Hannah Fedje-Johnston – Summer Update

Hi Oles!

My name is Hannah and I will be serving as the Observer for the Board of Regents Student Committee this year. I am excited to represent student perspectives to the Board of Regents with the rest of my BORSC team.

This summer I spent the months of June and July living and working in St. Paul through St. Olaf’s Social Entrepreneurship Scholars program (SES). I balanced my time interning at the Union Park District Council, hanging with my roommates in the SES house, training for a half marathon and exploring the Twin Cities. In August, I went road tripping to Wyoming with my family and then enjoyed beautiful Northern Minnesota in my hometown.

The Board of Regents Student Committee (BORSC) serves as a liaison between the student body and the St. Olaf Board of Regents. Our primary purpose is to examine and express student concerns, perceptions, and interests to the Regents. The Board of Regents focuses on the long term planning for the college, so we especially aim to provide student feedback surrounding long-term topics. We meet with the Regents twice a year when they visit campus in the fall and spring.

Interested in BORSC or our meetings with the Regents? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Also, make sure to always submit your feedback to the Talk Box- BORSC’s major way of gauging student opinions and concerns! Look for the cute birdhouse in Fireside most days of the week. Also feel free to email me personally with questions or suggestions at fedjejoh@stolaf.edu.

See you all shortly!


Brandon Ca$h – Summer Update

Hello Oles!

My name is Brandon Cash and I am the Marketing and Communications Director for the Student Government Association! In addition to marketing for SGA, I am the Student Hall Coordinator of Hilleboe and Kittelsby Halls, work in the Speech and Cognition Lab, and am a senior studying for a B.M. degree in Elective Studies in Music and Neuroscience and a B.A. degree in Psychology.

Summer’s almost up, but it has been quite the adventure! This summer I was on the hill doing psychology research through the CURI program. Our research looked at developing a training program for adult cochlear implant users, collecting environmental sounds for our database, and designing a test battery to explore the concept of auditory intelligence. I’ve also spent time designing my own research looking at music and emotion, looking at graduate programs, and working on marketing materials for SGA. Now, after about a month in the great city of St. Cloud, MN filled to the brim with lake time, Netflix, and prepping for a great senior year, I’m moved in (Woot, woot, Res Life!) and ready to go!

As the MCD, my job is to ensure that Oles are up-to-date on all things SGA! My role includes tasks such as designing print posters, facilitating SGA social media accounts with my awesome partner Anna Linden, and working with the marketing teams of the SGA branches to best share information about upcoming events and hot topics with you! I also have the opportunity to serve as a resource to student organizations, so if you’re in a club on campus and in need of a little marketing assistance or just want someone to run a project by, I’m your guy!

I’m super pumped for a great year on the hill and most excited to share it all with you! If you’re in need of any and all things marketing, or you just want to stop by and chat, swing by the office and find me or shoot me an email at cash@stolaf.edu.

Peace, blessings, and Um Ya Ya!

Brandon Cash

Nick Nooney – Summer Update

Hi Oles!

I’m Nick Nooney, and I’m the SGA Webmaster for the upcoming year. That means that everything that you see here on Oleville is my responsibility. If you have any feedback or ideas, please let me know! I want to make Oleville an awesome experience for the St. Olaf Student Body.

This summer I completed CURI research here at St. Olaf, where we were researching methods of teaching mathematics without using numbers. It was very interesting, and ask me more about it if you want to learn more. I also worked in the Media Lab here in IT, where I worked on data visualization projects and got to fly a drone. And of course, my summer is not complete without playing loads of volleyball, which in my opinion is the hands-down best sport in the world. I traveled to Chicago to play beach volleyball with my friend Erik, and had an absolute blast. I’ve also been playing a lot of volleyball here in the cities, and if you ever want to play, just let me know. Speaking of volleyball, I am currently working with the St. Olaf Women’s Varsity Volleyball team as a manager. Come to their home games this year, and you’ll find me with the team cheering them on!

Have a great rest of the summer, and I can’t wait to see all of you back here on the hill!
Nick Nooney

Madeleine Stephens – Summer Update

Hello Friends!

My name is Mads, and I’m your other Pause Co-Coordinator for the upcoming year! Mattie and I can’t wait for more pizza and music antics, coming at you soon.

This summer I spent some time appreciating the beauty of my home in the Pacific Northwest while interning with a local performance arts center. Next, I moved to the Bay Area of California to intern with Music@Menlo, a chamber music festival attracting performing artists from all around the world. I was part of the production and stage crew team, which meant lights and mics and working with musicians. The whole time I tried to absorb as much information as possible, noticing how a professional music festival functions and thinking about how to apply what I learned to the Pause.

The Pause is the student-run entertainment venue and kitchen on campus, featuring events such as dances, concerts, comedians–all planned by student groups! The head honchos in charge are part of the Pause Executive Team–a collection of students running the tech, security, and kitchen teams; food supplies, financials, social media, and general facilities. We’ve got a number of ideas for the upcoming year, including improving our social media presence and communication about future events, as well as getting feedback from YOU about pizza and snack concoctions. We’re also currently working on a brand new bunch of lights for the Mane Stage that we’re thrilled to share!

For posts on events and food specials, make sure to like our Facebook page. Also check out Oleville for our reservations page–we host student groups and clubs every weekend, so reserve spaces quickly!

Feel free to email me and/or Mattie at stephens@stolaf.edu and melinm@stolaf.edu. See you all back on the hill soon!

-Madeleine Stephens
Pause Co-Coordinator

Mattie Melin – Summer Update

Hey Oles!

My name is Mattie Melin and here’s my quick update!

This summer I’ve been working at St. Olaf at the Summer Camps and Conference Office. Basically the greatest office in the history of the world. During the school year I work at the Pause! We plan fun events and work with logistics given to us by all the other branches. I’m so excited to for the old and new exciting foods we have the pleasure of producing.

That’s all for now. See you real soon!


Rebecca Kunau – Summer Update

Hi Oles!

I am Rebecca Kunau, rising junior economics and political science major, and your Student Activities Committee Coordinator for the coming academic year. I couldn’t be more excited about seeing you all on campus in just a few short weeks!

This summer, I’ve been in Northfield and Minneapolis, splitting my time between taking photos and building websites for the St. Olaf Media Lab, family bonding, and an internship with a financial firm in the cities. The flexibility of this schedule has allowed me to take the time to explore events all over the Midwest- like sailing on Lake Superior and rocking out at Lollapalooza- and gather ideas about how to build community on the Hill!

The goal of Student Activities Committee is to intentionally build campus community and Ole pride by putting on events that bring students together. We organize Ole traditions like Homecoming Week, President’s Ball, and Senior Days, and are hoping to start some new traditions, too. Come cheer on Ole student-athletes and win SuperFan gear! Catch a movie with your roomie in Viking Theater! Combat illness with Tackle Cancer events and activities! And as just one of ten branches of SGA, there are events for every passion.

For information and event updates from SAC, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, or just add olethelion on Snapchat for up-to-the-minute deets. Event planning sound like your cup of tea? Applications for first years open on September 8th. Join the team!

If you have any suggestions for events, collaborations, or ways to shake up an Ole tradition, shoot me an email me at kunaur@stolaf.edu.
See you soon!


Kathy Trieu – Summer Update

Hello Oles,

I am Kathy Trieu, the Coordinator of Diversity Celebrations Committee (DCC). I am a rising senior with majors in Asian Studies and Political Science. We from DCC are anticipating a fun and eventful year, and we cannot wait for it all to begin!

I’ve had a two-part summer. I spent the first part of my summer in Houston, TX (home!) interning with OCA- Organization of Chinese Americans and working as a camp counselor at the Chinese Community Center. I am currently located in Minneapolis, interning as a St. Olaf Legal Scholar at the University of St. Thomas Legal Services Clinic, where I work alongside lawyers and law students to represent clients who are going through the U.S. immigration process. I development arguments for cases, analyze legal theories, write briefs, investigate, prepare evidence, attend court hearings, and of course, communicate directly with our clients.

As your DCC Coordinator my main responsibilities are to oversee the allocation of funds to DCC organizations and supervise the events we host to celebrate our diversity. Student organizations that are under the DCC umbrella are able to propose budgets for their unique celebrations to DCC for funding. This year, we plan to work more closely with our student organizations to provide support in ways other than financially. There are two events to look forward to coming directly from DCC. In the fall, we will be introducing three days of events and activities to celebrate the foundations and future of hip hop culture in America. And in the spring, we will be hosting a conference for students here and students from other campuses on the topic of intersectionality.

You can keep up with our updates and happenings on Facebook, Instagram: StOlafDCC, Twitter: @StOlafDCC, and of course, here on Oleville. We will be taking applications for first-year representatives soon, so be on the look-out for that information!
Feel free to email me at trieu@stolaf.edu if you have any questions or suggestions.

See you all soon,
Kathy Trieu
DCC Coordinator

Emily Nyberg – Summer Update

Hey Oles,

I’m Emily Nyberg, Coordinator of the Music Entertainment Committee for the 2015-2016 school year. I am a senior vocal performance major and I’m looking forward to seeing the hill be repopulated in a month (sorry if it hadn’t hit you that we only have a month left of break)!

This summer, I’ve been between Northfield and the Twin Cities. During the week, I work in the St. Olaf Media Lab as a Digital Scholarship Intern, making educational/marketing materials for IT and satisfying the technological whims of professors. On the weekends, I intern at First Avenue & 7th Street Entry, where I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about the music business from the perspective of a for-profit venue and explore the sweet Twin Cities music scene. The opera workshop I was in just wrapped up its performances, so I’m taking a bit of a break from singing this week.

My main role as MEC Coordinator is to work with the Music Entertainment Committee to bring unique music events to campus for you to enjoy! MEC is made up of three subcommittees, Mane Stage, Lair/Special Events and Campus Bands. Each have their own different focuses, which range from planning large and small concerts around campus, campus band events and contests, as well as non-performance music events (these are in development, hush hush). This year we’ll be putting a special focus on bringing more local music to campus as well as producing more collaborative events, especially with KSTO Radio, the student run radio station on campus.

For more information about MEC and updates on our upcoming events, like our Facebook page “St. Olaf College Music Entertainment Committee – MEC” and follow up on the information we share right here on Oleville. Interested in getting involved with the committee? We’ll be accepting applications in the early fall for two first year representatives. More information about applications will be on our page in September.

If you have any questions about MEC related issues, collaborations or music suggestions, email nyberg@stolaf.edu.

See you in the fall,
Emily Nyberg
MEC Coordinator

Joe Briesemeister – Summer Update

Hey Oles!

My name is Joe Briesemeister and I will be this year’s SGA Financial Officer. Right now I’m living in Minneapolis with some other Oles and enjoying all the fun things there are to do in the city. In June, I was lucky to visit New York City in preparation for my internship with J.P. Morgan as a summer analyst in the company’s asset management business. I’m having a great summer learning a lot and meeting great people, but I’m excited to get back to campus for an awesome senior year!

As Financial Officer, I am excited to work with students on all financial matters related to student government. This includes setting budget allocations, reconciling credit cards, approving invoices and financial forms, and coordinating with SGA branch financial officers. My biggest goal for the year is to be an approachable and helpful resource for anyone with questions or concerns about SGA funding. I want to make sure that the SGA budget is used efficiently, consciously, and transparently throughout the year.

Come visit me and the rest of the SGA executive team in the Office of Student Activities this fall. I’m happy to talk about the many different ways students can get involved with SGA and tap into the vast resources, financial and otherwise, that this great student association possesses!

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!


Ross Nevin – Summer Update

Hey Oles,

My name is Ross Nevin and I will be coordinating the After Dark Committee this year. I can’t wait to have you all come party with us! This summer I’ve returned to my home I’m Milwaukee, mainly to work at an awesome farm-to-fork restaurant. I’ve also been exploring how the world outside of St. Olaf likes to spend their nights through going to the things like the Eaux Claires music festival.

I’m excited to continue our classic events while also continuing to create new and innovative events that students have never seen before. With ADC this year I want to increase the breadth of our events. This means both the content of our events and the locations. In the first 2 months we will have events ranging from wild dance parties in the Pause, to astrophotography at STOGROW, to showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We want to make every event something unique and something that you’ll want to go tell your friends about! If you have any ideas for an awesome event come by the SGA office or let me know at nevinr@stolaf.edu!