Disney Channel Challenge (04/28/2017)

Ever catch yourself listening to Hannah Montana on Spotify? Still wish you had an animated friend like Lizzie McGuire? Or do you just really want to prove to your friends that you have the best Disney Channel knowledge?? Come to the Den on Friday, April 28th from 7-9 PM to play Disney Channel Scene It and draw your best Mickey head with a glowstick! You could also win a movie poster or Disney Channel stickers! And remember: life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock!

SAAB Referendum Results

The Results are In!

Shall Article III Section III of the SGA Constitution be amended to add the Student Athlete Advisory Board Liaison as a non-voting member of Senate?
Yes 81.98% (455)
No 18.02% (100)

How did campus do?

18.979% of St. Olaf students voted in this election.

Class of 2017

18.608% of the class voted in this election.

Class of 2018

22.401% of the class voted in this election.

Class of 2019

19.559% of the class voted in this election.

Class of 2020

16.19% of the class voted in this election.

Mystery Egg Hunt!

If you’re on campus this weekend, be sure to attend ADC’s Mystery Egg Hunt! Come join us on the quad this Saturday, April 15th, at 10 P.M.┬áto partake in this egg-cellent event. The “mystery” behind the egg hunt is that there will be smaller eggs with clues in them that should lead you to bigger eggs – it’s sure to be an egg-citing time! Have an egg-ceptional break and we hope you can make it to this Mystery Egg Hunt egg-stravaganza!

Response to the Travel Ban

The following resolution was recently passed unanimously by the Student Senate:

Be it resolved by the Student Senate of St. Olaf College that: we stand in solidarity with our fellow St. Olaf students, faculty, and staff who are affected by Executive Order 13769 and any further revisions (the immigration ban).

Be it further resolved that: we affirm, support, and welcome members of the St. Olaf community from around the world.

Be it further resolved that: we do not condone policy that inhibits the ability of students, regardless of their national origin, from receiving an education at St. Olaf College.

Be it further resolved that: we promise to strengthen our commitment to reject racism in its many forms, including institutional racism, microaggressions, and hate crimes.

Be it further resolved that: the Student Senate of St. Olaf College stands against the institution of an immigration ban of any sort on basis of a people’s’ race, creed, color, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin and ancestry, age, disability, genetic information, veterans’ status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other legally protected group status.

If you would like to view the same statement in it’s proposal format, click here.

Campus Referendum: SAAB Liason

The following was passed in Senate on Tuesday, April 4th. Students will have the opportunity to vote on the following question on Tuesday, April 18th on Oleville.

SAAB Liaison Proposal

Date: 4/4/17

By: Sen. Bang, Internal Affairs Chair
Sen. Casey, Senate Investigators Chair
Megan Skelly, Liza Dawley, and Jack Goldstein; SAAB Presidents
Internal Affairs Committee
Bylaws Committee

Purpose: To create the position of Student Athlete Advisory Board Liaison

Whereas the Student Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) has requested that SGA create a position that will allow for greater representation of athletes in SGA and greater collaboration between SAAB and SGA

Whereas the creation of such a position improves the accountability, inclusiveness, and representativeness of the Senate body; therefore be it

[1] Resolved that the following amendments shall be made to the SGA Bylaws:

Article XII Section D- Senate Liaisons
4. Student Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) Liaison
The purpose of the SAAB Liaison shall be to promote communication and collaboration between SGA and SAAB.
Two students shall be jointly appointed by SAAB in conjunction with the SGA President-elect and Vice President-elect to serve in this position. This joint appointment shall be subject to Senate confirmation, and the appointment must be confirmed in the academic year preceding the academic year in which the SAAB Liaison shall serve.
Only one student at a time shall hold the title and fulfill the responsibilities of the SAAB Liaison.
In addition to meeting general Senate and SAAB responsibilities, the SAAB Liaison shall:
Present updates to both Senate and SAAB on the activities of the other body
Hold at least one (1) office hour per week in a publicly accessible location
Coordinate communication between SAAB and SGA branches
The effectiveness and viability of this position will be reviewed by a Senate committee designated by the SGA Vice President, and this review shall be completed in conjunction with SAAB. This review shall take place during the 2017-18 academic year, and the designated committee shall report its recommendations to Senate.

[2] Resolved that there shall be a referendum on Tuesday, April 18th in which the student body shall vote on the following question:
Q1) Shall Article III Section III of the SGA Constitution be amended to add the Student Athlete Advisory Board Liaison as a non-voting member of Senate?

SAAB is the official governing body of athletes on campus and represents St. Olaf athletes to the NCAA. This proposal creates a new Senate position that formalizes communication and collaboration between SAAB and SGA. SAAB represents a large number of students on campus, athletic practice commitments prevent many athletes from running for other Senate positions, and SAAB has shown significant dedication in pursuing the creation of this position. Therefore, it is in the interest of SGA, SAAB, and the wider St. Olaf community to create this position.

X Victoria Knutson [Electronic Signature 5:39 P.M. 03/30/2017]
X Vishwa Patel [Electronic Signature 5:39 P.M. 03/30/2017]

Twins Game (5/05/17)

Come out and join us for a FUN night out at the Twins game on Friday, May 5th! Hurry and get your tickets early as there are a limited number available for this popular event! Transportation is provided and will leave from Buntrock at 6pm. Tickets are $10 each. You won’t want to miss this fun opportunity to enjoy some ball with your fellow Oles!

Immigration Law Event Resources

The recent Immigration Law Event held on Tuesday, March 28th in the Lion’s Pause drew crowds to hear John Keller of the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota speak on topics related to immigration. The event was recorded for reference and public use, although this information should not be taken as legal advice and individuals should consult an attorney with any questions.

Some resources that were distributed at the event can be found below:
General Information about Immigration Law
DACA After the 2016 Presidential Election
Know Your Rights with ICE

Click below to hear the audio from the event related to that topic, or click here to view slides used at the event.


President Anderson’s Remarks

Introduction of John Keller

Basics of Immigration Statuses

Executive Orders

Fixing a Broken System

ICE and Fake Warrents

ICE and Local Law Enforcement

Event Deputization of Law Enforcements

Deportation of Refugees as Related to Travel Bans


Stories of Immigration

Avenues to Immigration

Student Activism

What College Students can Do

Sanctuary Cities

Disclosure of Status

Violent Crime and Deportation

Rights of Non-Citizens

Know Your Rights

Length of Citizenship Process

How the System is Broken


Resources for Non-Citizens

Thanks and Conclusions


SGA Applications Now Open!

Now’s your chance to apply to be part of a SGA branch! Whether you are interested in planning events, fostering political conversations, interacting with the Board of Regents, or helping decide what music comes to campus, there is a place for you in SGA! From volunteering to programming, SGA offers many opportunities for you to explore and pursue your interests and passions!

All branch applications (except for Pause) close on Wednesday, April 12th. Applications for the Pause will close on April 7th. If you are unsure about which branch you want to join, check out more about all the SGA branches. If you have any questions about applications or branches please feel free to email jauzaandtim@stolaf.edu.

Click Here to Apply!

DIY Zen Garden Night!

Ever feel like life gets to be just a little bit stressful sometimes? Well, come join ADC this Friday, March 31st at 9:00 P.M. in BC 142 to create your very own Zen Garden! We are partnering with the Wellness Center to make this event Wellness Swiped, so there will also be a short presentation at the beginning of this relaxing night that will you teach you ways to keep calm in the face of stress. We look forward to seeing you this Friday!