Carnival in Venice!

Come join ADC this Friday, February 24th at 10:00 P.M. in BC 143 to celebrate Carnevale! Carnevale is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy that involves celebrating and elaborate masks, so we will be having our own celebration with candy, games, and even mask making! This is going to be a fantastic event, so we hope to see you there!

Senate Recap 2.21.17

Yesterday at Senate we heard from Sarah and Khaled (two student representatives on the GE Reform Committee) on the progress they’ve made. Senate and guests students then split into small groups for a discussion & share out of our opinions and suggestions for the general education system at St. Olaf. After concluding this discussion, Senate passed a number of constitution amendments that will go to the student body in the form of a referendum on March 9th as well as a few other proposals so the bylaws better reflect current SGA practices.

Here is a link to the minutes!

Senate Recap 2.14.17

Senate heard from Suzie Nakasian, a Northfield City Council Member, on plans to create a rail from Northfield to St. Paul and connecting to other cities south of Northfield. They have been experiencing some push-back in the Minnesota House of Representatives and reached out to St. Olaf to encourage students to contact the House committee on transportation and their representatives to show a desire for a rail and pressure them to allow the bill a hearing. Senate also discussed policy manual changes pertaining to elections. The new proposal that passed clarified situations where students or organizations would make their own materials in support of a candidate and how that impact candidates budgets.

Here is a link to the minutes!

Throwback Dance!

Get ready to remember the good ol’ days this Friday, February 17th, at 10 P.M. in the Pause as we celebrate the 90s and early 2000s with the Throwback Dance! Grab your moon boots and neon windbreakers and get ready to get jiggy wit it. This dance is going to be off the hook, so we better see you there!

Cupid’s CandleLIT Stroll!

It’s that time of year again and love is in the air! Grab a date (or some friends of course!) and come on down to the Art Barn this Friday, February 10th, at 9:30 P.M. to join ADC on a candleLIT stroll through the natural lands. We will also have hot chocolate and some good ol’ Frank Sinatra playing in the Art Barn for warming up, although it’s actually looking to be pretty nice outside this Friday – for Minnesota, anyway! 🙂 Hope to see you there!

Senate Recap 2/7/17

This week, Senate heard from Matthew Gustafson from the Parent and Alumni Relations Office. He shared his departments goals to connect with students, provide meaningful experiences, and engage alumni. The Parent and Alumni Office provides many ways for students to get involved with opportunities like reunion weekend, black and gold gala, etc. Senate also talked over two proposals: one to clarify the consent agenda proposals and the other to discuss election bylaws which was referred back to the bylaws subcommittee.

Here is a link to the minutes!

Campus Referendum 2/7/17

The Results are In!

Shall Article III, Section II of the SGA Constitution be amended so that the International Senator is elected during spring elections rather than during fall elections?
Yes 94.47% (239)
No 5.53% (14)
Shall Article III, Section II of the SGA Constitution be amended so that the Multicultural Senator is elected during spring elections rather than during fall elections?
Yes 91.3% (231)
No 8.7% (22)

How did campus do?

8.676% of St. Olaf students voted in this election.

Class of 2017

9.077% of the class voted in this election.

Class of 2018

12.445% of the class voted in this election.

Class of 2019

10.897% of the class voted in this election.

Class of 2020

3.452% of the class voted in this election.

Top Dorm?

Ytterboe Hall

had the most students vote in the election with a total of 46 votes

Senate Recap 1/24/17

Hey everyone!!

Couple of reminders:
Inclusivity Mandate Proposal; PASSED
Election Commission Chair Appointment Proposal; PASSED
Consent Agenda Clarifications Proposal; TABLED
Election Policy Updates Proposal; TABLE
Chairs remember to send your attendance & bullet points to Chair Bresnahan.


Here is a link to the minutes!

Community Development Week Recap

Description: Volunteer Network completed Community Development Week and had a huge success!
Students volunteered with in the Northfield Community at the Clothes Closet, Greenvale Community School, Northfield Retirement Community, and the YMCA’s Kid’s Night Out. Additionally, VN partnered with Carleton to host speaker events and connect with students off the hill. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these community members please email Megan at Thank you to all who were involved in Community Development Week!

Student Life Senator Application

Interested in serving as the Student Life Senator for the semester?
Click here
to go to the application form.

As the Student Life Senator, you will sit on the Faculty Student Life Committee and provide input on various academic and administrative policies that affect the student body. Over the past year, the Faculty Student Life Committee has addressed issues such as academic integrity, inclusiveness on campus, class registration during Week One, and Title IX/Sexual Assault training. The Student Life Senator also has a special duty to keep SGA accountable to the student body. Outside of Senate commitments, your major duties will include:
-Attending full Student Life Committee meetings (every other week)
-Chairing meetings of the student committee members (every other week)
-Communicating once a semester with the head of IIT and once a semester with the Assistant to the President for Institutional Diversity
-Stay informed of student life issues on campus and bring those issues to SGA, the faculty, and the administration

We look forward to seeing your applications.