamwork and leadership skills. It is necessary to offer skills instruction for students interested in camping who may not have much or any experience. Members of SOCO will participate in organizing trips for club members and experienced members will also participate in teaching outdoor skills. Organization e-mail is StOlafCamping@gmail.com

    Category: Special Interest

    Online at http://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Olaf-Camping-and-Outdoors-Club/121273837973166

  121. Interfaith Conversation (ICON)

    What does "interfaith" mean? We define interfaith as bringing together people of different beliefs in order to build deeper understanding and respect for each other and our worldviews. So a bunch of words that don't mean much? We hope not. Interfaith is about getting to know your neighbor, seeking to learn what the person next to you believes and why, asking how one's beliefs influence one's life. It's not necessarily about coming to a conclusion as to whether all religions are the same or all belief systems are fundamentally opposed to each other, but rather developing an appreciation for different beliefs and the commonalities we share. In talking to people committed to and open to sharing their faith/non-faith, we believe people will not only gain new understanding, but will be able to grow in their own beliefs. The better we understand one another and ourselves, the more likely our beliefs will act as bridges rather than barriers.

    Category: Religious

  122. Cantonese Association

    A student organization for Cantonese students and those who are interested in Cantonese culture.

    Category: Multicultural

  123. Her Campus

    A branch of HerCampus.com, we are a weekly online magazine for the women of St. Olaf written by Ole women! We cover all topics from cuties on campus to dorm room snacks to the latest and greatest fashionistas around campus. We are always looking for photographers, bloggers, writers, and readers! We would love your support! Check us out at: http://hercampus.com/stolaf!/ Find & 'like' us on Facebook and Twitter: Her Campus St. Olaf! If you're interested contact: lucycasale@hercampus.com and briannawilson@hercampus.com

    Category: Special Interest

    Online at http://hercampus.com/stolaf

  124. St. Olaf Boxing Club

    The St. Olaf Boxing Club is a group intended to train students to box. Students who would like to learn boxing for fun are welcome and do not have to compete if they aren't ready. Boxing club invites students from all backgrounds and genders to participate in a fun, physical education program.

    Category: Athletic

    Meets Tuesdays 8-9pm (Wrestling Room); Thursdays 8-9pm (Lower indoor track) + additional times in afternoons and on weekends. Email
  125. St. Olaf Diplomacy

    St. Olaf Diplomacy is a group to studying and playing the classic board game Diplomacy. The game is one of deal brokering and betrayal set in early 20th century Europe. It is best played by strategic and manipulative minds. Please email us at diplomacy@stolaf.edu in order to take part in the fun.

    Category: Special Interest

  126. Reaching Our Goals

    The Reaching Our Goals (ROG) program is a mentoring and empowerment program for Northfield Latino youth grades 6th- 12th. We pair youth participants with St. Olaf student mentors for weekly meetings. We also facilitate at least one educational, recreational or cultural event each month for the youth and their mentors.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets 6:30pm to 8:00pm every Tuesday
  127. Serving Our Society (SOS)

    SOS is an organization that attempts to raise awareness about social work populations and issues with the greater St. Olaf community. We provide volunteer opportunities for students to work directly with people at risk and to learn about the values and practices of social workers.

    Category: Service

  128. Deep End

    Deep End is dedicated to providing acting, directing, writing, and technical opportunities for students who are not involved in theatre department productions. Past productions include: "Iphigenia in Aulis" by Euripides, "The Marriage of Bette and Boo" by Christopher Durang, "SubUrbia" by Eric Bogosian, "Creditors" by August Strindberg, "In Black," "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde, "Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead" by Bert V. Royal, "Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind" by the NeoFuturists, "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)," as well as many student-written shows and musical revues. All productions are completely student run and all St. Olaf students are welcome to attend meetings and audition/apply for any position.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Mondays 5:00pm in the greenroom of the theatre building
    Online at http://deependapo.tumblr.com/

  129. Russian Film Club

    Russian Film Club promotes the exploration of Russian and Eastern European culture through film. Films are shown along with contextual information and discussion following. We welcome anyone interested in Russian, Eastern European, and Central Asian studies or great films, no knowledge of Russian language necessary!

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Wednesdays at 6:30
  130. St. Olaf Rowing Club

    The St. Olaf Rowing Club is for everyone from beginners to seasoned rowers. Our team trains both on the water in the boats, and in the gym on indoor rowing machines. Our outing site is on Union Lake, which is around 12 miles from campus. Rowing is a great sport, so get involved! For pictures, go to www.photobucket.com. Type in username: stolafrowing and password: umyaya

    Category: Club Sports

    Meets Contact Brianna Leitzelar, Head Coach, for practice times.
  131. St. Paul's Outreach

    Saint Paul's Outreach is a a fundamentally Catholic organization that encourages all Christians to gather together to pray, share in fellowship, and grow in faith. Email Eric Klein (kleine@stolaf.edu) to be added to the SPO email alias to receive weekly information about activities.

    Category: Religious

    Meets Tuesday night fellowship events, weekly on-campus Mass (Sundays 8pm in the Sun Ballroom). Also offers small groups, women's and men's nights, praise and worship, and other activities.
    Online at http://www.spoweb.org

  132. Student Congregation

    Student Congregation is responsible for coordinating volunteers and dedicating offerings for the worship services conducted in Boe Chapel. Student Congregation also organizes a variety of other activities, including Reformation Day celebrations, the printing of the Lenten Devotions booklet, Wednesday night Vespers services, extra-campus activities like CROPWalk in the fall, supporting Ole Spring Relief with worship services and monetary pledges, and planning workshops and fellowship retreats.

    Category: Religious

    Meets When necessary, Sundays at noon (contact for next meeting date)
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/stucong/

  133. A.C.R.o.N.Y.M.

    Official group members meet on Wednesdays in order to watch sweet, biology-related movies. Members provide commentary during and after the movies in order to bring a wide range of knowledge into these thrilling meetings. Only official members are allowed to attend.

    Category: Academic

    Meets tba
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/acronym

  134. Northfield Hospital

    Opportunities for volunteers at the Northfield Hospital include the following: support for patients in the 40-bed skilled nursing facility, clerical support for staff and short term projects e.g. entertainment for patients. Students can choose to volunteer in the following departments:Long Term Care Center, Emergency Room, or Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center. A series of two TB tests and orientation are required for registration into the program. Volunteers must be willing to dedicate 2 hrs/week at the hospital.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  135. St. Olaf Equestrian Club

    The St. Olaf Equestrian Club is for any student interested in horses and riding. No experience or familiarity with any particular style of riding is necessary. Activities include informative talks, horse-related outings, attendance and participation in horse shows, and screenings of horse movies. Members can participate in weekly lessons at Ridge Road Stables (www.ridgeroadstables.com). The lessons are for riders of all levels, focus on English riding, and range from beginning training to high-level show jumping and eventing.

    Category: Athletic

    Online at http://stolafequestrian.web.officelive.com

  136. Baha'i Club

    The purpose of the Baha'i Club is "to acquaint those interested with the tenets of the Bahá'í Faith, by sponsoring such things as lectures, discussions, information gatherings, social activities and public meetings." (from the Bahá'í Club constitution)

    Category: Religious

    Online at http://www.bahai.us

  137. Delta Delta Sigma: Pre-Dental Club

    The goal of Pre-Dental Club is to offer students a chance to expand interest in the field of dentistry through opportunities to shadow dentists, visit dental schools, observe presentations from professionals in the field, as well as promote knowledge and experience that will help entrance into dental school. The club will also offer a chance to volunteer and take part in club-sponsored community events.

    Category: Academic

  138. St. Olaf Dance Club

    The St. Olaf Dance Club works in tandem to the dance department's dance company. The Dance Club strives to connect the members of the company and further enhance the dance community here at St. Olaf. It hosts social events for members to attend, funds dance events, and fundraisers to buy tickets to dance performances in the cities.

    Category: Athletic

  139. English as a Second Language (ESL)

    Volunteers have the opportunity to assist immigrants in learning English as a second language through a variety of activities. Opportunities focus on group or one-on-one tutoring. The age of the students varies from the early twenties to middle-aged adults. No foreign language skills or previous experience is required.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets two hours on Thursday evenings
  140. Nightingale Project

    The Nightingale Project pairs St. Olaf women and Northfield middle school girls with the goal of building ongoing relationships and mentoring. If you survived middle school, you're qualified! Join us for monthly group events and weekly one-on-one time with your mentee on the St. Olaf campus. Make new friends! Build self-esteem! Have fun!

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets One hr/week
  141. Spread the Hope

    Spread the Hope allows students to become directly involved with exciting volunteer opportunities related to fighting cancer and touching the lives of those affected by cancer. Activities include fund raising for local causes, making holiday cards for Ronald McDonald House, campus hallway decorating for cancer awareness, and food and DVD drives. Volunteers can choose when and how they would like to help with the program.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  142. Head Start

    Head Start is a preschool program for children of low-income families in Northfield. We volunteer at two classrooms with children ages three to five. The classes run Monday-Thursday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Much of the programâs funding is based on the number of volunteer hours, so they heavily depend on volunteer efforts.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Varies; preferably one-two hours per week
  143. Students for Reproductive Health (SRHC)

    Students for Reproductive Health and Choice works on several levels to protect and enhance reproductive rights and health for women. In addition to working to elect pro-choice candidates, we connect students and their legislators at both local and national levels to ensure access to reproductive health care and comprehensive sex education via signing petitions and participating in Minnesota's Pro-Choice Lobby Day. We also serve as abortion clinic escorts; we walk women from their cars to clinic doors, serving as a buffer between women seeking abortions and anti-choice protestors. With the help of St. Olaf's Wellness Center and the Gender and Sexuality Center, we host the Reproductive Health Fair, which provides students with information on many topics related to reproductive health, sex practices, and the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. We also host the Vagina Carnival during national V-Week (a movement to end violence against women), where games, piñatas, arts and crafts, and of course cake are always involved!

    Category: Awareness

    Meets TBA
  144. Blue Key

    The St. Olaf Chapter of the Blue Key Honor Society was founded in 1932 to recognize excellence in academics, leadership, and service. Members of this organization are committed to Blue Key's motto: "Serving, I Live."

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/bluekey

  145. Fellowship of Christian Oles (FCO)

    Fellowship of Christian Oles (FCO) is a group of people who gather once a week to discuss ideas, worship together, and share in the joy of Christ-centered relationships. We are a community striving to live as Christ calls us to live, with a heart for outreach in our own St. Olaf community and beyond. Through small groups, weekly meetings, and service trips we build relationships, welcoming people in all walks of Christian faith.

    Category: Religious

    Meets 9pm Tuesday Nights in the Sun Ballroom
  146. St. Olaf Croquet Club (STOCRO)

    The mission of STOCRO is to unite all croquet loving Oles, whether they have been playing croquet for all of their lives, or are playing for the first time in their life. This organization shall also serve as a source of education for Victorian era sports.

    Category: Special Interest

  147. Valhalla Band

    Valhalla, student conducted and operated, is a band founded on the principles of making music, meeting other students, and having fun. Each year, Valhalla will open its doors to any student who wants to be part of a band--regardless of membership in other musical groups on campus or musical abilities. The band performs in two concerts per year. It also commissions a student composer once a year.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets 10am-noon each Saturday in the Band Room (CHM 138)
  148. Student Government Association (SGA)

    Elected and appointed executive representatives of the student body.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Tuesdays, 6:30pm, Buntrock Commons, David E. Johnson Board Room
    Online at http://www.oleville.com

  149. College Republicans

    Maintaining one of the largest memberships in the state, the St. Olaf College Republicans help in local, state, and national campaigns and address conservative issues on campus. The College Republicans aim to inform St. Olaf students about all sides of major political issues and to advocate Republican perspectives. Membership is open to all and provides a great opportunity to get involved in politics and make a difference.

    Category: Political

    Meets Thursday 8pm, Buntrock Room 143
    Online at http://stolaf.edu/orgs/cr/

  150. Amnesty International

    Amnesty International is a worldwide organization working to advocate human rights for all people. Our supporters are outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world - so we work to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity. We have more than 2.2 million members and subscribers in more than 150 countries and regions and we coordinate this support to act for justice on a wide range of issues. Weekly Urgent Action meetings are on Thursdays from 6:30-7pm in Buntrock 143. All are welcome!

    Category: Awareness

    Meets Thursdays, 6:30PM, Buntrock 143
    Online at http://sites.google.com/a/stolaf.edu/amnesty-international/home

  151. Catholic Student Association (CSA)

    The Catholic Student Association of St. Olaf serves two functions: first, to support and minister to Catholic students (and others who are interested) at St. Olaf College, and second, to represent the Catholic Church to the College community. CSA is responsible for organizing rides to St. Dominic Catholic Church from the front of Buntrock Commons Saturdays at 4:30 pm, Sundays at 7:30, and 10:00 am. For more information on St. Dominic, see their website: www.churchofstdominic.org. CSA also offers weekly Eucharistic adoration, a weekly Rosary group, a Lent group, and periodic Masses on campus. We also sponor occasional speakers, field trips, and campus events. Please contact one of the officers with any questions or for more information.

    Category: Religious

    Meets Masses at St. Dominic Church (just down St. Olaf Avenue) are 5 PM Saturday, 8 and 10:30 AM Sunday.
  152. St. Olaf Mock Trial

    Mock Trial is a competition in which two teams from opposing schools, representing the prosecution or the defense, try a criminal or civil case against one another. Judges score the students based on their content and performance as an attorney or witness. Mock Trial travels to invitationals around the region and hosts a two-day invitational on campus called The Ole Open.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Evening Practices and Weekend Competitions
  153. GEAR Network

    The Gender, Equality And Responsibility (GEAR) Network is an organization that meets weekly to discuss issues of gender roles in today's society. We also hold Tuesday Night Men's Group support sessions.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Mondays at 9pm
  154. Free Association

    Poetry Club

    Category: Special Interest

  155. Student Nurses Association

    St. Olaf organization for Nursing students. See Mary Beth Kuehn, Emily Leutgeb and Brittany Dahlen for more details.

    Category: Academic

    Online at http://www.minnesotasna.org

  156. Celebrate South Asia!

    Celebrate South Asia! celebrates Afghanistan's, Bangladesh's, Bhutan's, India's, Maldives's, Nepal's, Pakistan's and Sri Lanka's diverse cultures, languages, religions and people while not losing sight of the beauty that the subcontinent holds.

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Mondays @ 9 PM in MACO
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/community/maco/organizations/CSA!.dwt

  157. St. Olaf College Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery

    The ACM is an international organization supporting the field of Computer Science. The recently accredited student chapter at St. Olaf aims to foster the computing community on campus through social events, workshops, talks, contests, demonstrations, tutoring, and community service. This year's activities will likely include guest lectures, movie nights, student research presentations, visits to other colleges, dinner for women in computer science, regional programming contests, visits to local middle/high schools, and more. The activities and overall direction of the ACM are largely determined by the student members. <p>If you are interested in joining, have ideas for the group, or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mary, Jon, or Jay. For details of the international organization in general, visit the <a href="http://www.acm.org/">ACM website</a>.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Wednesdays @ 4:00 pm in RNS 203 (link)
    Online at http://cs.stolaf.edu/sacm

  158. Society for Ancient History

    The purpose of the Society for Ancient History is for discussion, exploration, and celebration of ancient history in any and all forms. As ancient historians we come together to expand our knowledge and understanding of the ancient and medieval world. We do many fun events, including annual Olympics, lecture series, game nights, and picnics.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Flexible
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/sah/

  159. Christian Activities Network (CAN)

    The Christian Activities Network (CAN) is an umbrella organization that represents Christian groups on campus. Our goal is to unify Christians through periodic campus-wide activities and continuing dialogue, as well as to act as a supportive faith community for leaders of organizations.

    Category: Religious

    Meets Once a month
  160. Ballroom Performance Group

    The purpose of the St. Olaf Ballroom Performance Group (BPG) is to present the art of dance in the style of partnered ballroom dances. BPG performs at the President's Ball, dance concerts, and community events. BPG provides students with a desire to develop their ballroom dance skills and perform for the community. Auditions are held throughout the year, usually in the fall and spring. If you would like more information about BPG please visit our website or contact one of the officers.

    Category: Special Interest

    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/bpg/

  161. Feminists for Change

    FFC is a feminist community committed to empowering its members and the campus to work to end the oppression of women through education, support, and action. Feminists for Change is an organization for all people who want to explore and act on the many personal, political, and creative aspects of feminism. Past activities include Love Your Body Week (October), V-Day/The Vagina Monologues (February), Women's History Month (March), Take Back the Night (April), weekly meetings, and guest speakers.

    Category: Awareness

    Meets TBA
  162. SIFE

    Bring together leaders from the St. Olaf community to create a better and more sustainable world through business and innovation.

    Category: Awareness

  163. Creative Engineering

    Creative Engineering aims to provide an opportunity for students to engage in the design process, and occasionally see their projects through construction and implementation. We will do this by holding weekly meetings where a new topic is decided upon, and all stages of the process will be discussed: from initial design to final implementation including construction costs, function, feasibility, and appearance. Students will be instructed by experienced peers in the use of various engineering software, including Google Sketch-Up and VPython. We will seek to inspire future generations of potential engineers by the demonstration of our devices in local middle and high schools.

    Category: Academic

  164. MENC (Music Educators National Conference)

    The purpose of this organization shall be to develop a practical, realistic concept of the music education profession and to network with practicing music educators through studentsâ participation in programs, demonstrations, discussions, performing groups, and conferences on campus and at state, division, national meetings.

    Category: Academic

    Meets TBA
  165. The Quarry

    Literary magazine.

    Category: Special Interest

    Online at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Northfield-MN/The-Quarry/180104308692215

  166. Thursday Night Bible Study

    Thursday Night is a large group Bible study led by David Olson, a local pastor, and focuses on what it means to have a personal relationship with God. Thursday Night also includes student-led worship and student sharing. It organizes a few retreats and other special activities during the year. Normally, TNBS meets in the Ytterboe main lounge. All are welcome!

    Category: Religious

    Meets 8:30-9:00 Worship, 9:00-10:00 Bible Study
  167. Oles for Justice in Palestine

    The purpose of this organization is to bring students together who have an interest in Palestinian politics and society. Our goal is to discuss Palestinian issues amongst the members, and disseminate accurate information about Palestine to other members of the St. Olaf community. Oles for Justice in Palestine (OJP) is a diverse group of students, faculty, staff, and community members centered at St. Olaf College, and organized in accordance with democratic principles to promote justice, human rights, and self-determination for the Palestinian people.

    Category: Awareness

    Meets Tuesdays at 7-8pm in BC 142
  168. Harambee

    Harambee is the umbrella group for the multicultural organizations. It unites students from varied backgrounds and cultures to identify political, cultural and social issues in the St. Olaf community. In addition, Harambee hosts two annual events; the MultiCultural Leadership Conference (Fall) and the Harambee Conference (Spring).

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Monday @ 8pm in MACO (BC111)
  169. St. Olaf Pep Band

    St. Olaf Pep Band will provide musical entertainment and lead fan enthusiasm at St. Olaf football and basketball games. It is an organization of students dedicated to enhancing team support and the spirit of the crowds at games.

    Category: Special Interest

  170. Monday Night Prayer

    Monday Night Prayer is a student group which aims to cultivate experiencing the presence of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit through Biblical teaching, worshiping, and application of spiritual gifts in a structured setting including mentoring from experienced teachers and pastors. Our teachings focus on the gifts that Christ left us when he ascended on high. Two focus scripture sets are in 1 Cor. 12 and Ephesians 4. Pretty awesome stuff, we believe by studying the gifts and callings we can help students discover what gifts and callings they have upon their lives, because hey, "the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable"!

    Category: Religious

    Meets For information about activities and resources, contact one of us! (see contact info below)
  171. Quiz Bowl

    Quiz bowl is the varsity sport of the mind. Quiz bowl games are set up in a format that is similar to Jeopardy. Practices are held bi-weekly throughout the year, and the team attends tournaments with other colleges, as well as hosts its own. Anyone with an interest in trivia, a love of games, or just looking for something to do should consider stopping by for a practice or joining!

    Category: Academic

    Meets Monday 8pm and Thursday 8pm, Buntrock 222
  172. Math Association of America

    We are a group of students, not all math majors, who are enthusiastic about math. We organize and sponsor monthly events including bowling with math professors, Pi Day, and the annual Math Picnic. Our activities are open to anyone who's in a math class, has been in a math class, or knows anyone who is or has been in a math class, but this organization is concerned with the planning of these events. If you would like to help plan an event, feel free to contact anyone listed below. Also, regularly check this website for upcoming events.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Irregular, will be announced via email
  173. Men's Rugby Club

    Men's Rugby is dedicated to teaching the game of rugby with an emphasis on safety and camaraderie between players. Practices are generally MWF 4-6, except that doesn't always work because intramurals has first choice when it comes to fields and times. There are fall and spring seasons. Contact the captains via email (rugbycaptains@stolaf.edu) with questions.

    Category: Club Sports

  174. Eta Sigma Phi

    Eta Sigma Phi is a Classics Honor Society that bring numerous classics related events to campus.

    Category: Academic

    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/depts/classics/classics_honor_society/

  175. SELAH

    Selah is a full-band praise and worship time at the Pause. All are welcome to join us every Sunday night at 9pm!

    Category: Religious

    Meets 9 PM Sundays
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/selah/index.html

  176. People Serving People

    People Serving People is the largest homeless shelter in Minneapolis, providing both emergency and empowering services to families who need assistance. We go to the shelter several weekends per semester to serve hot meals prepared by cooks in a cafeteria-style serving line. We get to meet people from all walks of life from the kitchen staff to the residents. Transportation provided.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets 10:30am to 2:30pm (several weekeds a semester)
  177. Ye Ole Reading Club

    The Purpose of this organization shall be to promote and engage in casual, non-academic reading on campus. Ye Ole Reading Club shall read a wide variety of texts from different written mediums, such as novels, poetry, comics and more. Additionally, Ye Ole Reading Club shall read texts thematically, and allow its members to decide democratically what the organization shall read. The readings shall be both thematic (e.g., Langston Hughes poetry during Black History month; Love in the Time of Cholera during Hispanic Heritage month) and non-thematic. Ye Ole Reading Club shall encourage and facilitate intellectual conversation in response to the texts being read.

    Category: Special Interest

  178. Sexual Assult Resource Network (SARN)

    Mission: The Sexual Assault Resource Network, SARN, takes a stand against sexual assault and intimate violence on the St. Olaf campus through supporting survivors and raising awareness in the college community.*** SARN advocates are a group of caring and committed state certified sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse student advocates. SARN is a CONFIDENTIAL source on campus. Our principle concern is making sure that survivors of sexual, domestic and emotional abuse find their needs and concerns met with compassion and competence at St. Olaf College. Our services include: victims' rights and legal advocacy, crisis intervention, referrals, assistance with administrative hearing processes, education and information on sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and healthy relationships or just someone to talk to. Advocates are on call nightly from 8 pm to 8 am during the academic year at x3777. We are also available during Chapel time in our office in room 113 Buntrock during the weekdays, and for other appointments times email sarn@stolaf.edu. We also offer a support circle for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. To learn more about participating in our support circle e-mail < stolafsupport@stolaf.edu >. For statistical infomation on sexual assault go to www.rainn.org. For free STD testing check out the Red door clinic at http://www.co.hennepin.mn.us/vgn/portal/internet/hcdetailmaster/0,2300,1273_82128_100248120,00.html

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Wednesdays at 8:00
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/sarn

  179. International Students Organization (ISO)

    The International Student Organization serves to facilitate the global awareness of students on campus by planning international events such as dinners, musicals, dances, UN day, the International Education Week and the annual International Night. The ISO also functions to help integrate international students into an American college campus. All are welcome to help coordinate or participate in these events; membership is open to all St. Olaf students. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Upcoming Event:

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Wednesday, 6-7 PM in Valhalla
  180. Psychology Club

    Psychology Club is a group dedicated to educating non-majors on topics of interest within the discipline and also to creating an atmosphere where majors can come together to get to know their peers and professors and can receive valuable information on internships, graduate schools, resume building, etc. We sponsor many social gatherings, but we also aim to bring in speakers on mental health education and career development.

    Category: Academic

    Meets every other Tuesday night at 8 pm
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/depts/psych/

  181. Theoretical Thinkers

    We discuss historical theories and also keep up to date on modern discoveries. The topics of discussion may wander throughout the vast spectrum of physics and do often meander into other scientific and philosophical curiosities. We also encourage and welcome original and/or sci-fi ideas. The atmosphere is quite relaxed, basically like a casual discussion. Anyone interested in physics and good conversations is welcome.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Wednesday's at Buntrock Room 142 6-7 pm
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/people/nealr/TheoreticalThinkers.html

  182. Project Friendship

    In Project Friendship, students are paired with children from the Northfield community and they spend an hour per week together "hanging out" on campus- playing games, throwing a baseball, making cookies, etc. Students serve as role models to the children. They will also attend seasonal events for all of the Project Friendship programs at St. Olaf such as a Halloween party, a Christmas party, etc.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets 1-2 hrs. /week
  183. St. Olaf Chemistry Society (SOCS)

    The St. Olaf Chemistry Society will offer an opportunity for students of a chemical science to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist. This group will also encourage participation in making chemical education available to the community, especially to young students. We will also promote St. Olaf Collegeâs dedication to green chemistry principles.

    Category: Academic

  184. Corporate Accountability

    The purpose of Corporate Accountability is to follow the various corporations with whom St. Olaf contracts. As a college dedicated to global citizenship and social responsibility, our organization functions to hold corporations accountable for their actions abroad and domestically. Our first campaign, the Killer Coke Campaign is, in short, to remove Coca Cola from the St. Olaf Campus. The members of this organization find the environmental and human rights violations Coca Cola has committed contemptible. In response to these and other factors, the members of Killer Coke Campaign will work to raise awareness on campus about Coca Cola's practice with the goal of garnering enough student support to warrant an end to St. Olaf College's contract with the Coca Cola Corporation.

    Category: Awareness

  185. Chess Club

    St. Olaf Chess Club's weekly meetings are still going on as planned, Sundays from 12:00 - 2:00pm. If you wish to contact the St. Olaf Chess Club please email Maximilian Mayrhofer at mayrhofe@stolaf.edu

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Buntrock 146, 12:00 - 2:00pm every other Sunday
    Online at http://main.uschess.org

  186. St. Olaf Unitarian Universalists

    The St. Olaf Unitarian Universalists will seek to create an environment where students may gather for worship, service, fellowship, pastoral care, community and interfaith dialog with like minded individuals. We are a religious organization which seeks to promote the Unitarian Universalist Association principles. While being a unique religious group without any creeds for our members, we seek to establish bonds between other organizations on campus with similar goals, be they religious, service-oriented, political, cultural, or social. We hope to work with the larger Unitarian Universalist community on the issues, both spiritual and social, that bring us together. Though not directly affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association we will work with them in our common spiritual and social endeavors.

    Category: Religious

  187. Hoops for Hope

    Service organization that raises money for AIDS awareness and aid to victims in Africa by hosting an annual basketball shooting event.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Online at http://www.hoopsofhope.org

  188. The Runestones

    The Runestones is a come-when-you-can, just for fun student group of accordion players. We play mostly Nordic tunes, but you never know what well do next. Think fusion. If youve never heard Cajun Norwegian or Country Western Danish, you are missing something. Most of us are beginners and all of us are learners. Beginners are heartily welcome! Faculty and staff members are welcome to join us. We have a limited number of accordions to lend first-comers.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Thursdays 7-8pm
  189. The Reed

    The Reed is a student-run interdisciplinary journal that publishes poetry, art, creative writing, literary criticism, and philosophical essays that relate to Existentialism, are of high quality, and are produced by undergraduate students.

    Category: Special Interest

    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/reed/

  190. Green Bikes & Bike Box

    <h1>(GB)</h1> <p>Greenbikes is a student-run bike share program for the St. Olaf community. Our goal is to develop and maintain a fleet of bicycles for people to use for going into Northfield, riding around campus or just for fun. Check out your Green Bike from the front desk the library.</p> <h2>[BIKEBOX]</h2> <p>The St. Olaf Bike Box is new this year. It's a community bike shop located in Ytterboe 46. The Bike Box is open for students to work on their own bikes for a $1 donation to Green Bikes. Green Bikes mechanics are exempt, so come help, learn some skills and find out how much more fun your bike is when you tune it yourself!</p>

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Evenings, 7-9 PM in Ytterboe 46
  191. St. Olaf Pre- Law Society

    The goals of the St. Olaf Pre-Law Society are to educate and inform students about the legal profession as well as offer preparation for the law school admission process. The purpose of the Pre-Law Society is to aid students in their decision to pursue law as an area of study, provide LSAT preparation and bring guest speakers to St. Olaf College to inform students of current legal issues.

    Category: Academic

  192. Naknefeler Orchestra

    The purpose of this organization is to provide a fun, low-key opportunity for string players to make music together. It is perfect for those who wish to keep playing a string instrument in college but don't want to commit to one of the major orchestras. It is also great for anyone wishing to learn a secondary instrument and/or gain conducting experience. Lastly, it traditionally performs works by student composers.

    Category: Special Interest

  193. St. Olaf Conservatives

    St. Olaf Conservatives is a nonpartisan student organization formed to recruit, train, educate, and mobilize fellow students around conservative principles. We advocate for limited government, the free market, and a strong national defense. St. Olaf Conservatives engage in activism on campus and in the surrounding community through rallies, discussions, speeches, movie screenings, tabling, and petitioning. Our goal is to provide a serious and informed conservative voice and identify, expose, and combat leftist bias here at St. Olaf.

    Category: Political

  194. Norskklubben

    Norskklubben is an organization for students interested in Norwegian and/or Nordic Studies. In cooperation with the Norwegian Department, Norskklubben organizes campus activities to promote interest in Norway and other Nordic countries, and to encourage social interaction among students, faculty and members of the community.

    Category: Academic

  195. Oles to Action

    Oles to Action is a student-led organization that seeks to inform the St. Olaf student body of current social justice issues in global and local communities, facilitating a bridge of support between Oles and organizations which are working with these issues. Twice per semester, Oles to Action will select one issue and a coinciding organization in need of the support that St. Olaf can provide, alternating between local and international issues. Oles to Action will work, firstly, to inform the student body of the issue, and secondly, and of what the organization is doing to combat this situation. Finally, Oles to Action will coordinate a benefit event which best supports the efforts of the organization, usually a fundraiser of some sort.

    Category: Awareness

  196. Film Club

    The St. Olaf Film Club is all a twitter about presenting the St. Olaf Campus with fine foreign, classic and independent films. In addition to film screenings scheduled throughout the year, The Film Club organizes off-campus excursions that would allow its members to experience cinema related events. Join us!!!

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Fridays, 7pm, Viking Theatre
  197. Cooking Club

    A club that is all about cooking whether you love to cook or want to learn!

    Category: Temporary Project Organizations

  198. Team Tibet

    A group that strives to spread awareness on Tibetan issues through the St. Olaf and Northfield community whether it is political, social, or cultural.

    Category: Multicultural

  199. Karibu Association

    Karibu is an organization created to strengthen the African and African descent community (and those interested in the culture) as well as to increase the awareness, understanding, and celebration of the various countries of Africa and their unique cultures among all students of St. Olaf.

    Category: Multicultural

    Meets Wednesdays, 8-9pm in MACO
  200. Pay It Forward

    The purpose of the St. Olaf Pay it Forward Organization is to promote benevolence among the student body and across campus by coordinating random acts of kindness. The Pay it Forward worldwide social movement originated in Catherine Ryan Hyde's 2000 book Pay it Forward and continues through the Pay it Forward Foundation. Members at St. Olaf participate and plan events on a volunteer-basis, and membership is open to all St. Olaf Students.

    Category: Special Interest

  201. St. O'Laugh Comedy Club

    St. O'Laugh Comedy club is all about bringing the joy of laughter to the St. Olaf community. We encourage our members to use all of their creative faculties to create original comedy sketches and/or standup material. We use the group dynamic of this student org to help perfect our material and bounce off ideas in an open and constructive environment. We plan on producing a yearly revue of our best material we wrote during the year to perform for the St. Olaf community.

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Mondays from 4 to 5 PM in Buntrock 144.
    Online at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=30680444656

  202. St. Olaf Garden Research and Organic Works Farm (STOGROW)

    STOGROW is the St. Olaf organic vegetable and herb farm. Run completely by students in cooperation with Bon Appetit and the Finstad Center, the farm supplies the Stav Hall with local and sustainably grown produce throughout the summer and fall. We welcome student volunteers!!

    Category: Special Interest

    Meets Contact farmers for harvest dates and times.
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/stogrow/

  203. Awesome Club

    1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a neurological disorder primarily affecting one's ability to communicate. People with ASD have difficulty understanding facial expression, body language, and everyday social context that comes naturally to most. As if middle school and high school weren't tough enough for a regular teen, imagine how hard it would be for someone with autism. Awesome Club is a social skills program for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities. At Awesome Club each week, we do outdoor activities, play group games, hang out, and have a great time! It sounds simple, but the value of social skills programs like Awesome Club is immeasurable. Providing a social atmosphere for kids with autism to hang out and act like typical teens is extremely instrumental in improving their quality of life because it gives them the opportunity to build friendships. These programs boost the self-esteem of individuals with ASD and prepare them for life after high school when communication is key to success in the work field and in life. To learn more about Awesome Club, visit www.nataliedavis.weebly.com/awesome-club.html or check out the Blog for weekly updates about what happens at Club each week. If you would like to get involved, email Natalie Davis at davis@stolaf.edu

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Thursdays
    Online at http://www.nataliedavis.weebly.com/awesome-club.html

  204. Alpha Phi Omega (APO)

    APO is a national co-ed service fraternity based on the founding principles of service, friendship, and leadership. Along with hundreds of other chapters around the nation, St. Olaf's Iota Tau chapter is committed to service to the college and the community and to developing leaders to serve this campus and beyond. APO members are involved in service activities such as helping first year students move in during Week One, cleaning up our piece of Adopted Highway, reading to grade school students, visiting residents at retirement homes, volunteering for the Minnesota AIDS Project and at People Serving People in Minneapolis, dog walking at the Fairbault Humane Society and collecting clothing and food for shelves in Northfield. APO also holds many fellowship activities such as pack outs, movie nights, game nights, and bonfires. It is the only fraternity on the St. Olaf Campus!

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Sundays, 6 p.m., Black and Gold Ballroom
    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/apo/

  205. Art and Soul

    Art and Soul is an art club for St. Olaf students to express their creativity for a good cause. We plan to meet once a week to work on either group or individual projects and will sell our products on campus at the Ole Bazaar and on other dates throughout the year. Our goal is to create works of art to be sold on campus with profits going to either a Minneapolis charity that supports the arts or to help Northfield grow as a community through art.

    Category: Special Interest

  206. Minecraft

    We, the Minecraft community of St. Olaf College, shall aggregate as a student organization with the following goals: 1. To support each other in our common hobby of Minecraft. 2. To Seek to establish and, once established, maintain a campus Minecraft server. 3. To remain informed about the many mysteries of Minecraft as new innovations and creations emerge.

    Category: Special Interest

  207. Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes challenges coaches and athletes on the college level to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Specifically our ministry teaches biblical principles to provide seekers with an opportunity to encounter God, while challenge Christ Followers with the example of Jesus to be better students, friends, teammates, spouses, parents, Christians, and athletes.

    Category: Religious

  208. Men's Club Hockey

    A recreational hockey club for St. Olaf students. Practices are held weekly, and games are usually played in weekend series. The club hockey team competes in Division II of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). The team also competes in the Western Collegiate Club Hockey Association (WCCHA) against the University of Minnesota, Minnesota State, Michigan Tech, St. Cloud State, St. Thomas and Wisconsin-Madison club teams.

    Category: Club Sports

    Online at http://www.eteamz.com/stolafclubhockey

  209. Girls on the Run

    Girls on the Run is a non-profit national organization that uses running as a platform to prepare elementary school girls for a lifetime of healthy living. As part of the Northfield chapter, we meet twice a week for ten weeks in the Spring and use the provided curricula to give lessons to boost girls self esteem, self respect, and physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. At the end of the ten weeks, the participants run a 5k that they have been training for over the season. Last year, we had about thirty third through fifth graders at Greenvale elementary, and this year we are hoping to have additional programs at Prairie Creek and Sibley elementary schools. Check out www.girlsontherun.org for more details! The time commitment begins in March. Volunteers have a few hours of training before the program begins, and take a CPR and First Aid class to become certified. When the program begins it is approximately a four hour per week commitment.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  210. Lifehouse

    Lifehouse started as a Honor House project in 2008 as a way of reaching out to the residents of the Long Term Care Center at the Northfield Hospital. We organize bi-montly events for the residents, incorporating the many talents and skills of the honor house members as well as the greater St. Olaf community. Examples of activities include watercolor, spa-days and a performance by the Limestones. Lifehouse encourages students to volunteer with us and get to know the residents of the Long Term Care Center. Transportation will be provided.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets twice a month around 3:30pm
  211. Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)

    Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is a Christian organization that started in Minnesota in 1987. In FMSC's 3 permanent Twin Cities locations, volunteers package nutritious meals (rice, soy, freeze-dried veggies, and vitamins) that get sent to starving children around the world. A streamlined assembly-line process allows for quick packaging--and requires many volunteers. A group of St. Olaf students will go to the Eagan site for a 2-hour shift one Monday and one Wednesday a month, September through May (transportation provided). Oles can attend just one trip or go multiple times throughout the year.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets 2 hour shifts, one Monday and one Wednesday a month
    Online at http://www.fmsc.org

  212. College Access House

    The College Access House (Lincoln Inn) is committed to secondary education for Northfield High School Latino youth, first-generation and low-income students. Working with TORCH, the members of the College Access House hold weekly tutoring sessions and hope to inspire and facilitate the desire for further education in local students by providing the support and resources needed to accomplish such goals.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  213. Make-a-Wish @ St. Olaf

    Founded in 1982, Make-A-Wish Minnesota has been granting wishes for children with life-threatening diseases. St. Olaf students looking to participate in this program may serve by lending a hand at various Make-A-Wish functions, spending time in the Make-A-Wish office or by becoming a wish granter. Volunteers who are 21 may become certified to grant wishes after completing a one time training session (transportation provided). Interested students should contact the program directors to get more information about specific opportunities. *Must be 21 years of age to volunteer is some capacities.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets 1-5 hours per week (students may involve themselves as much or as little as they desire)
    Online at http://www.minnesota.wish.org/

  214. Girl Scouts

    Volunteering for the Girl Scouts will give you the opportunity to work with girls ages five to eighteen in a slightly structured environment. Male and female volunteers are welcome, and the time commitment is up to you. You may choose to lead your own troop, help out with an existing troop, or just be available for large group programs and cookie sales. Your involvement may be local or you may choose to participate in activities in the cities such as the Mall of America Overnight. The big event for the year is the Girl Scout Earth Day celebration that is held on the St. Olaf campus each spring. Volunteers are needed to help plan and/or implement projects for this event. You may decide to make this a very low time commitment, or something more! Leadership skills and a love for kids are all you need to volunteer with the Girl Scouts!

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  215. Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

    MOPS is a great program in a semi-structured environment, where volunteers play with kids (ages 1-6) while allowing mothers a break. Activities include playtime, crafts, singing and a snack. The program is held at Northfield Evangelical Free Church and transportation is provided.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Every other Friday morning, 8:20-11:30am
  216. Northfield Middle School Program

    The Northfield Middle School Youth Center (MSYC) is an after-school program that provides a fun and safe environment for middle school youth. Volunteers make connections with students through helping out with various activities including homework, crafts, ping pong, board games, and indoor/outdoor sports.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Monday - Thursday from 3:00-5:00pm
  217. Northfield Community Action Center Food Shelf

    This Program coordinates and transports St. Olaf volunteers to the local food shelf where our students help distribute the food to families in need.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

  218. Study Buddies

    Common Bond is the largest provider for affordable housing. Volunteers for Common Bond work with young children on their personal learning goals and school activities while developing strong relationships with their "Buddies". This involves reading with the students, stimulating their imagination, playing educational games, and helping with homework. Volunteers may also assist with special events, such as a holiday and an end of the year celebration.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets 1.5 hrs/week (Homework Center), 4-5 hrs/week (Special Events)
  219. Helping Others Succeed

    Helping Others Succeed is a program that brings St. Olaf students to a monthly Middle School enrichment and mixer event: Helping Youth Positively Engage (or HYPE, formerly known as SNL). HYPE begins at 6:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm and takes place one Saturday a month. Volunteers interact with youth through supervising an open gym, dance, and open swim.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets One Saturday a month
  220. HealthFinders Collaborative

    The mission of HealthFinders Collaborative is to provide quality, accessible and culturally appropriate healthcare services, at no cost, to low-income and unisured residents of greater Rice County. HealthFinders allows students to become directly involved in translating services (in Spanish for doctors and patients) of the clinic. The clinic is located on County Road 88/103th St. in Dundas - volunteers will need transportation to get out there.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-8:30 pm
    Online at http://www.healthfindersmn.org/

  221. Healing Outreach Prevention Education (HOPE) Center

    HOPE Center, formerly the WomanSafe Center, delivers advocacy and crisis intervention services to victims of domestic abuse, child abuse and sexual assault through healing outreach, prevention and education. HOPE Center was formed in 1994 by merging the Rice County Sexual Assault Program, Battered Womenâs Program and the Northfield Helpline. The result is an advocacy organization that provides extensive services to victims of violence in Rice County. If offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities and allows for volunteers to work with both children and adults. Some opportunities include aiding in conversations and presentations about abuse to both children and adults, playing with children, serving as a role model for youth, and helping at health fairs.

    Category: Volunteer Network Programs

    Meets Wednesdays at 8:00 pm
  222. American String Teachers Association (ASTA)

    For students interested in string and orchestra playing and teaching.

    Category: Academic

    Meets Sun 4-5 CHM 140, and selected Wednesdays 6-7
  223. R.A.G.S. (Raw Arts Guild of St. Olaf)

    A group of artists dedicated to exploring the socially unexpected and unusual in order to promote greater conversation on St. Olaf campus.

    Category: Academic

  224. National Association of Teachers of Singing - St. Olaf Chapter

    St. Olaf chapter of national student musical organization.

    Category: Academic

  225. St. Olaf Lead and Bouldering

    Want to climb some REAL rocks?!? There's finally an organized club for getting outside and putting your climbing skills to use conquering the local crags of Redwing, Taylors Falls, and other surrounding areas. Climbers must be lead climbing certified at the Tostrud Climbing Wall to join.

    Category: Athletic

  226. Ole Ventures (Ole Gear)

    Ole Ventures (OV) is St. Olaf's student entrepreneurial organization. Each semester we host several renowned entrepreneurs to share their business experiences with the student body. When you join OV, you automatically join CEO and will receive all the benefits, including: global access to a network of fellow collegiate entrepreneurs, electronic and print newsletters, website chat rooms featuring renowned entrepreneurs, access to world class internet information, communication on entrepreneurial topics using website message boards, invitations to compete in student entrepreneur competitions, chapter development support, leadership training, and discounts on products and services.

    Category: Academic

    Online at http://www.stolaf.edu/orgs/oleventures/

  227. L'abri Lectures

    Our aim is to facilitate the activities of L'Abri Fellowship-Minnesota on the St. Olaf campus through lectures on a variety of topics and events that complement the activities of other Christian groups on campus and contribute to God's work at St. Olaf. The centrality of L'Abri teaching is that Biblical Christianity is true, and that it offers sufficient evidence to say "it is 'The Truth'". It can be proclaimed and known without committing intellectual suicide or simply having to say 'just believe'. Because Christ is Lord of all life, Christianity speaks to all areas, not only to that which might be called 'religious'. True spirituality is seen in lives, which, through Christ's redemption, are free to be fully human. Therefore, Christians can and should realize the implications and relevance of a Biblical worldview in the arts, sciences, politics, etc. We want to encourage the development of Christian intellect and scholarship among the faculty and student body at St. Olaf.

    Category: Religious

    Meets Lectures as announced via the email alias and campus advertisements
    Online at http://www.labri.org/minn/home.html

  228. Ole for Israel

    Oles for Israel is an organization aimed at advocating a strong relationship between the United States and Israel and learning about the cultural and political achievements of Israel. E-mail Samantha Davison or Monica Southworth for more information about our group.

    Category: Awareness