Movies in May!



Finals got you down? Come to Viking Theatre during Finals Week to laugh and have a good time. With multiple movies showing, there’s something for everyone! See the poster for details and showtimes!


Featured Volunteer Org: THOR

Since its founding in September of 2014, The Homeless Outreach (THOR) Project has worked to build a connection between the St. Olaf community and the homeless populations of Northfield and the greater Twin Cities area. By collecting and distributing toiletries, THOR Project hopes to provide necessities while also raising awareness of homelessness in our community. This year, THOR Project has held four collection drives, three for students and one for faculty, and has collected over 233 pounds of toiletry items. All items were donated to the Community Action Center of Northfield and Higher Ground homeless shelter in Minneapolis.

Recently, THOR Project partnered with the Hill Harmonics at their Spring Concert and collected 25 pounds of nonperishable food items and $30 in donations.  Food items were donated to the Community Action Center of Northfield’s food shelf, and the money was donated to the CAC’s Emergency Shelter Relief fund.  Although the year is coming to a close, THOR Project remains busy and just held a chocolate covered banana sale at the Habitat for Humanity Benefit Concert. Before the close of the year, THOR Project will also hold a laundry detergent collection drive.

THOR Project is blown away and truly thankful for the support we have received!  We look forward to serving the needs of many more homeless individuals in Northfield and beyond as our student organization continues to grow.  Next year, we plan on hosting a number of dialogue focused initiatives to raise awareness of homelessness on St. Olaf’s campus, so please stay tuned!

Volunteers in the Community: Men’s Hockey

Even though the hockey season is over, the St. Olaf men’s hockey team has been very busy this spring, volunteering in the campus clean up, with the Special Olympics, and with the Northfield book fair.  Freshman center, Carter Lukenda, said, “It’s been really fun to get out and volunteer because volunteering is all about giving back to the community that calls us one of its own.  When we volunteer, not only do we come together as a team, but it also brings us closer to the community.”  Members of the team participated in a campus-wide clean up on April 18th, took part in the unified sports bean bag toss with the Special Olympics on April 19th, and volunteered to help bring books to and from the book fair at the Pepsi Center in downtown Northfield.  Professor Mark Pernecky reported that his Economic Justice class donated 558 books that the men’s hockey team brought from Holland Hall to the book fair at the Northfield Pepsi Center.  These books helped raise over $1000 for cancer research.

Players also came together to participate in Northfield’s Relay for Life on May 2nd to help support the fight against cancer.  Freshman forward, Drew Otto, said, “I grew up going to Relay For Life with my parents because cancer affected my extended family and I always found it to be a fun time for a good cause. Now that I am older I like to participate because I’ve had friends parents who have suffered through cancer and this is a way to show my support for them and everyone else who struggles through cancer.”  After the Relay For Life, junior forward Andrew Anderson said, “It meant a lot to participate and see the power of community we have here.”  Ole Hockey has had an eventful spring, which has helped them become closer as a team and closer to the campus community.  Make sure to check out their newly created Twitter and Instagram accounts @olemenshockey for more updates and all things Ole Hockey!



Featured Volunteer Org: Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House Club is a newer club on campus that is working to spread the word about our cause! We work with Ronald McDonald House Charities to support the families of children receiving long-term medical treatment by providing them housing free of charge along with a place for them to cook, and their children to play. In order to help this cause we work both on and off campus. On campus, we organize fundraisers, pop-tab collections, and host events and monthly meetings to spread the word about our club. Off campus, we volunteer at the house to make meals for families staying there, make crafts or do activities with them, or simply talk and connect to them to let them know that they are supported through their struggles.

Recently, RMHC has been working to get pop tab collection started in the dorms, and is doing a campus wide collection until May 4th. We also worked to raise money through tip jar collections and pizza delivery so we could cook a meal for the kids and their families at the house. We were able to make enough money to feed over 60 people at the house a delicious Italian dinner! While it has been a great year for RMHC, we are already starting our plans to have an even better year next year. Our rising president, Erin Riley, is working to make sure RMHC continues to grow as an organization and do the greatest work for the most people it can both on and off campus through Ronald McDonald House Charities.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact:

Kristin Heslep (

Zoe Kosmas (

Erin Riley (


Start searching your closets for your neonest neons and your whitest whites, cause it’s almost time to Highlight the Night! On Friday May 8, the Student Activities Committee (SAC) is hosting the last Pause dance of the year: HIGHLIGHTER 2015! Mark your calendars, because this is a day you won’t want to miss. After hearing the tunes of campus bands on the quad and ADC’s Electric Run, head to the Pause from 10:00pm-1:00am for a luminescent event filled with music, dancing, snacks, and glow sticks like you’ve never seen them before. SAC will be distributing a FREE Highlighter GIFT this year on a first come, first serve basis. Doors open at 10 so come early to get your gift!

Applications for the SGA Marketing Team are LIVE!

Are you a coding wizard? Do you consider yourself a Photoshop guru? How about a genius photographer? Do you simply want to get involved with SGA? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we have the perfect job for you: the SGA Marketing Team!

SGA is looking to fill out its Marketing Team by hiring passionate and excited Oles who have a wide variety of marketing skills. There are currently positions available for Branch Marketing and Communications Officers, the Marketing and Communications Director’s Assistant, the Webmaster’s Assistant, and SGA Photographers. Links to all applications can be found HERE. We encourage all interested students to apply, regardless of experience! All positions will require a short interview with the Marketing and Communications Director (MCD) or Webmaster for the upcoming year. If you have any questions about specific positions or SGA marketing in general, feel free to contact:

Brandon Cash, MCD –
Nick Nooney, Webmaster –

Pizza For Nepal

This Friday and Saturday, the Pause will be donating 100% of pizza profits to relief efforts for the recent earthquake in Nepal, but we need your help! Your pizza habit will go to a really good cause THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

Our goal is to raise $1,000, but we cannot do it alone! Any slices, deliveries, or specials will also count towards our goal. We hope you will join us in helping fundraise by purchasing a Pizza for Nepal. Please limit your orders to 3 pizzas, or submit a large order form 24 hours in advance.

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Last updated: May 4, 12:40pm

Donate your Meal to Refugees and Asylum Seekers!

“I would never have come to St. Olaf without the aid of some genuine and resourceful individuals. As a refugee from Iraq , education in the United States seems like a foreign idea. However, the Criders household supported me by volunteering to host my family. Since I have no idea how the college system worked here, it was very hard for me to pick a college. My parents did not speak English and knew less about the college system than I did. Despite that, in my Junior year, the family of the Criders decided to help me. They provided me with many books to read and prepared me for the ACT (At the time, my English was very bad but I really wanted to learn, so I read many books).  In the summer of my Junior year, they drove me to colleges in Illinois and prepared me really well for interviews. Later that summer, they drove me to Minnesota and we stayed there for a week to look for colleges. This eventually led me to St.Olaf (It was my last visit), which was the only school that I applied to. Through RAS, I am planning to create a program called the Volunteer Mentoring Program. The goal of the program is to engage St. Olaf Students with immigrants and help them find jobs, education opportunities, and friendship.” – Karem Muksed ’17

Donate your Meal

  • This person should be the main contact for the event.
  • :
  • Please be specific.

About Arrive Ministries

The Volunteer Mentoring Program will cooperate with Arrive Ministries to serve refugee clientele to help them secure jobs and teach them basic skills necessary for their complete independence in the United States. The money raised in the Cafe Fast will go towards these refugees who require assistance with their everyday lives. This program will facilitate self-sustainability in the refugee community.You can help by donating your meal below.

If you’re interested in assisting with the program, we are looking for volunteers!

VOLUNTEERS serve refugees. You will act as a mentor to a refugee family,  depending on the case, you will provide them services in the following categories such as

Professional Development: Helping refugees identify what skills and strengths they have, either innately or on account of their experiences, is an important step in the job search. Refugees will need to learn how to communicate those skills effectively to potential employers and how to acquire new ones that they are lacking to be employable in the U.S.

Basic skills: Many refugees come to the U.S. lacking basic skills necessary for most jobs (e.g. reading, math, computer, google maps, writing etc.)  Identify which skills client is lacking and offer introductory training accordingly. Focus on  computer (word processing), math (addition, subtraction, fractions, percentages), using internet to find bus routes (google maps),  communication (approaching potential employers),  English (employment vocabulary).

Job Searching: Having limited English, computer access, or knowledge of the Minnesota job market, refugees find it difficult to pursue employment on their own. Teach clients how to search job boards, understand qualification requirements, and complete online applications by recognizing key words and answering questions accurately. This will equip clients to find their second or third employment in the future if they choose to do so.

Interview Coaching: Once we have submitted applications for our clients, the next step in the employment process is an interview. As an interview coach, you will help clients practice phone screenings and teach them how to talk about himself or herself in an interview setting, focusing on tell me about a time when you had to… questions, as refugees find those to be the most challenging.

On-going support: After a client has obtained a job, he or she still needs support in navigating U.S. job culture. Work with the client on employment-specific English vocabulary, dealing with conflict in the workplace, and professional development opportunities to move towards a better position.

Through Arrive Ministries, we are asking for 4-6 week minimum commitment. We will try to accommodate your specific interests (I.e. location, gender, ethnicity, skills) when placing you with a refugee. Our hope is that even after your commitment is up you would still be available to continue on in your relationship with this client.

Information courtesy of Arrive Ministries.

Find more about us on Facebook.

ADC Electric Run


ARE YOU READY TO RUN? The highly anticipated 2nd Annual ADC Electric Run, part of SGA’s Olepalooza, is Friday, May 8 at 9pm! This fun walk/run is open to ALL Oles of ALL athletic abilities. Come run with Oles and see the campus come to life with spectacular light shows and pump up music throughout the route provided by ADC and Pause Tech.

Register on Oleville anytime between now and Thursday, May 7 at 7:30pm to be eligible to run. Runners will receive number bibs in their PO’s on Friday, May 8 in order to race. Gather underneath the Buntrock/Boe tunnel at 9pm and the run will begin promptly after. Customized ADC FANNY PACKS will be distributed to the first 600 to show!! This will be an electrifying event you will NOT want to miss!

BONUS: Share the ADC Electric Run event on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win a customized ADC drawstring backpack!


ADC DJ Showcase

Think DJing is the same as pushing play on iTunes? Come to the ADC DJ Showcase this Saturday to see our student DJ’s show off their skills! Taking place in 3 honor houses, this promises to be one of the most unique events of the year. Find your favorite DJ right away and stay the whole night or go to one of the other houses to find your groove. Come to the ADC table in the vacant lot next to French house to grab a snack and vote on your favorite.

Set Times:

French House (Schmidt)

  • 10:00 Electronic Evening (Sean + Evan)
  • 11:30 Shake and Bake (Jon, Sam, Wasim)

German House (Holstad)

  • 10:45 Adam Kilbo
  • 11:30 The Martian (Greg Martin)

Diversity Awareness House (Hugenvik)

  • 10:00 Yung Adult (Ross Nevin)
  • 11:30 DJ Toasty (Jesus Caballero)