The Results are In!

President and Vice-President
Sarah Freyermuth and Abbie Haug 722 First Choices, 178 Second Choices
Johannes Bang and Alex Screaton 290 First Choices, 393 Second Choices
After Dark Committee Coordinator
Sam Brunclik 799 First Choices
Board of Regents Student Committee Coordinator
Mariem Zaghdoudi 445 First Choices, 179 Second Choices, 82 Third Choices
Atefeh Alavi Fili 312 First Choices, 283 Second Choices, 138 Third Choices
Jack Buendorf 148 First Choices, 175 Second Choices, 320 Third Choices
Curriculum Senator
Jonah Schmitz 771 First Choices
Diversity Celebrations Committee Coordinator
Andrew Gonzalez 832 First Choices
Environmental Senator
Ian Roback 450 First Choices, 214 Second Choices, 97 Third Choices
Kevin Polzin 261 First Choices, 137 Second Choices, 183 Third Choices
Callahan Gergen 202 First Choices, 261 Second Choices, 183 Third Choices
Inter-Campus Liason
Margaret Upjohn 746 First Choices
International Student Senator
Rida Ali 85 First Choices
Music Entertainment Committee Coordinator
Lindsey Bertsch 779 First Choices
Multicultural Student Senator
Sultan Shahjalal 139 First Choices
Political Awareness Committee Coordinator
Lilia Martinez 731 First Choices, 90 Second Choices
Elijah Sparrow 145 First Choices, 356 Second Choices
Lion’s Pause Co-Coordinator
Marissa Ihrke and Keara Bores 635 First Choices, 188 Second Choices
Silas Guelzow and Jonah Berthelsen 333 First Choices, 326 Second Choices
Student Activities Committee Coordinator
Sophie McMonagle 810 First Choices
Student Organizations Committee Coordinator
Lindsey Jansen 548 First Choices, 157 Second Choices
Knute Oldre 251 First Choices, 354 Second Choices
Student Life Senator
Read Karsell 769 First Choices
Volunteer Network Coordinator
Becca Person 851 First Choices

How did campus do?

42.446% of St. Olaf students voted in this election.