Regent’s #MyStOlaf Video Contest

The Board of Regents Student Committee (BORSC) is excited to announce the first annual Regent’s video contest, a project titled #MyStOlaf. As part of the college’s Student Government Association (SGA), BORSC has always sought to better serve our students. Its normal role is preparing reports or discussions on student life for the Board of Regents.

However, this winter, the Board of Regents had something different in mind. When they proposed an entirely student-created video collaboration, BORSC was intrigued. The possibility of drawing stories and experiences from the entire student body would fulfill our exact mission. Additionally, by offering prize money, the Board of Regents hoped to incentivize a wide variety of students to share their experiences. In place of a more refined, professionally-produced video, the Board of Regents wants to see something that reflects how students view their own lives.

One of BORSC’s primary goals is to create transparency between the Board of Regents and the students of St. Olaf. The #MyStOlaf video contest is an attempt to allow students to share any experience they desire. Once all the video submissions are received, students can start voting on their favorites, which will determine who receives the cash prize for each category.

The final product, a compilation of select videos from each category, will be presented to the Board of Regents. Additionally, BORSC coordinator will be at their meeting to debrief them on all the other submissions, ensuring no student voice is left out.

#MyStOlaf has the potential to be a powerful tool for sharing student experiences and voices. The best part is that every video tells a story, no matter how silly or serious it may be. If you’re interested in submitting a video and sharing your experience, start preparing now. The submission period is January 5-16th, and will be followed by a week of open voting on Oleville.

Want to learn more about how to submit? Visit #MyStOlaf on Oleville.

Senate Recap: Dec. 2nd

The St. Olaf Student Senate met on December 2nd to discuss many important campus issues.

  • We were very happy to hear from students that came to discuss important campus issues such as sexual assault throughout the year.
    At the most recent meeting, a student expressed concern about the proximity of Fall Break with Homecoming and Thanksgiving Break’s brevity and suggested to eliminate or shorten Fall Break to add it to Thanksgiving Break. We were reminded that Homecoming Schedules were released earlier in the year based on sport’s schedules and Fall Break is made 5 years in advance with the calendar of the school created by the Registrar.
  • Senate heard a presentation from Professor Dan Hofrenning about a new program at St. Olaf  called the Institute for Freedom and Community which would bring new curricular and co-curricular activities to our campus. This new institute is funded by a number of regents including Dean Buntrock, any questions on the Institute can be forwarded to Professor Hofrenning.
  • The Faculty Governance and Faculty Life presentations were given to Senate and kept us up to date with the issues and discussionsof the Faculty.
  • Finally, Bylaws for SOC, DCC, and the Pause were introduced and Election Guidelines were passed!

Details on all of these proposals and more can be accessed on the Senate page at

See you all next week at 6:30pm in the David E Johnson Boardroom.

Inter-Hall Council, What’s That?

Inter-Hall Council (IHC) is the collaboration of all Residence Hall Councils.  The council is comprised of the Hall Council Presidents from each residence hall, two co-chairs, and an advisor.  The mission of IHC is to be a forum to share ideas as well as to host campus wide events.

Each year IHC hosts two to three events.  Our most popular event is Casino Night.  Casino Night give students the opportunity to dress up and come try their luck at our variety of casino games.  At the end of the night, students can trade in their chips for a chance to win various prizes.  Every year it is a huge hit.  Other IHC events have included Fear Factor and rented hot tubs set up in the Quad in March.  These events promote student involvement in their Residence Halls as well a greater sense of community here at St. Olaf.

This semester’s program is a Lip Sync Battle -Jimmy Fallon Style- Friday, November 21 in the Pause at 6:30. Hope to see you there!

For more info about what IHC is up to, be sure to like our Facebook page!


Addressing Sexual Assault: Town Hall on Nov. 18

Dear members of the St. Olaf Community,

This year has been a challenging one— there have been multiple reports of Oles sexually assaulting our peers and our friends. Although it’s easy to feel frustrated, angry, and upset about the fact that members of our community have committed sexual assault, we have to remember that an increase in reporting means that more people are comfortable talking about sexual assault. Increased conversation about sexual assault is important because the first step in eradicating a problem is identifying it. As we move forward with the year, we encourage you all to remember that there are many resources on campus to report sexual assault and to seek support, which are listed below.

As many of you have read, there was a report of someone committing sexual assault at the Pause on the night of Halloween. This is not the only reported case of sexual assault this school year at an SGA event. This calls into question whether SGA branches should be hosting events where people are committing sexual assault. However, it is apparent that sexual assault has happened at our dances in the past, but it was underreported. The fact that more people feel able to report sexual assault is a step in the right direction, but we want to strive to foster an environment on campus where sexual assault is no longer tolerated.

We need all of your voices to determine how to move forward. On Tuesday, November 18, we will be holding a Town Hall Meeting/ Campus Conversation at 6:30pmin the Lion’s Pause in place of Student Senate. Here we will discuss what we can do to stop sexual assault on our campus. We will also seek input on whether SGA should continue hosting Pause Dances. Come to listen, or come with ideas to participate.

There will be more information coming later this week because this Campus Conversation is a component of our It’s On Us Week of Action. Thank you all for your time, and we hope to see you next week as we decide how to address this problem within our community.


Rachel Palermo
SGA President 

Nick Stumo-Langer
SGA Vice President 

The SGA Executive Team


Confidential resources on campus include:
-Sexual Assault Resource Network. SARN advocates can be contacted at (507) 786-3777 or the SARN office in Buntrock 113.
-The College Pastors, located in Boe Memorial Chapel Undercroft.
-Boe House, Counseling Center located at 1308 St. Olaf Avenue, contact (507) 786-3062
Student Health Services located in Tomson 160, contact (507) 786- 3063

The Dean of Students, Area Coordinators, Public Safety Officers, and any administrations, faculty and staff are resources that are required to follow up after a reported incidence of sexual assault, but will do so with respect for the privacy of those allegedly involved with the incident.

Our campaign:



Senate Recap: Nov. 11th

The Student Senate convened on Tuesday, November 11th:
  • Senate began with information about the Sexual Assault Campus Conversation. We were reminded that in place of a Senate Meeting, there will be a Wellness Swiped event at 6:30 on Tuesday, November 18th for a Campus Conversation to discuss sexual assault with as many students as possible on campus including at Pause dances.
  • We also heard about the Lion Pause’s stable financial status and some of the new changes that have occurred this year.
  • Senate then heard a summary of the Board of Regents meeting held in October on a variety of college wide issues. Senator Davis highlighted how St. Olaf is among the average of other schools regarding statistics surrounding sexual assault and safety on campus.  Senate also learned that the athletic department’s top requests are to hire a full time athletic director, strength and conditioning coach, and an ice rink.
  • Finally, Senate discussed changes to the bylaws and policy manual regarding the Election procedures that included making the process more transparent and codifying the structure of the Election Commission.
See you next Tuesday in the Pause!

Fall Caf Fast a Success!

St. Olaf Leaders Abolishing Slavery (SOLAS) would like to extend a huge thank you to the 800+ students who signed up for the Caf Fast this year!
Thanks to your commitment, SOLAS was able to contribute $1665.40 to Breaking Free’s* Women and Girls program. This program’s mission is to provide aid, advocacy, housing and support to hundreds of sex trafficking victims in Minnesota. We hope that by skipping a meal at the cafeteria, you considered the many women and girls who are still being trafficked for sex and recognize how we all can be vehicles for social justice within our community.
If you would like to continue to support our efforts in ending sex trafficking, please be on the look out for our Adopt-a-Family program this holiday season. This program will allow St.Olaf students to give presents and gift cards (for food, clothing, gas, etc) to women, girls and their children who have been trafficked in Minnesota.
We thank you very much for your help and agreement to fast.
Best Regards,
*Breaking Free is a non-profit organization based out of St. Paul, whose mission is to educate and provide services to women and girls who have been victims of sex trafficking. In addition to providing support groups, led by survivors of sex trafficking, Breaking Free provides legal advocacy, educational and career opportunities, safe housing, and therapy to hundreds of women and girls. In addition, Breaking Free educates former traffickers and johns, in an effort to stop the demand for sexual exploitation. Breaking Free continues to be a voice for the oppressed, as they work closely with government and judicial officials, law enforcement, and local communities to bring attention to the trafficking of Minnesota’s women and girls.

Senate Recap: Nov. 4th

Tuesday was a great meeting for Senate:
  • First, St. Olaf’s IT presented and, among a myriad of different projects and feedback presenter Perrin Bishop Wright discussed why the WIFI on campus has been spotty and possible new online registration and room  draw systems.
  • After that, the Senate discussed changes to the Elections System in order to make it more transparent, equitable, and up-to-date.
  • SAC Bylaws were changed and the Senate passed a proposal with student recommendations for the Campus-wide Sustainability Task Force.
Stay warm, everyone!

Why No Wi-Fi?

Dear Students,

We want to help! You should have reliable Wi-Fi access in all buildings. If you don’t, something is wrong, and we need to hear from you.

Mac users have especially struggled with Wi-Fi problems. College campuses around the world are plagued with similar issues. We have a potential fix that has helped a number of students using Mac OS and urge you to give it a try.

You can find the fix and get in touch with us about your Wi-Fi problems at or by dropping by the IT Helpdesk. We want to help however we can, and this starts with hearing from you.

Your Friends in IT

Vote Today!

Hey Oles!
Are you ready to vote today? It is incredibly important that we exercise our right to vote, because we can leave a lasting impact on our community through our choices!
Not registered? No problem. Minnesota has same day registration! This means you can show up on Election Day and register with your St. Olaf student ID. There is no excuse not to vote!! If you have questions about this please email Emma Youngquist (, or ask any PAC member. PAC members will be tabling by the stairs on the way up to the Caf to answer your Election Day questions.
Not sure who you should vote for? Pick up a voting guide from PAC on our No Bull Board!
After you vote, be sure to join PAC for a viewing party in the Den starting at 8:00pm. We’ll provide pizza and cookies while we watch the results roll in!
Further, please remember that Buntrock is a polling place so you must leave your partisan gear in your dorm. This includes any campaigning materials: shirts, laptop stickers, buttons, etc.
Remember that your vote is important, and make your voice heard on Election Day!
Happy Voting!
Emma and the Political Awareness Committee

Senate Recap: Oct. 28th

Senate convened for an effective meeting on Tuesday, October 29th, 2014.
  • The subcommittees gave reports of their progress so far in the year.  The Bylaws subcommittee is changing the Election Guidelines.  The Internal Affairs is working with three things; figuring out if we should have new constituency senators, increasing MCO stipends, and looking at a better way to distribute the Capital Improvements Fund.  The Student Feedback and Projects Committee wants to have a 24 hour study space and are gathering arguments to have that discussion.
  • Don’t forget to check out the Haunted HotELL in Ellingson this Saturday.

Be safe this Hallo-Weekend!