Joe Briesemeister – Summer Update

Hey Oles!

My name is Joe Briesemeister and I will be this year’s SGA Financial Officer. Right now I’m living in Minneapolis with some other Oles and enjoying all the fun things there are to do in the city. In June, I was lucky to visit New York City in preparation for my internship with J.P. Morgan as a summer analyst in the company’s asset management business. I’m having a great summer learning a lot and meeting great people, but I’m excited to get back to campus for an awesome senior year!

As Financial Officer, I am excited to work with students on all financial matters related to student government. This includes setting budget allocations, reconciling credit cards, approving invoices and financial forms, and coordinating with SGA branch financial officers. My biggest goal for the year is to be an approachable and helpful resource for anyone with questions or concerns about SGA funding. I want to make sure that the SGA budget is used efficiently, consciously, and transparently throughout the year.

Come visit me and the rest of the SGA executive team in the Office of Student Activities this fall. I’m happy to talk about the many different ways students can get involved with SGA and tap into the vast resources, financial and otherwise, that this great student association possesses!

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!


Ross Nevin – Summer Update

Hey Oles,

My name is Ross Nevin and I will be coordinating the After Dark Committee this year. I can’t wait to have you all come party with us! This summer I’ve returned to my home I’m Milwaukee, mainly to work at an awesome farm-to-fork restaurant. I’ve also been exploring how the world outside of St. Olaf likes to spend their nights through going to the things like the Eaux Claires music festival.

I’m excited to continue our classic events while also continuing to create new and innovative events that students have never seen before. With ADC this year I want to increase the breadth of our events. This means both the content of our events and the locations. In the first 2 months we will have events ranging from wild dance parties in the Pause, to astrophotography at STOGROW, to showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We want to make every event something unique and something that you’ll want to go tell your friends about! If you have any ideas for an awesome event come by the SGA office or let me know at!

Mary Haasl – Summer Update

Hi Oles!

My name is Mary Haasl and I will be St. Olaf’s Volunteer Network Coordinator this upcoming year! I am so stoked about what this year will bring, and I can’t wait to return to the hill in September!

This summer I’ve been a bit all over the place. I spent most of June interviewing St. Olaf Alum as a researcher for the Great Discovery Project. It has honestly been one of my favorite jobs…who doesn’t love going to coffee shops around the cities and chatting with Oles about their lives?
After living in St. Paul for a month, I traveled back to Ireland with my family and hung out in a cottage, visiting Galway, castles, and other tourist-y sites. I have since moved down to Iowa City to work at the University of Iowa’s Legal Clinic, completing research for immigration and international human rights cases. Getting past the seemingly endless drive through cornfields, I have really enjoyed my experience and have loved getting to know Iowa City!

As the Volunteer Network Coordinator, I will be working with my wonderful committee to help provide resources and support to the 30+ volunteer orgs on campus. It is our job to not only provide funding for our orgs, but also make students aware of the volunteer opportunities there are on and off-campus. We hope to establish VN as a branch that helps students find their passions through community engagement and learning.

I am most excited about providing more collaboration events, both with Carleton, our own orgs, and our community partners. Through collaboration, we can connect over significant issues and continue to make a strong difference in our community.
***Also, as a side note, keep an eye out for our VN pamphlet this fall, the one-stop place to go when looking for what org fits your interests.

If you have any questions or suggestions, are interested in starting an org, or are looking for volunteer opportunities that match your interests, feel free to stop by the OSA office (BC107) or email me at

I can’t wait to see you all back on the hill soon!

Kelsey Henquinet – Summer Update

Hello Everyone!

My name is Kelsey Henquinet and I will be coordinating the Political Awareness Committee! I am so excited to dive into the political conversation on campus this year.
This summer I am interning in Washington, D.C. and learning about foreign policy. While I am exploring the nation’s capital, I have kept up with the countless events that have happened this summer that have political implication and matter to people all over the world. I have spent countless hours in the history museums and gone monument hunting more than once.

As the PAC Coordinator, I will be working with my committee to host events and bring in speakers about a variety of political topics. From social justice, to environmental issues, to the upcoming elections, PAC will be highlighting issues that are important to Oles and spreading the political conversation. This year, we will not only be focusing on raising awareness about politics, but offering students a variety of ways to get involved, dialogue, and make change on our campus and beyond the hill. PAC will be dedicated to engaging students in both domestic and international topics! Additionally, since election season is around the corner, we will be going the extra mile to become informed voters and engaged citizens!
I am most looking forward to hearing what students are interested in and making sure that PAC is creating an inclusive and informed environment on campus. If you are passionate about an issue or are looking for a way to get involved with the political world, please stop by the office and find me or shoot me an email at

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Kelsey Henquinet

Maria Macaulay – Summer Update

Hi everyone!

I’m Maria Macaulay, SOC Coordinator, rising math and physics major, alto in Cantorei, and volunteer at Head Start preschool. I hope you are all having amazing summers, and I’m so excited for the return of Oles to the Hill!

This summer, I’ve been dividing my time between Physics CURI with Matt Wiebold on the use of plasma in spacecraft propulsion and a cozy dorm room in Mohn, which functions mainly as a Gilmore Girls-streaming hotspot and a barbecue pizza consumption zone. Research has been awesome; we have been finishing up building the experiment, which has introduced me to tools such as the bandsaw, the CNC mill, the soldering iron, the screwdriver, the wrench, and more. It’s been a very enlightening experience. We also just recently made our first plasma, which basically means we turned a Pyrex tube into a giant purple and blue neon light for a few minutes. It’s really cool, and it’s a huge milestone. Now, we are writing computer programs to process and analyze our data. We also make sure to keep our lab snack cupboard well-stocked, so my toddler-like need for Teddy Grahams has been consistently satisfied. Needless to say, I’m having a blast.

As much as I love talking about physics, I’m really excited for the return of students to campus so I can hear about the cool stuff that you all love. My favorite thing about the St. Olaf student body is how varied our interests are, and how determined we are to do what we love.

As SOC Coordinator, I get to be on the forefront of helping students pursue their passions. To help kick off the new semester, SOC puts on the co-curricular fair, your perfect opportunity to peruse the student organizations that Olaf has to offer. For the rest of the year, SOC oversees and provides resources for all student organizations on campus, which means that we have the awesome job of helping students find their passions and get involved in activities and pursuits that they love.

Our central goal this year is to do as much as possible to encourage student participation in our organizations. We want to do as much as we can to make your student organization the best it can be. From this point forward, consider SOC your resource in making your student organization dreams a reality. We are here to help!

If you have any questions about student organizations, or if you are super interested in something and just want to talk, shoot me an email at

I can’t wait to hear from you!
Maria Macaulay
SOC Coordinator, Student Government Association

Tim Bergeland – Summer Update

Hey Oles!

My name is Tim Bergeland, and I am the Executive Assistant for this coming year! Before I begin, I have to say that there is honestly SO much I’d like to write here! I love SGA, and I am so excited to work with you all next year to make the Ole experience the best it can be.

This summer has been a blast for me! After spending a week at home with my family, I’ve been busy giving tours to prospective students and doing other work at the St. Olaf Admissions Office! The funniest tour moment I’ve had was definitely while showing a classroom in Regents. To show the family the whiteboard walls, I accidentally drew a mark on the front wall (not actually a white board) instead of the side walls (which are whiteboards). When I went to erase the squiggle I had made and it didn’t come off, the family I was touring couldn’t help but chuckle at the “lasting mark” I left on campus! In all seriousness though, my favorite part of the job has definitely been bonding with the other 15 student workers. Though we are a pretty eclectic bunch in terms of personality and academic interests, we share a love for helping prospective Oles during the exciting yet daunting college-search process!

While I’m not in the Admissions Office this summer, you’ll likely find me playing soccer, binge-watching Orange is the New Black (anyone else???), or doing Executive Assistant work for SGA. As Executive Assistant, I will oversee the official documents of SGA. My specific duties include taking minutes at Senate meetings, distributing these minutes to interested and/or relevant parties, maintaining the SGA Policy Manual and Bylaws, and completing other administrative tasks for the Admin team!

Next year, I am looking forward to greater student body involvement in student governance processes. I deeply value the strong sense of community we share among us, and I believe that SGA can be a space we use to engage in meaningful dialogue about changes we’d like to see on campus. Please stop by the Office of Student Activities and/or the Oleville Talkbox with all of your thoughts. When you make your voice heard, you make campus a better place! It’s that simple.

Can’t wait to see you all soon!


William Seabrook – Summer Update


I am William Seabrook, the Vice President of the Student Government Association for the 2015-2016 school year. I am a rising senior political science and economics major, and can’t wait to see everyone once we return to the hill.

This summer, my story is set in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C.  I am interning with the Department of Justice in the Environment and Natural Resource Department where my role includes assisting with legal research, creating spreadsheets, and experiencing life as a trial attorney.  The most memorable time in D.C. so far has been seeing the then newly appointed Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, in the Main Justice Building.

My main role as Vice President is to chair our Student Senate, which meets every Tuesday at 6:30PM. Senate looks at a myriad of issues pertaining to the student body.  In the past years we tackled issues involving a smoking ban on campus, environmental issues, and the It’s On Us initiative, which aims to end sexual assault.  In the upcoming year, we want to address issues pertaining to mental health on campus, including but not limited to dealing with stress, fighting mental illnesses, and maintain a community where students feel excited to live. We are planning on having a Town Hall on mental health to discuss student questions and concerns with other students, staff, and members of the President’s Leadership Team. We have heard specific concern about hiring more counselors to the Boe House to reduce the wait time for those requesting an appointment and are discussing how SGA can aid in this process.

During the summer, different facets of the SGA story will be expounded to you by members of the executive team of SGA to explain their role in the upcoming year.  Email with any questions about St. Olaf, Student Government, or with Netflix suggestions.

We can’t wait for you to start the next chapter of St. Olaf history with us.

See you in the fall,
William Seabrook
SGA Vice President


Movies in May!



Finals got you down? Come to Viking Theatre during Finals Week to laugh and have a good time. With multiple movies showing, there’s something for everyone! See the poster for details and showtimes!


Featured Volunteer Org: THOR

Since its founding in September of 2014, The Homeless Outreach (THOR) Project has worked to build a connection between the St. Olaf community and the homeless populations of Northfield and the greater Twin Cities area. By collecting and distributing toiletries, THOR Project hopes to provide necessities while also raising awareness of homelessness in our community. This year, THOR Project has held four collection drives, three for students and one for faculty, and has collected over 233 pounds of toiletry items. All items were donated to the Community Action Center of Northfield and Higher Ground homeless shelter in Minneapolis.

Recently, THOR Project partnered with the Hill Harmonics at their Spring Concert and collected 25 pounds of nonperishable food items and $30 in donations.  Food items were donated to the Community Action Center of Northfield’s food shelf, and the money was donated to the CAC’s Emergency Shelter Relief fund.  Although the year is coming to a close, THOR Project remains busy and just held a chocolate covered banana sale at the Habitat for Humanity Benefit Concert. Before the close of the year, THOR Project will also hold a laundry detergent collection drive.

THOR Project is blown away and truly thankful for the support we have received!  We look forward to serving the needs of many more homeless individuals in Northfield and beyond as our student organization continues to grow.  Next year, we plan on hosting a number of dialogue focused initiatives to raise awareness of homelessness on St. Olaf’s campus, so please stay tuned!

Volunteers in the Community: Men’s Hockey

Even though the hockey season is over, the St. Olaf men’s hockey team has been very busy this spring, volunteering in the campus clean up, with the Special Olympics, and with the Northfield book fair.  Freshman center, Carter Lukenda, said, “It’s been really fun to get out and volunteer because volunteering is all about giving back to the community that calls us one of its own.  When we volunteer, not only do we come together as a team, but it also brings us closer to the community.”  Members of the team participated in a campus-wide clean up on April 18th, took part in the unified sports bean bag toss with the Special Olympics on April 19th, and volunteered to help bring books to and from the book fair at the Pepsi Center in downtown Northfield.  Professor Mark Pernecky reported that his Economic Justice class donated 558 books that the men’s hockey team brought from Holland Hall to the book fair at the Northfield Pepsi Center.  These books helped raise over $1000 for cancer research.

Players also came together to participate in Northfield’s Relay for Life on May 2nd to help support the fight against cancer.  Freshman forward, Drew Otto, said, “I grew up going to Relay For Life with my parents because cancer affected my extended family and I always found it to be a fun time for a good cause. Now that I am older I like to participate because I’ve had friends parents who have suffered through cancer and this is a way to show my support for them and everyone else who struggles through cancer.”  After the Relay For Life, junior forward Andrew Anderson said, “It meant a lot to participate and see the power of community we have here.”  Ole Hockey has had an eventful spring, which has helped them become closer as a team and closer to the campus community.  Make sure to check out their newly created Twitter and Instagram accounts @olemenshockey for more updates and all things Ole Hockey!