ADC DJ Showcase

Think DJing is the same as pushing play on iTunes? Come to the ADC DJ Showcase this Saturday to see our student DJ’s show off their skills! Taking place in 3 honor houses, this promises to be one of the most unique events of the year. Find your favorite DJ right away and stay the whole night or go to one of the other houses to find your groove. Come to the ADC table in the vacant lot next to French house to grab a snack and vote on your favorite.

Set Times:

French House (Schmidt)

  • 10:00 Electronic Evening (Sean + Evan)
  • 11:30 Shake and Bake (Jon, Sam, Wasim)

German House (Holstad)

  • 10:45 Adam Kilbo
  • 11:30 The Martian (Greg Martin)

Diversity Awareness House (Hugenvik)

  • 10:00 Yung Adult (Ross Nevin)
  • 11:30 DJ Toasty (Jesus Caballero)

Meet Janet Hanson

As part of our St. Olaf Bios series, BORSC would like to introduce you to Janet Hanson.

Though Janet Hanson is new to St. Olaf, she is definitely not new to her job. Ms. Hanson has been at St. Olaf since March of 2014, serving as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the college, but she spent 25 years in similar roles at three different Universities in Wisconsin. Though she was not actively pursuing a job, Ms. Hanson took the position at St. Olaf because, “When some openings come available, you just can’t pass them up.” It didn’t hurt her decision that her hiring manager at her previous position was an Ole alum who often spoke about the great community on the Hill. The true serendipity of her accepting the position at Olaf is that her career started thanks to a connection with an Ole, and she now intends to end her career here.

A typical day for Ms. Hanson starts around 7:15am, and she spends much of her time working with the President’s Leadership Team and taking meetings regarding policies and miscellaneous topics. While Hanson does not regularly interact with students (due to her job duties, office location, etc.), her favorite part of her job is that she supports the development of future leaders. Hanson gets some involvement with the student body by attending athletic and theatre events as well as supporting students in various other activities. You can also find Ms. Hanson in Boe, where she enjoys attending services she describes as, “a 20 minute respite and a chance to take a break, sit in a place knowing the surroundings, and get away from the busyness.” Ms. Hanson wants students to know that she is a resource when they need help. If students have an issue in her related area, she wants them to feel comfortable speaking with her.

Ms. Hanson spends her time away from the Hill reading, baking, cooking, camping, travelling, and riding on her husband’s motorcycle (most recently in the Lake Superior Tour). The couple recently moved to the Northfield area, and they are loving it.


Meet Michael Goodson

We are pleased to introduce Michael Goodson to you, as part of our St. Olaf Bios series.

Hailing from Kansas City (and devoted to their sports teams), Michael Goodson has made the long trek north to become one of St. Olaf’s most recent hires. Not only is he new to the Hill, but he is also new to working in higher education as well! As the VP for Human Resources, Goodson serves the college through a three prong strategy of helping us to be stewards of culture, champions of talent, and coaches of leaders. Working in HR has led Goodson to deeply value employees as the most valuable asset of any company or educational institution. In fact, the people on the HIll are one of Goodson’s favorite parts of working here. Because Goodson’s job does not include frequent face time with students, he is intentional in striking up conversations and networking with them when he can.


Though Goodson has been working at St. Olaf for just over a year, he has already integrated himself into campus life. When he’s performing his job duties, Goodson can be found in the Cage getting coffee as frequently as we students do. He has also taken to visiting the Office of Student Activities–both to connect with students and to take advantage of the free popcorn.


Goodson’s passion for his work and the St. Olaf community is evident when he talks about his job and the people whose lives his work affects. If you see him on campus, you can always strike up a conversation about some of his recent hiking excursions Over the last 4 years, Goodson has climbed 3 Fourteeners in Colorado (Mt. Holy Cross, Mt. Elbert and Mt. Missouri). He also volunteers on the Board of Minnesota Chapter of the American Red Cross and serves on the finance committee of his local church.



Meet Cindy Woods

Our favorite thing about Cindy Woods is her joyous personality. After fourteen years working at St. Olaf, she still says her favorite part of her job is interacting with the students. In her role as a Tostrud custodian, Ms. Woods visits with people in the athletic facility and takes the opportunity to watch various sporting events. Students are lucky that Woods so enjoys working with other people, because she really is a treat to have on campus. One of Woods’ other campus pleasures is listening to the memorial wind chimes, which she says “ sound like the beautiful melody of singing…almost as if they are alive and breathing.” When Woods isn’t on the Hill, she enjoys long walks near her home in Nerstrand and having coffee with her husband in the morning. Woods also owns her own cleaning business in addition to her work at St. Olaf!

Meet Laura Mascotti

St. Olaf Bios continues with the introduction of Laura Mascotti.

If you are involved in student government–or if you have a sweet tooth–chances are you know Laura Mascotti. For the past eight years, Ms. Mascotti has been brightening St. Olaf’s campus. Before coming to the Hill, Laura was employed at Gustavus college, but left that position to be closer to her family. Now, Laura serves as the Administrative Assistant in the Office of Student Activities, a position through which she interacts daily with students. Some of her best interactions, however, come from outside the office: she has travelled abroad with the volleyball team, and many students think of her as an “adopted auntie.”

While she’s at work, Laura lives an atypical life; her work is entirely dependent on whatever task Student Government is undertaking. In her free time, Laura enjoys bringing her dog Wilbur to outdoor St. Olaf events, watching movies, working out, and enjoying time with her nieces and nephews. Her favorite travel destination abroad is Italy,  and Colorado when she travels domestically. As for St. Olaf, her favorite places are the quad and Buntrock Commons, which comes as no surprise, considering her social disposition. If there was one thing she would want every St. Olaf student to know it would be to “enjoy each day, and smile.” Laura enjoys keeping in contact with Ole alum and has even attended some of their weddings.



Meet Pastor Matt Marohl

St. Olaf Bios is thrilled to introduce you to Pastor Matt.

Matt Marohl is finishing up his third year as College Pastor at St. Olaf. Before coming to the Hill, Pastor Matt received a PhD in New Testament from the University of St Andrews (St Andrews, Scotland), taught, and served as a pastor. When he heard about the position at St Olaf from a friend, he thought it served as the perfect mix between the two. Indeed, Pastor Matt has found his time on the Hill enjoyable, specifically the fact that much of his time is spent with students, either one-on-one or with small groups.

Daily interaction with students for Marohl typically takes place through meetings, pastoral care, and discussing life issues. Sometimes this happens informally at The Cage or walking around campus, but almost every program he participate in involves students. If he could share one message with students, it’s that “grace is real.”

Outside of St. Olaf, Pastor Matt spends time with his wife and two daughters, Noa (8) and Greta (5). Additionally, he plays music and is an avid music nut. Marohl spends his free time reading record reviews, music bios, and collecting CDs; his house is filled with cassette cases and albums. This passion for music is evident in that he has been playing for about 20 years, including pedal and steel guitar. If you’re lucky, you can spot Marohl performing with his band.

Pastor Matt says, “I love my job! I have the best job in the world. It is an honor to serve as a pastor to the students at St Olaf College. “



Meet your SAC Shark Tank Winner!

Anybody else miss Norway Valley Café? Well Marissa Melius, this year’s SAC Shark Tank winner, definitely does! Marissa came up with and presented SAC with her idea for an event, Norway Valley Café Remembrance Day. She proposed that for this event, a mock-up café be built in Regents as a way to mourn the loss of this café, and get some free coffee! We sat down with Marissa to learn a bit about this event  and the woman behind the idea!

Tell us a bit about yourself! Major, Class, Random Fun Facts?“I am a Bio Major, Class of 2018, Random Fun Fact: My Shoulders can pop out of their sockets… which is cool!”

Tell us about the the event you presented to SAC!“My event is going to be a coffee day in Regents where the old Norway Valley Cafe used to be. This is a chance to both remake the old cafe and mourn it… I really missing having a cafe there! It will be a day where people can stop by, make drinks, and caffeinate!”

What was your inspiration for this event? Why is it special for you? 
“Norway Valley Cafe was my inspiration! This event is special to me because I spend half my life in Regents already, and that little tiny automatic coffee machine doesn’t cut it! The cage is too far away and I never want to walk all the way there!”
What are your thoughts on SAC Shark Tank? Was it an easy process? “I came up with this idea because someone persuaded me to participate in SAC Shark Tank! The whole process was really easy and I am still so surprised I won!”
When was the last time you heard the bagpipes being played?
“Around 2012, when my family and I were at a music festival and they sang Danny Boy with bagpipe accompaniments!”
1%, 2%, Skim, Whole or Soy?
“Almond! I don’t like soy and I am lactose intolerant.”
Why should people attend this event?

What can/can’t Pub Safe do when searching rooms?

 “What can/can’t Pub Safe do when searching rooms? What rights do we as students have?”

Director of Public Safety, Fred C. Behr suggests that: The College respects the privacy of students and their rooms. College policy states, student rooms can be searched only with the authorization (written or verbal) of the Dean of Students (or his/her designee). The reasons for the search must be clearly stated and 2 or more people are present during the search. Any items found in violation of College policy shall be removed and a written report submitted to the Dean of Students.Generally, when activities occur in a student room that disrupt others living on the floor or the community in general, the College may be forced to address the situation. Typically, these activities center around noise complaints and hall staff will address the complaint with the residents. Hall staff would not search a room in these cases but if while talking to the residents they see violations of college policy, they would address those.

There are other times when Public Safety is called into a residence hall by hall staff who are reporting a marijuana smell coming from a room. Public Safety will talk with the residents and determine if in their mind, there has been a violation of college policy. Sometimes the responding officers will simply ask for all marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the room and the occupants comply with this request. If not, and the officer feels there has been a violation of college policy but the students are not being  cooperative, the officer may contact the Dean of Student on call, explain the situation to the Dean and let the Dean decide if a search is warranted or not and proceed from there. Sometimes a search is authorized and other times it is not. If a search is authorized, Public Safety (with assistance from an Area Coordinator at times) will conduct the search. The results of the search will be documented and submitted to the Dean of Students.

In other cases, the Dean of Students Office themselves will contact Public Safety and ask them to search a room suspected of dealing drugs. In these cases, the written/verbal authorization is obtained and Public Safety would conduct the search. Public Safety officers would proceed to the room along with an Area Coordinator (if possible), explain the search authorization to the residents and conduct the search. The results of the search will be documented and submitted to the Dean of Students.

If your roommate dies you get all A’s?

Response from Dean Rosalyn Eaton-Neeb:

This is a rumor Dean Roz has heard on almost every campus she has worked! The answer is no, you do not get all As if a roommate or immediately family member dies. It is true, however, that the college will work with students when deaths occur in their lives to evaluate whether their course load is too much, whether extensions need to be sought, and to help them find the right resources to deal with trauma and grief.

I don’t feel comfortable here as a white male at this college.

(Note: this is paraphrased from a conversation–this is not a direct quote of writing). Bruce King, the Assistant to the President for Insitutional Diversity, says:

There is legitimacy to this students’ concern. We live in a historical moment where some people are waking up and being forced to think about issues they have never been confronted with before. Comfort zones are changing, and new voices are being heard. As a result, for the first time, many white men are becoming conscious of the fact that they are white men. This particular student has probably never walked into a room and wondered where to go–he has always had a spot at the table where he knows his place, his race, his gender, and his power will not be questioned. This particular student probably feels uncomfortable with being called to understand his own identity (perhaps for the first time) and to understand how it fits in with the identities of others. It is not an issue of safety so much as an issue of needing to articulate what it means to be a white male in this world today. It can be scary to confront one’s own privilege, power, and place, but ultimately that is what the world is calling this student to do today.