Sam Brunclik

After Dark Committee Coordinator


I am running for my second term as ADC Coordinator. Having been the coordinator for the past year, I believe I have gained valuable experience and knowledge of many of the small details that the job entails. I work each week to ensure that an event that anyone can attend and have fun, from the early steps of planning and logistics, to working the event, to documenting how the event was received afterwards to ensure future coordinators and committee members have a basis of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. I have worked very hard this year to make Pause Dances a safer and more inclusive space for all, reducing the number of incidents from last year, and promoting a wider variety of music and DJ’s to welcome a wide variety of musical backgrounds and tastes. I have also worked to expand the types of events that ADC carries out in order to host events that a wide variety of people will find fun and engaging. I hope to continue my work in these areas and continue to expand ADC into a branch that can provide events that anyone on campus is interested in, events that everyone feels welcome at, and events that everyone has fun at! If you have any questions or suggestions of what you would like to see from ADC, please email me at

Atefeh Alavi Fili

Board of Regents Student Committee Coordinator


Hello everyone!
My name is Atefeh Alavi ‘20 and this is my second year on the hill! I am running for the Board of Regents Student Committee Coordinator for 2018-2019. Having the opportunity to be part of borsc this year, meeting with the Board of Regents, and engaging in conversations about it with students have been really inspiring to me to run for this position. I believe that BORSC can be one of the most powerful tools for connecting the Regents and students on our campus and channel ideas, concerns, and suggestions to advocate for transparency and better communication.

In the past few years, BORSC has been focused on introducing the members of the Regents to our students. For next year my main focus will be on connecting the members of the Regents with our students more effectively via channeling our students’ thoughts, concerns and voices. I want students to be able to submit what is on their minds in a more effective way because BORSC is there to represent the students and that is my goal for next year. My plan for achieving this is by collecting ideas from different student organizations on campus, especially focusing on the idea of inclusion at St. Olaf, having open house hours, panel discussions, a more effective online tool for students to submit their ideas, and by having representative in different student organizations.

Jack Buendorf

Board of Regents Student Committee Coordinator


Transparency is Fair You See

As a current member of the Board of Regents Student Committee, I have thoroughly enjoyed representing the student body and conversing with the regents. However, I have noted through my experience that BORSC is not fully understood or known by the student body as well as it should be. I would like to improve this by making BORSC more accessible to students through open communication and promotion. I am committed to establishing a strong, transparent, and truthful connection between students and the board. I would like to use my leadership, interpersonal skills, and involvement on campus to enhance this great organization. I have plenty of experience being an empathetic leader as a camp counselor, sports team captain, and community volunteer. I truly hope to improve our community’s relationship with the Board of Regents in every way possible.

Mariem Zaghdoudi

Board of Regents Student Committee Coordinator


Hi! My name is Mariem, I’m a sophomore International Student majoring in Political Science and Biology, I’m this year’s Board of Regents Committee Coordinator, and I’m running for re-election. I believe that substantive change takes time, which is why I’m running to continue the work that I started this year. 

Here are some of the goals that the committee achieved under my management this year: 

  • Binging relevant, important, and impactful topics to the Regents: 2 out of this year’s 3 topics have been ‘Race on Campus’ and ‘Mental Health Resources’. 
  • Actively seeking student feedback by: having a suggestion form permanently up on Oleville, and tabling more frequently than previous years. 
  • Establishing a well structured committee by creating Executive Assistant, Financial Officer, and Web Content Manager positions, which enabled us streamline processes and maximize efficiency. 
  • Working on a tighter knit committee which leads to more conducive and candid dialogue, and therefore better delegation. 
  • Bettering communication by posting summaries of events and meetings on Oleville as soon after the events as possible.

And here are some of the goals that I will work towards if re-elected:

  • Seeking our own time slot with the Regents during their meetings as opposed to sharing an hour with the faculty representatives (which is the current practice).
  • More work on the student side of the equation by collaborating with student organizations and SGA branches. 
  • Increasing our social media presence and growing/utilizing our interest email list. 
  • Seeking more frequent communication with the Regents.  
  • Creating a monthly newsletter.
  • Re-branding BORSC to make it more recognizable and accessible to the larger student body.

Serving as an Executive on Student Government is a privilege and an honor, but it is mainly hard work. I believe that my passion for student issues combined with my experience and skill set qualify me to hold the position of Board of Regents Committee Coordinator.

Jonah Schmitz

Curriculum Senator


As someone who has a passion for learning, I am genuinely interested in serving the academic needs of all Oles. Changes in courses and GE requirements affect us all, and I hope to voice the desires of students when it comes to the classes and educational opportunities. As a music major and a pre-health student, I’ve spent a lot of time examining GE’s, graduation requirements, and course schedules. I, like many Oles, don’t fit easily into a particular label or major. Navigating multiple curricula and department requirements is something many students experience. We need any new changes to our curriculum to acknowledge and celebrate these students, and I hope to be a voice for them.

Andrew Gonzalez

Diversity Celebrations Committee Coordinator


I’m Here to Serve and Support

I will plan innovative ways to support students of diverse backgrounds in more than just fiscal matters. While prioritizing the financial interests of student organizations, I would recruit a dynamic and diverse executive team that can share their guidance in event planning. My experience with leading ¡Viva la Vida! with Presenté and SOMOS will allow me to empathize with the representatives from each organization that are allowed to work with SGA. I recognize DCC as the branch of SGA that is vital to the expression, awareness, presence, and celebration of students of diverse backgrounds, and I want to further use my leadership skills to service these communities of students on the Hill.

Ian Roback

Environmental Senator


We can Achieve Sustainability!

1. I am going to advocate for student-led and faculty-led environmental research projects by:
a. Creating more campus-wide events to bring attention to the opportunities we already have available to students. This will ensure students are knowledgeable about all potential research.
b. Requesting more funds be secured for student organizations who form sustainability initiatives.
c. Enforcing combined St. Olaf and Carleton community and environmental projects as a top priority for the college
2. I will continue to support the on-campus initiatives to decrease our carbon footprint by:
a. Supporting initiatives to clean up the campus during the fall and spring through trash collection events conducted by OUTS
b. Pushing educational events for students to see their individual footprint like the “no waste challenge” and the waste audits conducted by Environmental Coalition.
c. Ensuring that compost and different types of recycle bins are used in areas on campus where environmental coalition has determined are in high need for alternatives to trash bins
d. Researching proposals by senate to ensure that the initiatives approved not only pass a cost-benefit analysis but also significantly strengthen student relationships to conservation

Callahan Gergen

Environmental Senator


I’m a board member of the Outdoors Club, a political science and environmental studies major, and really excited about the opportunity to be an environmental senator. I think there’s a lot we could do to increase sustainability on campus! I think we could work with the cafeteria to increase the amount we compost, and to decrease water usage by reusing plates or getting rid of cafeteria trays! I also think it would be awesome if we could switch to electronic receipts all around campus, or change the way bag lunches is run so that we could waste less packaging there as well. I would love to be a resource for ideas that you could all come to, so that we could reduce our environmental footprint throughout campus!

Kevin Polzin

Environmental Senator


Community Drives Innovation

Environmental sustainability is my primary objective. I’m here to encourage and develop conversation that sparks people’s interest and gains acknowledgement concerning the stability of our environment, or lack thereof. All of us, as individuals, have an impact on our environment and therefore are all responsible in it’s upkeep. As our tight-knit community thrives here at Saint Olaf, I believe we can do more to minimize the negativity of our collective impact in this regard.

My older brother Joe has a large influence on my views on environmental stability. Joe spent a decade working for natural food co-ops in Minneapolis, which align with his values in pursuit of a more sustainable environment. Natural food co-ops strive to establish a commonwealth within local communities, where conversation thrives as the driving force, just like on our hill. Keeping things local allows for reduced transportation costs and reduced spending, something that Saint Olaf supports but can also improve upon.

I personally have worked for 1-800-Got-Junk, a 100% green company that recycles when it can’t reuse or donate. This company is concerned with its ability to maintain a healthy environment, and has gained a lot of support from its customers. We communicate directly with the customers to understand what their concerns are, which is exactly what I would like to bring to the Saint Olaf student body. It’s important to me that I communicate effectively with those around me by listening with open ears, mind and heart.

As a biology major entering my senior year, I hold many connections to our community which cares deeply about the well-being of our environment. Without proper maintenance, ecological diversity becomes limited within our community and others. Environmental sustainability is necessary for the future of biology and life itself, which is the most important aspect of this campaign and what drives my future.

Margaret Upjohn

Inter-Campus Liaison


I wish to become the bridge between the St. Olaf and Carleton student governments and communities. There are many students that don’t have the opportunities to get to know the other college and I want to help facilitate that. Through an internship I held over the summer at a local YWCA chapter, I gained experience connecting various organizations whose focuses are women’s reproductive rights and eliminating racism. I worked in a small team who managed the communication between groups to plan community baby showers intended to raise awareness of safe sleep and family planning. I am running for the Intercampus Liaison because I want to become a part of building and maintaining a relationship between the two colleges. Working with the Carleton Intercampus Liaison Senator to promote opportunities for all people of different backgrounds to work together is a goal of mine. Pooling both campuses’ resources and working together on projects is beneficial for all.

Rida Ali

International Student Senator


A Home Away From Home

As an International student myself, would prefer to promote diverse culture on campus and create more interactive relationship between International students and Domestic students. Creating a decent environment on campus for all the International student.

Marissa Ihrke and Keara Bores

Lion’s Pause Co-Coordinators

2019 and 2019

Since freshman year, we have both dedicated ourselves to the Pause. We believe that the Pause serves a unique purpose on campus, as a space run by students, for students. We always have been, and will continue to be, committed to maintaining it as a space available and welcoming to the entire student body. We love the Pause and have worked hard year after year to help it succeed!

This year, Marissa has served as a Tech Manager and Keara has served as a Security Manager, and through our experience on the Pause Exec Team, we have gained immeasurable amounts of knowledge regarding how the Pause is run. One of the primary jobs of the Co-Coordinators is to manage the Pause Exec Team, and our experience as managers has prepared us immensely for this responsibility. In working with the current Co-Coordinators, we have seen firsthand how previous years of work within the Pause has led them to be successful and respected Co-Coordinators. We believe that our dedication, experience, and love of Pause pizza makes us well-qualified to take on this role!

We are deeply committed to listening to the evolving wants and needs of the student body, so if you have questions about our platform, the Pause in general, or just want to meet us, feel free to email or message us!

Visit us at to learn more!

We intend to:

-Increase the accessibility & visibility of Co-Cos to both the student body and Pause workers by holding some office hours in more public and convenient spaces (The Cage, etc.)

-Motivate student orgs to host more events in our space by improving communication & cooperation between orgs and Pause staff

-Foster a safe & fun environment at Pause dances through dialogue with SARN and It’s On Us

-Continue advocating for improvements in all areas of the Pause, including updates in the Kitchen and Mane Stage

-Promote equality and diversity within the Pause to make the space somewhere every student can feel that they belong!

Silas Guelzow and Jonah Berthelsen

Lion’s Pause Co-Coordinators

2020 and 2020

Shake Things Up!

We want to shake things up at the Pause during the 2018-19 academic year! We believe that the Lion’s Pause is an integral part of the identity of St. Olaf’s campus. From making a lasting impression on prospective students, to adding variety to the weekend scene, to giving current students an opportunity to perform for their peers with access to professional equipment, the Pause has a unique purpose for campus and the surrounding area.
We recognize the importance of preserving and improving upon the legacy and integrity that precedes us as Co-Coordinators of the Lion’s Pause. As experienced leaders and dedicated proponents of listening and learning through open-minded dialogue, we believe in open communication with and partnership between the Pause and the student body, as well as cooperating with fellow SGA position holders and other team members who work together to create an environment in which students truly desire to spend time.
As a Pause worker (Silas), frequent loiterer (Jonah), and semi-regular performers (both of us), we have a thorough understanding of what our fellow students want and how we will improve their overall experiences in and around the Pause.
If you have any questions/comments/concerns, or even just want to say hi, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or in person—we would love to meet you! We are dedicated to hearing your thoughts and hope to serve as your Lion’s Pause Co-Coordinators in the 2018-19 academic year.

Silas Guelzow (He, Him, His) & Jonah Berthelsen (He, Him, His)

–Bring novel ideas to the Pause and listen to student comments and concerns
–More variety and frequency in Pause-hosted events
–Internal fixes in the kitchen
–Make the Pause more versatile
–Increase availability to meet with students and address known issues
–Pizza delivery to honor houses
–Online ordering via All About Olaf app

For a more detailed platform and other info, visit:

Sultan Shahjalal

Multicultural Student Senator


To fairly represent the Multicultural and International Students by not only being a liaison that voices your opinions and issues but echoes them to senate. To not just rely on promises and proposals but, rather actions and accomplishments. I aim to bring your concerns to the epicenter of discussions held in the senate!

Lindsey Bertsch

Music Entertainment Committee Coordinator


hi. music is important. thanks. i can’t wait to keep bringing it to st. olaf. thanks again.

Elijah Sparrow

Political Awareness Committee Coordinator


PAC for the People!

-Foster grassroots activism and party-independent organization.
-PAC officials will take implicit bias and dialogue training upon appointment to a position & periodically thereafter (results will be publicly released for ideological transparency)
-Time and resources will focus on the promotion of equality, better emphasizing collective representation & respect for the varied identities held/material conditions faced, by students
-Hold public forums at PAC meetings to hear student interests, concerns and questions
-The above will help PAC to realize these goals:
1. Counteracting hegemony & power by specifically promoting incorporation of marginalized & underrepresented groups
2. Fostering a safe, productive, and fully inclusive political space
3. Promoting a politics of collective opportunity, so all students will be heard and substantially addressed by those in power
-Communicate with students in the process of coordinating speakers and funds
-Emphasize sociopolitical intersectionality by collaborating with other student entities and organizations (SARN, It’s On Us, Collective for Change on the Hill, Greater Than, CMIE, Wellness Center) in funding desired ventures and creating awareness
-Host debate events where student groups engage with one another on topics of a pressing nature or relevance to the student community, herein PAC will gain a greater sense of how to best promote student interests
-If a political issue/event places the sentiment of the student body in opposition to the that of an administrative body (Dean’s/President’s office, Regents, Public Safety, SGA, Institute for Freedom and Community, Academic), PAC will commit all support, resources, and funds, to the students, wholly defending collective action & maintaining commitment to the promotion of activism

PAC must oppose St. Olaf’s tendency to commodify students for image and conformity while ignoring practical change. PAC doesn’t belong to St. Olaf or its officials. PAC belongs to us, students.

Lilia Martinez

Political Awareness Committee Coordinator


After being a member of PAC for the last two years, I believe that I have the necessary knowledge to continue to lead conversations and actions about what is going in this country, as well as its effect on the rest of the world. Through PAC, students and speakers have been given the platform to bring attention to issues that are often disregarded. The platform that PAC provides affects us as students, and it also affects the greater St. Olaf community, who we must always keep in mind. I am running because I recognize the importance of this position, as well as the privileges that come with it.

As PAC Coordinator, I plan to push for a more diverse set of speakers who reflect different sectors, not just politicians and government officials. Politics are everywhere, and affect every sector in different ways. To do this, I would encourage more co-sponsored events with other St. Olaf organizations. Along with this, I also want to continue to delve into taboo topics, such as race, so that the Oles can move past the uncomfortableness of it and begin to have meaningful conversations. This will better prepare us to take action not only on this campus, but also as we step off this campus during summer breaks, study abroad trips, and post-graduation. As PAC Coordinator, I want to bring forth discussions, people, and — that students actually want to engage with.

Johannes Bang and Alexander Screaton

President and Vice President

2019 and 2019

We are running because we are frustrated. Frustrated because SGA has a total budget of roughly half a million dollars every year and yet half of the student body feels they have no connection to the organization. Frustrated because there is little oversight of and even less support for the SGA organs tasked with solving student issues, and some committees haven’t even met this year. Frustrated because SGA, more often than not, impedes its own progress rather instead of supporting meaningful reform. We want to fix that in four parts:

Monetary Reform
Eliminate Self-congratulatory expenses like stipends and the senate gift
Eliminate ridiculous budgetary items like $2400 on admin office supplies
Increase funding to most visible areas of SGA and areas of greatest need

Structural Reform
Separate powers of the Exec and Senate
Merge overlapping “sub”committees
Investigate utility, effectiveness, and purview of senate positions

Managerial Reform
Support Hall Senator Positions
Create and expand evaluations for events
Empower and monitor committee chairs to ensure progress

Publicity Reform
Publicize full budget (including pre budgetary items)
Monthly budgetary reports to CFO (publically available)
Weekly tabling in front of Cage or Stav

Bang Qualifications:
2 years on senate
2 years on hall council
1 year chair of internal affairs
1 year Lion’s Pause Tech Manager

Alex Qualifications:
Co-president of Mock Trial
Founder and Co-president of Board Game Club
PAC Member

Sarah Freyermuth and Abbie Haug

President and Vice President

2019 and 2019

Putting the Student Back in Student Government

1. Create a more Inclusive and Responsive SGA
– Address SGA’s history of systemic inequality by:
— Requiring all members of SGA to undergo implicit bias and sustained dialogue training
— Have SGA executives go through extended bias training throughout the entire school-year
– Host a student forum in April to hear from students about what they want to see change about SGA
– Respond more quickly to current events – both on and off campus – that impact St. Olaf students
– Explore options for an audit of SGA to address its history of systemic inequality
2. Redistribute SGA resources to reach a more diverse body of students
– Increase funding to the Board of Student Media (specifically the Manitou Messenger and the Quarry) by cutting SGA Executive stipends
– Increase funds for the Senate Task Force on Race, the Greater Than Campaign, and It’s On Us
– Redistribute branch funds to allocate more resources to DCC
– Prioritize using SGA funds to collaborate with Residence Life and other campus organizations
3. Create a more Intentional Senate
– Dedicate a portion of the Senate meeting each week to discuss a relevant campus “topic” and invite all students to participate
– Create a Senate subcommittee tasked with 1. hosting at least two forums a year around issues of SGA transparency and accountability and 2. monthly dinners about relevant campus issues
– Create an open comment section specifically for Hall Senators, to ensure Residence Life issues are heard and addressed
– Make Senators more accessible with Office Hours in the Cage and outside the Caf
4. Advocate alongside students
– Help student members of the GE Task Force to put on (at minimum) three student forums per year, to ensure that student input is integral to the process
– Cultivate an environment that prizes mental well-being and student health by supporting resources such as Boe House, SARN, and the Wellness Center
-Advocate for implicit bias training to be included in Week 1

Sophie McMonagle

Student Activites Committee Coordinator


I’m passionate about the role SAC plays on campus and the environment we strive to create by making fun, memorable events possible for the entire student body. I’ve been a member of the Committee since the fall semester of my first year at St. Olaf. Throughout the past two and a half years, I’ve served as SAC’s Social Media Officer, Sustainability Representative, and the 2017 Homecoming Chair. I am running for Coordinator with the hopes of creating brand-new events for students while also revamping our established traditions.

Read Karsell

Student Life Senator


The job of the Student Life Senator is to work with the student life committee, a group of students and faculty, to solve problems that relate to the the interactions between students and faculty. As an education major and someone who is very interested in all the aspects of education, I feel I have a lot of input and ideas I could contribute in this position. I would also be able to learn a lot from this position which is something I strive to do in life no matter what I’m working on. Because this committee is working to solve problems and enhance student life, a lot of creative thinking and the ability to work with others to come to a solution that best fits both sides is required, and this is something I’ve have a lot of experience doing and think I would thrive working in this environment. I also love talking with people, and being the senator means representing all students to make sure that any issues are being heard and resolved, so I I am very open to holding forums and offering ways that all students are being heard.

Lindsey Jansen

Student Organizations Committee Coordinator


As a current representative in the Student Organizations Committee my goal as Coordinator is to expand the diversity and number of organizations to make all cultures, backgrounds, interests, efforts, and hobbies feel represented at St. Olaf. Through my experience on SOC, I feel comfortable reaching out to all organizations, current and future, to increase the number of organizations being funded and advertise the abundance of resources SOC has to offer. This past year as I have served as a representative I noticed the number of my peers who were unaware of what SOC does. As Coordinator I hope to increase student body involvement in the funding and recognition of St. Olaf organizations, creating awareness for a committee that has so much to offer.

Knute Oldre

Student Organizations Committee Coordinator


A Fresh Face for You

Knute is a current first year student here at St Olaf that has not served on the Student Organizations Committee before. However, he knows that is as much of a strength as it is a weakness. He has been involved in both leadership and financial allocation positions for four years and wants to continue to work with the organizations of St Olaf to better student opportunities in an equal and consistent way. The process of obtaining funding for organization is not always made easily available to all students so Knute wants to both promote an understanding of the process as well as be available himself to answer questions and serve as a resource for both organizations and students of St Olaf.
If you have any questions for Knute, let him know!

Becca Person

Volunteer Network Coordinator


After 3 years on Volunteer Network, I’m running for VN Coordinator because I have a passion for volunteering and for getting other students out into the community to spend their time serving others. I LOVE seeing our volunteers connect with people in Northfield- from the kids at Greenvale to the special needs population at Laura Baker Services- and seeing them take off on various service trips to make a positive impact nationwide and worldwide. As Coordinator, I intend to connect and collaborate more with the leaders of each volunteer org. I also want to increase transparency in our budget and for the process of funding various volunteer opportunities. I hope to get many more St. Olaf students volunteering and making a positive impact!