Connecting Students With Leadership

It is the mission of the St. Olaf Board of Regents Student Committee (BORSC) to facilitate communication between the student body and the Board of Regents of the College. The purpose of the student committee is to examine and relay student concerns, perceptions, and interests to the governing body of St. Olaf.  A primary responsibility of BORSC is to represent student concerns regarding the long range planning of the college, especially those aspects directly managed by the Board of Regents.  It is the goal of BORSC to be actively involved with students throughout campus and act as a representative of the collective student body. If you have questions about BORSC or are interested in getting involved, please contact our coordinator, Annika Awad  (

The Latest

BORSC Christmas Party January 13th, 2018 - BORSC wrapped up the Fall semester with a Christmas party on Monday, December 11. The Committee reflected on the accomplishments of the past semester and looked ahead to planning the February report to the Regents, all while celebrating the season with some festive treats and hot chocolate.
“Spill the Dirt!” Recap January 13th, 2018 - The Board of Regents Student Committee hosted “Spill the Dirt!” in Crossroads on Monday, December 4. Students had the opportunity to make their own “dirt cups”, a delicious mix of chocolate pudding and fun toppings, in exchange for feedback on what they wish the Board of Regents knew about. There was a great turn out and a wide array of student concerns were brought to the Board of Regents Student Committee’s attention. The responses, which students wrote on a large whiteboard, were documented and later...