Featured Volunteer Org: Serving Our Society

Serving our Society (SOS) is a volunteer and awareness organization on campus. Currently we are working on becoming more involved at Ruth’s House in Faribault and have members volunteering regularly. In addition to these volunteering opportunities we have had regular meetings where we discuss multiple issues in current society.

Spring Concert: Betty Who

Are you ready for an 80’s dance party extravaganza? Are you ready to get lost in neon lights and synthpop eurphoria? Are you ready to have the night of your life? Then Betty Who, the Music Entertainment Committee’s Spring Concert 2015 headliner, is ready for you.

One of pop music’s most promising rising stars, Betty Who’s debut album, Glory Days, ranked #4 in Billboard’s Top Ten Pop Albums of 2014 and included both of her Billboard #1 Dance Hits, “Somebody Loves You” and “All of You.” Who’s album, filled with inescapable melodic hooks, quickly took the music world by storm. Even Katy Perry took notice – she took Who on tour with her for Perry’s 2014 Prismatic World Tour.

Even though Betty Who is currently touring around the world with both Kiesza and Kylie Minogue, she’s taking a day of to come and party with the students of St. Olaf!

Known for her electric live performance, Who is sure to make April 17th a night you won’t want to miss. Who is ready? You are.

Tickets are on sale now for $3 at stolaftickets.com

Artist Profile: Ionie

Ionie is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter.  She describes her genre as “heartbreak” but one can definitely hear a fusion of influences, ranging from jazz, soul, to the Middle East, and Latin America.  Ionie pours her heart out through her sultry melodies and thought provoking lyrics, leaving the audience with a feeling of thoughtful inspiration. Ionie’s debut album is scheduled for release later this year, but has teased a new single “One Half Man.”

In this song, she doves deep into the heartbreak of watching her father live with an opium addiction, and the toll it took on their relationship.  Within the song, she opens up about the struggles of loving someone who is only half alive, especially when that someone once held such a prominent role in her life.

Hot October by ionie

Contributed by Emily Wolfe

Apply for the Spring Caf Fast!

SOC is taking applications for the Caf Fast through Friday, March 27! Think your organization deserves the Caf Fast? Apply here!

This is a great opportunity offered to one student organization each semester. St. Olaf students can choose to skip a meal in Stav, and the proceeds will benefit the mission of your organization.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Jocelyn Sarvady, SOC Coordinator at sarvady@stolaf.edu.


ADC Night Yoga

Stressed or needing a quick study break? Need to feel rejuvenated or relaxed? ADC is collaborating with MASHAH to host a nighttime yoga session in the Art Barn this Tuesday, March 24 from 8pm to 9pm! Led by fellow Ole and certified yoga instructor, Rachel Phillips, this event is designed to relieve stress during a busy time of the week.

Night Yoga is open to ALL levels, experienced or inexperienced. Six various stress-relieving prizes will also be raffled off at the end of the session! Mats are not necessary but are encouraged if you have one. Doors open at 7:45pm – see you there!

Diversity Dialectics

This Saturday, Diversity Celebrations Committee (DCC) will hold its first annual Spring Conference: Diversity Dialectics.

Dialectics is the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions. With an all-day itinerary of lectures, workshops, and programming, Diversity Dialectics aims to provide a platform to explore different aspects of diversity in a critical, educational, safe and exciting environment, while networking with DCC members and fellow Oles!

The day will start in the Lion’s Pause with an inspiring and motivating keynote speech from Dr. R.D. Duncan from the RD Duncan Institute for Professional Development in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Presented in collaboration with Bruce King, the Assistant to the President for Institutional Diversity, Dr. Duncan specializes in entrepreneurship, professional development, and cultural competency training.

The conference will then move across campus to Regents for six workshops, each focusing on a different facet of diversity. Students will attend three sessions, choosing from one of two options for each session, and eating a banquet luncheon after between the second and third workshops. Rethinking Diversity will lead a workshop on race, focusing on institutional and cultural racism, whiteness, and microaggressions. The Wellness Center will present on Mental Health. Professors Marcel LaFlamme, Susan Smalling, David Booth, and Anthony Pahnke will present on gender, privilege, spirituality and religion, respectively.

The DCC Conference Task Force will then wrap up the Regents portion of the day with a reflection on diversity before the conference moves back to the Pause for an interactive, high impact training play with GTC Dramatic Dialogues. (If you went to The Wellness Center’s “Speaking of Sex” It’s On Us event, you might recognize them!) This will be followed by a dinner soirée.

The day will end with a spoken word performance co-presented by Student Activities Committee. Kyla Lacey will make you laugh, cry, and feel utterly inspired.

Last but not least, the conference will conclude in the Pause for a micro-workshop in movement (Pause Dance): Diversity DANCE-LECTICS.

Though registration closed on Sunday, you can still attend the conference if you didn’t register! We hope to see you on Saturday.

St. Paddy’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Hey Oles! Feeling lucky? Well, lucky for you, this St. Patrick’s Day, Student Activities Committee is offering you the chance to win a Shamrock Shake or an iPod mini shuffle! SAC is hosting a social media scavenger hunt on Tuesday, March 17th.

The scavenger hunt is simple. There are only 4 tasks to complete: liking and sharing the “Student Activities Committee” page on Facebook, following and tweeting out @StOlafSAC and #SACofGold on twitter, adding and snapping @olethelion on Snapchat, and finally, filling out the #SACofGold form on SAC’s Oleville page. Throughout the day, SAC will randomly award 25 students who complete this social media “four leaf clover” with a Shamrock Shake from the Pause! Aaaaaand ONE lucky Ole will win a green iPod shuffle!!

So make sure to join SAC in showing some Paddy’s Day spirit by snapping, hashtagging, and sharing away- you could hit the jackpot!

*If you do not have one or more of these social media forms, don’t worry! Just fill out the Oleville form to enter to win!

Oops! We could not locate your form.

Featured Volunteer Org: Triple E

Triple-E (Experiential Environmental Education) is, to our knowledge, the only outdoor education organization in Northfield. We founded it this fall with the goal of providing elementary-age Northfield students with quality, educational outdoor experiences. Our overarching goal is to raise a community of learners that are connected to local outdoor places, fostering a sense of care and community with the natural world. We wrote 28 original lesson plans based on the Minnesota State Science Standards, which provide for outdoor learning as well as satisfying ecological and life-science state requirements.

This fall, a small team of us tested out Triple-E at St Dominic Catholic School. We undertook about a dozen visits to the kindergarten, first-, third-, and fifth-grade classes, teaching our lessons. Things went extremely well, and we will be continuing to visit there this spring! Over interim and February, we have been training dozens of volunteers, all of whom are eager to begin teaching! We are expanding Triple-E to include Greenvale Elementary, where we have two dozen teachers waiting for us to begin.

Now that the weather is conducive to outdoor education, we will be visiting classrooms at Greenvale and St Dominic within a few weeks! In addition, we will have the kids come visit St Olaf’s Natural Lands. As one last piece of news, we are currently transitioning Eva Mitchell into the role of Program Director. We are grateful for VN’s support!

Pause Pizza Contest

Want to help design next month’s specialty pizza? Enter The Pause’s pizza contest and you could reap the reward of seeing your own pizza creation on the menu. You can enter by tagging us in a Twitter update or a Facebook status next time you eat at The Pause Kitchen and you’ll be entered into the contest!

We recently sat down with previous winner Will Seabrook.  Here’s what he had to say.

What is the story behind the Seabreeze pizza?

There was a poll on Facebook which had us voting either for hotdogs or pretzels, which put my name into a raffle. The Facebook raffle selected my name and I soon after received an email from a Pause Co-Coordinator, letting me know that I had won a pizza, and I was very excited. I then met up with The Pause to discuss our options — I like normal pizza, but I wanted something with a little taste of the Mediterranean, so I substituted sauce with olive oil and threw some salt in. In short, they thought it sounded like the sea breeze, kind of like the ocean.

That is how it all started, and it was relatively popular! I even have a poster of it which I brought home. It is displayed in my room — my parents event wanted to frame it. Although I am involved with Student Government as the Executive Assistant, Mock Trial, and KSTO Radio, I add can add that I made a pizza! That is the fact that my family always refers back to. I really think that it is something cool.

What impact has your pizza experience had on campus?

With a last name of Seabrook, a lot of people will associate either my name with the pizza, or the name of my pizza with me. It has tied the pizza to a person, meaning that students can have an impact on The Pause. It demonstrates a much deeper democratic root of “food democracy” — or something like that! I think that it is cool to have that association. Someone will ask what my name is, and I’ll say that my name is Seabrook. They’ll respond with, “Oh, like the pizza, the Seabreeze.” It is a strange, but a nice connection to have.

Was it a family recipe?

Originally I wanted to have pepperoni, sausage, olives, and maybe sun-dried tomatoes. My mom always pushed vegetables on us. We ended up adding sausage and went with the olive oil to make something different. In terms of cooking, my mom always had on Rachael Ray and the Food Network on in the background. I guess you could say I have experience with cooking in this way, but I was certainly not a trained chef! A lot of people have enjoyed this pizza. Of course there were critics, but there always will be! I liked it, and so I believe that made it worth it.

What would the Seabreeze 2.0 consist of?

In terms of ingredients, I heard that the sun-dried tomatoes were too chewy. In terms of texture, it was too difficult to deal with. I really liked the olive oil base — we’ll keep that. Perhaps I would substitute the tomatoes and olives (they are a little salty) and throw in a few peppers which are less aggressive. It is up for debate — if you have suggestions, I’ll take them.

Any tips for our future pizza smiths?

It’s funny because I never considered myself a “pizza maker”, it really is something that fell onto my lap. I always say that in all circumstances, you have to listen to your heart. It will call you, guide you, and finally your brain will let you know whether your recipe is right or not. So your heart will let you know whether or not you want to have pepperoni or a specific type of cheese on it, but your mind will tell you whether the taste it just right. Lead with your heart!

Would you encourage others to create their own pizzas?

Absolutely, I think it is a great opportunity for everyone — including The Pause. It is a way to share the knowledge that the Kitchen has with day-to-day students. It ultimately lets the general public know that The Pause is more than just a place for hosting dances. It really is a place to interact with students and a fun way to meet the kitchen workers. As the pizza creator, you are given the opportunity to meet the kitchen managers, and you end up with something that is yours. Finally, you are gifted name-recognition, if that is what you are looking for. Obviously that is not what I expected or had intentions for, rather, it just happened that way. But I would recommend it to everyone!

Thanks, Will. We appreciate your insight!

ADC Improv Featuring Glassworks

Looking for a laugh this Friday night? Maybe looking to jam out as well? Come check out ADC Improv Featuring Glassworks in the Lair at 9pm this Friday, March 13 with a special performance by Malmestizo from 8:15 to 8:45pm!

Glassworks is an improv troupe from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They have performed at numerous improv festivals around the nation and are excited to be coming to St. Olaf. The group offers this “If improv is about truth, then these young men are prophets and truth tellers. You don’t walk the other way when a prophet comes to town, you run to them, or get hit by giant fireballs.” You’re not going to want to miss out on this – show starts at 9pm!

Preceding Glassworks, the campus musical trio, Malmestizo will perform a short set from 8:15 to 8:45pm. Juan Yanq Rivera ’14 Ruoqiong Zhang ’15 and Nathan Hartwig ’15 seek to expand St. Olaf’s musical palette with some groovy electron vibes. Mixing electronic production, acoustic guitar, and voice they have a sound unlike anything you’ve heard! 

See you all in the Lair Friday night!