ADC SkyZone Trampoline Park Night

Get ready to jump around! Friday, April 24th 8:40pm-Midnight join ADC at SkyZone Trampoline Park! The whole facility is rented out JUST FOR US! Pizza will be provided as well as transportation to SkyZone. Sign up on Oleville or look for ADC outside the caf.

SkyZone is an indoor trampoline park, combining fun and fitness. The park contains a giant trampoline warehouse, a dodgeball room, basketball courts, and a foam zone. SkyZone has been voted the #1 “Out of the Box” workout and the “Best Party Ever.”  Make sure you jump in on this opportunity!

Buses will leave from Buntrock at 8:40pm for SkyZone. We have the facility from 10pm to midnight. Expected return to campus is 1am.

Note – spaces are limited. This means that by signing up, we are expecting you to show up! Sign up below and make sure to fill out a SkyZone waiver form attached!

PR Request

There’s Still Time to Apply!

Hey Oles!

Our Student Government Association has an incredible number of resources to improve our experience of St. Olaf College. Across 10 different branches, 200 student organizations, through the gamut of interest, there is something for every Ole.  We feel passionately with equipping students the ability to put their ideas to action whether it’s with event planning, promoting diversity awareness, or improving St. Olaf’s curriculum requirements.  Put your passions into action and join one of SGA’s 10 branches or the Administrative Team!

There’s still time to jump on this opportunity. Applications close tonight at midnight on Oleville.

We can’t wait till next year and are excited to help you put your ideas to work.

John and William

Presente: International Worker’s Day March

The International Worker’s Day March on May 1st, 2015 is a peaceful march that have been happening in Minneapolis for the past few years. It begins at 2:30pm on Lake St & Nicollet Ave and ends at the Minneapolis Government Center. At 5:00pm a rally will be held at the Minneapolis Government Center.

A bus will be departing from Buntrock at 1pm and drop off students near Nicollet Ave & Lake St. The bus will be picking students up near the Minneapolis Government Center at 6pm and therefore arrive to St. Olaf by 7pm.

Note: the exact drop off and pick up location in Minneapolis will be clarified the day of.

Registration link. 


Profile: PC Music

Increasingly the term PC Music is dropped in conversation as a scene or a subgenre. Maybe, but it’s technically a music label begun by A.G. Cook in London 2013. Cook’s eclectic group of musicians created a unique sound that has skyrocketed in popularity during the past two years, especially after Pitchfork ranked SOPHIE’s “Bipp” as the 17th best track of 2013, A.G. Cook’s “Beautiful” as the 30th best track of 2014, SOPHIE’s double-sided single “Lemonade” and “Hard” as the 21st best track of 2014, and QT’s “Hey QT” as the 14th best track of 2014. The genre’s candy cuteness has drawn many comparisons to the Japanese concept of kawaii (likely in reaction to the dark-leaning tendencies that have dominated underground electronic music in the past decades), but also exhibits some of America’s curiosity with the 1990s. It’s not totally clear how many artists are on the label, but some notables include QT (above), Hannah Diamond, Princess Bambi, and GFOTY. SOPHIE (below) is independent from the label but he has done several collaborations with A.G. Cook and stands in as a sort of honorary member of the label.

Featured Volunteer Org: Science Alliance

As a STEM educational outreach program, the Science Alliance creates hands-on, accessible, and engaging activities for students and teachers alike. We develop memorable and relevant curricula by creating inquiry-based opportunities using exciting materials and incorporating district and state standards. Through our hands-on, active curriculum, the Science Alliance changes the way we think about science education; instead of having students see science, we help them do science.

Science Alliance volunteers have brought an enthusiasm for learning science to students in a number of different settings. We’ve explored individual classroom visits and after-school visits to smaller groups of students, but we’ve also done alternative visits with groups such as the Girl Scouts, brought classrooms up to the hill for a day touring the wind turbine and Regents, and participated in community events in Northfield. Despite the range of implementation models, the Science Alliance maintains a consistent goal in sparking excitement for science in the students we work with, providing for volunteers a meaningful outreach opportunity, and working with teachers to provide support where we can in their classroom.

This year the Science Alliance has been focused on our new after-school program and we’re always looking for new volunteers! If you’re interested in working with the Science Alliance to inspire students whether you are a science major, education major, music major, or any other major email us at and we’ll be happy to have a conversation with you about how you might get involved!

Featured Volunteer Org: Serving Our Society

Serving our Society (SOS) is a volunteer and awareness organization on campus. Currently we are working on becoming more involved at Ruth’s House in Faribault and have members volunteering regularly. In addition to these volunteering opportunities we have had regular meetings where we discuss multiple issues in current society.

Spring Concert: Betty Who

Are you ready for an 80’s dance party extravaganza? Are you ready to get lost in neon lights and synthpop eurphoria? Are you ready to have the night of your life? Then Betty Who, the Music Entertainment Committee’s Spring Concert 2015 headliner, is ready for you.

One of pop music’s most promising rising stars, Betty Who’s debut album, Glory Days, ranked #4 in Billboard’s Top Ten Pop Albums of 2014 and included both of her Billboard #1 Dance Hits, “Somebody Loves You” and “All of You.” Who’s album, filled with inescapable melodic hooks, quickly took the music world by storm. Even Katy Perry took notice – she took Who on tour with her for Perry’s 2014 Prismatic World Tour.

Even though Betty Who is currently touring around the world with both Kiesza and Kylie Minogue, she’s taking a day of to come and party with the students of St. Olaf!

Known for her electric live performance, Who is sure to make April 17th a night you won’t want to miss. Who is ready? You are.

Tickets are on sale now for $3 at